Chapter 1

The year is 1902, everything is fine and dandy. The sky was the bluest of the blue, with the sun shinning on ahead. Kagome sat in a horse drawn wagon. Her hands clasped against her lap. She looked over at her grand-father. They had come to the United States from Japan, hoping to find a better life in this great nation.

Her brother and mother had also decided to come along. Her father had died when she was only five years of age. As her eyes darted around the wagon she began to think to herself. I wonder what is going to happen while I live here. Can I finally find love or is that an impossibility? I need to find a way to support my family but how? I am nothing but an immigrant from Japan. The people here won't like me. This is going to be difficult I know. I hope there is nothing wrong with this place.

Her long raven-black hair draped over her shoulder's and down her back and stopped at the waist. Her eye's the color of chocolate. Her skin fair. Back home in her country she was considered a beauty. Many sought after her, even the famous Hojo of the Hanako clan, had but she had politely declined the desire of marriage to her.

She didn't mean it but she had no feelings for them as they did for her. But a lot of mean did not want her because of her intelligence. She gave all of those men a run for their money. Some were alright with it, while others thought is was wrong for woman to even have an intellect. She proved them wrong.

This caused her to smile.

"Kagome, we're here," said her mother. She shook her head and gazed her attention over at her mother. Then, quickly looked over at the new house she was to live in. It was of the Victorian Style from what she could make out. In front of the house there were two large columns, a porch and many windows. Their was a tree as well. She jumped out of her seat and ran towards the house. She tried to remember every fragrance she could as she dove into the house.

As she walked in she looked at the elongated stairwell. Her eyes widened. The place had become more and more beautiful to her. She walked further into the maze. She looked into the kitchen, there was a wood-stove, a pantry, and long counter tops for preparing food. She then walked into the living room and took in how big it was.

She quickly ran up the stairs. As she got to the top of the stairs, she counted five doors. The first one to her right, she was walked up to it and opended it. It was huge. She walked over to the others and noticed that all the rooms were the same size and the last door was a bathroom. It included: a bathtub, sink, and toilet. She knew that only the rich had these kind of things but never dreamed of having such things. The only reason they got the house is because it was being sold at a low price than all of the other ones.

Her mother walked up the stairs. "So how do you like it," she asked?

"It's beautiful. Mom, can I have this room," she asked as she pointed to the one she had first looked into.

"Alright sweetheart," she replied.

Kagome squeaked with happiness. She ran over to her mother and gave her a hug. "Thank you so much mom."

"You're welcome."

"Mom, what room do I get," asked her younger brother Souta as he ran up the stairs.

"How about the one next to Kagome's?"

"Yeah! I get to be near Kaggie's room!"

Kagome laughed. "I guess you do squirt."

"Hey, I'm not a squirt."

"Sure you're not."

"Mom, Kagome called me a squirt!"

She laughed. "Alright you two, go and get your stuff."

"I'll bet you," shouted Souta.

"Oh no you won't," Kagome yelled back as they raced down the stairs.

Later That Day . . .

"Kagome its time for dinner," yelled her mother. She raised her head and headed down the stairs and sat down at the table. She watched as the rest of her family walked down the stairs and sat down at the table, taking the chairs next to her. Her eyes watching each and every one of them. She smiled.

Her mother walked over towards the table. "We have a guest coming to join us for dinner tonight. His name is Sesshomaru. Please be nice," pleaded their mother.

"Ok," they all replied.

She watched as her mother walked over towards the door and opened it. "Hello ," she heard her mother say.

"Why, hello Mrs. Higurashi. It is a pleasure to be eating here with you and your family," she heard the man reply. They both walked into the kitchen. Kagome's eyes widened. She watched as the most beautiful man she had ever seen walk right in front of her. Her eyes glued to his. She watched as his hair swayed as he moved. She noticed that his hair went down to his waist.

He looked back her and nodded his head. She blushed and quickly turned her head into a different direction.

"So what're we going to eat for dinner mama," asked Kagome.

"Chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, and last but not least carrots," her mother replied.

"Yeah chicken," exclaimed Souta. Everyone laughed.

Kagome looked over at Sesshomaru to find that he was looking right back. As if she were painted on a canvas of light or so she thought. To her, this man seemed to intrigue her. The way his eyes moved, his silky silver hair that seemed to go on forever. She could feel her heartbeat faster than it usually did.

She could tell she was beginning to fall in love with him. Her eyes looked at the plate in front of her. She picked up her utensils and began to eat. She could feel his eyes on her, watching as she ate, every move that she made with her body. His eyes watched her. She was uncomfortable at first but it become comfortable over time.

"Thank you for the good dinner, Mrs. Higurashi and thank you for the company," said Sesshomaru as he stood up and collected his things.

"You're welcome. You're leaving so soon," replied her mother.

"I am. I think I have prolonged by stay but I will be by to help you if you need anything."

"Alright but I hope that will be soon."

He walked towards the door. Kagome stood up and went to close the door but before she could. He grabbed her hand and kissed it. "It was a pleasure meeting you Kagome," he said as he stood up.

She blushed. "It was nice meeting you as well sir."



"Just call me Sesshomaru."

"Alright, Se-sesshomaru."

"Good-bye Kagome."

"Good-bye Sesshomaru," she said his name upon her lips.

Kagome walked up the staircase and walked into her room. She got ready for bed. As soon as she was done she went to bed. A dream began. She gazed at the surronding around her. It was her room but everything had a more femine feel to it. She looked into a mirror but saw someone else. She gasped. "Who're you," she asked?

"I am Kikyo. The person who used to live in this house with my husband Inuyasha. The man you meet earlier's brother."

"What does this have to do with me?"

"It has everything to do with you."


"I want you to marry him."

"Why," she asked with a blush?

"Because I want a child."

"Again, what does this have to do with me?"

"You are my reincarnation."


"Do not act like you're stupid. I know you're highly intelligent."

"Great so I'm to believe that I'm your reincarnation for god knows what for."

"You are here because I wanted a child. Once you have a child I will leave knowing that you have fufilled a task in which I could not."

"How did you not 'fufill' that task?"

"I was murdered along with my husband by a bunch of thieves. When I died, I was two months pregnant."

Kagome gasped again. "Alright I'll do it"


"I said I'll do it."

"That is such a quick answer. Do you know what you're getting yourself into?"

"I do."

"Alright I shall talk to you soon."


"Good night," said the ghost.

Kagome replied ," G'night."

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