Chapter 9

After seeing the city limits coming into sight it does not take very long to reach the city, I drive into the suburbs and I spot the gates that lead to my father's mancin and I pull up to them and they open and I start down the long drive way. I take a quick look over at Kagome who is still sleeping and I smile.

Within a few minutes I pull up in front of my father's manchin, I shut the car off and quietly get out of the car so as not to wake Kagome up. I walk around the car till I reach Kagome's door and I open it up, I kneel down and into the car.

"Kagome darling, please wake up, we are here." I say as I gently place my hand on her leg.

I hear her heartbeat start to speed up and her eyes flutter open and her brown eyes look down into my golden eyes and a small smile appears on her face.

"Already, you must drive very fast." She says in a very sleepy voice.

"Yes and no Kagome, now why don't we get inside? Then if you want you can go back to sleep on a bed where you will be more comfortable." I say as I smile back at her.

"Okay, you convinced me."

I back up and stand up and hold my hand out for her to take it, she gladly takes it and I help her out of the car. Once she is standing up she stretches from the long car ride here. I move from her side to the trunk of the car which I open and grab our bags out of it.

I move back to stand beside Kagome, I hear her take a deep breath before she starts to walk towards the front door and I follow her step for step until we reach the door. I know that the door is unlocked because my father rarely ever locks the door.

With my free hand I open the door and motion for Kagome to step inside and she does and I follow right behind her and use my foot to kick the door shut. I set our bags down off to the side by the small table that has been there for a long time.

"Father, are you there? Its Sesshoumaru and Kagome." I yell out, knowing that my Father would have heard me even if I spoke in a whisper.

"We are in the Living room Sesshoumaru." I hear my father reply.

I take Kagome's hand and lead her through a door to our right and down a short hallway which is decorated of pictures of Inuyasha and I as children and then a bunch of all of us together, some of which I hate. At the end of the hallway we enter into my father's huge living room.

We find my Father and my Mother both setting on the huge leather couch in the middle of the room reading the paper. I can hear Kagome's pulse speed up because I know she is very nervous on being here even though she knows my parents do not hate her for what happened with Inuyasha; it was the hanyou own fault on what he did.

I lean Kagome around the couch and over to the love seat in front of the couch and we set down, my parents look up from their paper's to smile at us.

"Welcome home Son, Kagome it's wonderful that you are here." My Father says.

"Thank you Father." I say.

I look at Kagome out of the corner of my eye and she smiles at both my parents, but something is different, it's almost a pained smile and I see her free hand travel to her abdomen, my Father did say that he would have his personal doctor come to the house to check Kagome out so she did not have to go to the hospital, or anywhere near Inuyasha.

"Father you told me you would have your doctor come here to take a look at Kagome to check her out?" I ask, with a tone that is different from my normal stone cold one.

"He will be here in an hour or so Sesshoumaru. Why don't you two go get settled into your room and your Mother and I will start dinner, cause I imagine you two are quit hungry from your trip here." My Father says as he looks at Kagome and smiles.

"Thank you Father."

"The maid has already taken your bags up to your old room Sesshoumaru, for you."

"Okay Father."

I stand up and Kagome stand's up beside me and her and I walk out of the living room the same way we came. While walking down the hall I look down at her, I don't think in the time I have known her that she has ever been this quiet, but I can understand why.

We return to the foray and I take her over to the huge stair case and we start up it, I can tell by walking up these steps is hurting her and I can smell her blood from her wounds so I stop her. She turns her head to look at me with a strange look on her face but without a reply I gently lift her up into my arms and continue up the steps.

She smiles up at me and lays her head down on my shoulder and her whole body relaxes in my hold, once at the top of the stairs I go to the left and down a short hallway. At the end of the hallway there are two wooden double doors that lead to my room. With ease I use my foot and push the doors open, stepping into my room.

Kagome gasps as she looks around my room, which is very big. The walls are painted a very dark red with gold specks in it, to the right on the one wall is my huge king size bed dressed in silk golden sheets, needless to say the room itself is gordaise to her eyes.

I see our bags the maid bought up at the foot of the bed; I slowly walk over to the bed and gently place Kagome on it. I move to the end of the bed to grab the bags with our clothes in it and I take them and walk across the room and through another set of double doors that lead into my walk in closet.

I set the bags down and take all of our clothes out and hang them up, I know Kagome is going to want to see her family soon to show them that she is still alive, though they probably already know that because I know my Mother and she probably called Kagome's family.

I hear Kagome grown and then a loud ' thud', with lightning speed I am out of the closet and find Kagome passed out on the floor. I quickly am at her side and gently lift her up into my arms and lay her on my bed. I pull her shirt up to check her dressing around her wounds, only to find them soaked in blood.

I quickly grab the medical bag we had with us and see it down beside her; I sort through it in blind almost and quickly find the dressing, scissors and cloth. Gently I remove the soaked bandages and throw them in the trash can and wipe off her wounds which look to have reopened, I set to work on redressing her wounds and in the back of my mind the whole time I am hoping Father's doctor gets her quickly.

In The Kitchen

Jen's POV

I work with Touga to quickly prepare a meal for Kagome, Sesshoumaru and ourselves and suddenly the smell of Kagome's blood drifts into the kitchen and I stop dead. I know her wounds must have been bad from the way she was hit, now I know what Sesshoumaru must have had to been dealing with.

It has kind of surprised me as to how nice Sesshoumaru is to Kagome and how attached the two have already become, I know that that Sesshoumaru has always had some feelings for Kagome, if he didn't the Kagome sadly probably would be dead right now.

I get back to preparing our meal when I hear the doorbell ring; before I can leave to get it Touga leaves the kitchen to go get the door. I am desperately hoping its Doctor. Hunga because Kagome needs medical attention so that her wounds will heal. I know Sesshoumaru has been doing the best he can do with what he knows but he knew she needed to be looked at a doctor and that's why he brought her back here.

The voices of Touga and Dr. Hunga flood into the room, I can hear them heading up stairs for Sesshoumaru's room. 'Please don't let the doctor to be late to help her.'

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