Chapter 6

Kagome's POV

" You Jackass how dare you d that to him!" My Mother screams at Sesshoumaru.

I had thought of confronting my mom but not this was and not this fast, I would love to know how she found our appartment so fast, though Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha are both quit rich and well known but she didnt know there names.

"How did you find this place Mother." I say in a stern voice.

My Mother turns towards me with a scowl on her face. " Wouldnt you just like to know my dear, now you and your brother are coming with me and Toro." She says in her same gruff voice.

"Like hell we are, we are not coming back other then for our stuff, we are both very happy where we are."

"You know nothing of living on your own you little bitch."

"Dont talk to me like that, I have been taking care of souta and myself for years, you never have even once tried to take care of him. I know how to be on my own very well, I dont need you and never have."

"You cant talk to me that way bitch."

My Mom starts to advance towards me but Sesshoumau steps in between the two of us. Before I can say anything because I am getting very pissed because my mom keeps calling me a bitch, Sesshoumaru is able to tell and inserts himself into it.

"I would highly sujest that you stop calling Kagome a bitch cause right now you only have two options." Sesshoumaru says in his stern voice.

I look at Inuyasha beside me and I see that he has pulled his phone out of his pocket and has called someone but hes not speaking and I am wondering who it is. I turn my head back around to look at Sesshoumaru and see my mother would love to punch him and I think that would be the wrong thing to do.

"What would those be mister stick up his ass?" My Mother says in a bitchy voice.

"You can either take your most pleasent boyfriend and get the hell out of her and never come back, or you can deal with the people who are coming." Sesshoumaru says.

"Who the cops, I have screwed so many of them its not funny."

"Oh believe me you would wish it was the cops instead."

At that point in time I can hear a car speeding through the parking lot, I look to the left and see a big black suv speeding towards us and the stop quickly behind the car and three of the doors open and three very tall but good lookings guys climb out of the car with confident smirks on their faces.

I look from Sesshoumaru to Inuyasha, Inuyasha's putting his phone away with a smirk on his face, so these must of been the people he was on the phone with. I turn back to Sesshoumaru.

"I would like you to meet mine and Inuyasha's secret guards, thanks to our father. Boys would you please take these two away from here and make sure they never come back, also take the car to."

"Yes Mr. Sesshoumaru, right away." One of the men in a black suit says.

I wonder why Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha never told me about these guys, but then again the are rich and I guess body guards would be a must. Within minutes my Mother and Toro are in the back of the SUV with the two guys while the other takes their car.

Sesshoumaru turns toward me and i walk the few steps towards him and he pulls me in for a hug, I can feel the tears wanting to escape from my eyes from the confritation.

"Kagome it will be alright, its all over now." Sesshoumaru says in a calm soothing voice.

"I am glad it is Sesshoumaru, now can we please go inside, there is some more stuff I want to talk to you about." I say in a semi shaky voice.

"Okay my dear."

The four of us walk across the parking lot and into the appartment building, we take the elevator up to our penthouse, Inuyasha takes Souta and heads to his room, I take Sesshoumaru's hand and lead him into the living room and we sit on the couch.

I look up into Sesshoumaru's golden eyes. "I would like to go back to be able to get all of Souta's and my things but I dont know if I can stand seeing my mom again." I say.

"We can use my Father's private jet to fly out tonight and it would only take us a half hour at the most, we could quickly have all your stuff back here Kagome." Sesshoumaru says.

"You would do that for us?" I say while placing my hands on my chest.

"Yes I would my beautiful Kagome."

As soon as those words are out of his mouth he leans down and captures my lips in a sweet kiss, for a few long moments I am lost in the kiss before I start to kiss him back.

' This is Perfect!'

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