Don't Look At Me


I cannot tell you how much anger I feel towards Inuyasha Takashi. I have many reasons. He hurt my sister. He also caused a fire in my home that caused several third degree burns to the left side of my face. Of course he paid for the hospital bill but he never once apologized. The man is a complete asshole.

I'm going to get him back. I can never look in the mirror without feeling the pain. The pain that can't go away. The pain that I despise so much. I can't think that everything's going to be normal. Not with these burns on my face. Did you know that I'm teased every day because of it? I bet you didn't. He must've paid you not to know about it.

I hate him.

I want this misery to go away. You should understand. I was once normal. I had many friends. At least they could look at me. But now they can't. They looked as if they were guilty of causing this. I can't blame them. I would do if I was them but I'm not. I'm the one that gets ignored. Called a freak. The outcast if you will.

Call me whatever you like. I no longer care. But I will get my revenge. It won't be as bad. I want him to feel the pain that he gave me. The guilt he rightfully deserves. I don't want it anymore. I just want to be normal. For the burns to go away. To have someone that loves me. I hate being alone.

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