This is my new story. I have been sitting on it for a while but it seems like when you are sick you can update more due to more time and no parents. So let's go.

Max prov:

Another day of hell. Who ever invented the 7 hours of hell deserves to die a slow painful death. I mean come on what is the point of going to school if all we do is sit there and be bored. And when we are not being bored we are being tortured by the "fellow" student. Why don't they just let us out into the world ourselves where people are not as mean?

I sit here listening to my least favorite teacher Mr. Buggles.

"And as he sails across seas he decided that it would be interesting to see how far a human could stay in the air if thrown from a catapult compared to a slingshot."

Ok those may not be the exact words but hey it's called boredom. I wish something would just happen that made everything interesting and didn't kill me. Of course the chance is very rare.

The bell rang and I raced out of the class of hell and headed to lunch. You could see the Goths, the jocks, the nerds, the normals, and even the loners hung out. Me I was special I had my tree. Yes a tree. I ate outside away from everyone. But in order to get to my tree I had to cross the cafeteria. I was hoping of getting lucky today but it didn't seem that way. Lissa stood up and "tripped" causing her lunch to be thrust on me.

"Oops. Sorry about that minus." Lissa smirked.

I just gritted my teeth and kept on walking.

"Hey I was talking to you little Fresh!"

I turned around just as some jock tossed a soccer ball towards me. Without even thinking I took a big step, 2 small jumps and jumped up spiking the ball down right into Lissa's face. Her red hair was as always red but her face was now the same shade. She looked ridiculous with her black bra and see through white shirt. A short short black skirt barely covered her butt. To top it off those black heels must have been at least 6 inches high. She just stared at me mouth open wide.

"Are we done now?" I asked. Not getting an answer I stalked off but I could feel everyone's eyes on me. It is the 1st day of school and it looks like everyone is going to know me as the girl who messed with Lissa Shay. Might as well let them know my real name. I stopped and turned around.

"The names Maximum or Max. Not minus or Maxie. So remember that if you plan on calling."

What a way to start of the 1st day of school.

Fang Prov:

Just… keep… going… must… not… stop…

Crash landing


Oh the fun I shall have with this one.