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Sometimes I wonder how actors tell their best friends in simple terms "Hey I'm moving to England to do this movie. I'll see you in a couple years, oh and by the way could you feed my cat while I'm gone?"

Think about it! How does Leonardo Dicaprio tell his girlfriend that he's not gonna see her for a couple years, but not to worry because he'll be making a lot of money?

Well, obviously I'm not Leonardo Dicaprio in no way, shape, form, or gender. So I decided to just not tell him. I mean the last time I left to go to Julliard wasn't the best plane ride I had.

Maybe, this time I better just leave Cameron and Ferris. I mean how were they gonna know where I was? It's only a year right? How much searching for me could they do in a year?

You know what bad picture. I know what your probably thinking… Your thinking good luck with that in a very sarcastic tone. Well, you were right…


"So where are you going?" I heard a familiar voice ask, making me jump.

"Me? I'm not going anywhere. Why would I want to go somewhere?" I stuttered quickly sitting on my suitcase. Like I could hide the mess of clothes with my butt.

"Abs?" Ferris asked staring me down.

"How'd you know?" I asked dreading this moment.

"Usually when you pack, moving tends to follow" Ferris admitted casually.

"So where is it?" Ferris asked after a while.

"It's England" I said looking down at my shoes.

"Okay, not my first choice of places to live for a year, but we can make it work. I'll call Cameron and get him…" Ferris started, but I cut him off.

"Ferris, I was kind of hoping that I could alone" I said trying my best not to hurt his feelings.

"Oh, I see just you and me…" Ferris started again.

"No Ferris, just me. Look Ferris, you need to realize your not my whole life. I have a life that involves traveling to foreign places. I have a wonderful life doing what I love…" I said my voice shaking.

"And what if your mine?" Ferris asked fiercely.

"Then I guess you gotta find someone else to be that someone" I said softly.

"Sad isn't it? How no matter what you do or say to me... when you come running back... when you need me again... I'll be here... right here waiting for you, I'll take you back... no questions asked" Ferris said staring into my eyes. I stared back my heart breaking for him.

"Ferris, I know you think I want to let you go. That I want to go running around the world without my best friend, but Ferris I don't. But no matter what I will always remember you and dread this moment for the rest for my life" I said the tears flowing freely from my eyes.

"I wish I never met you" Ferris said his eyes coldly locked into mine. He ran out of the apartment, down the stairs, and out the door.

I followed him trying to stop him, to fix what I had done. He jumped into the Ferrari that Cameron lent him. I grabbed onto the driver's door and ran alongside it till he stopped.

"Promise me Ferris, Promise me you'll forget. Never forget about the times we had. Ferris, I promise you when I come back we can have those old times together. Just you, Cameron, and me" I pleaded trying to make things right.

"Don't promise me anything unless you really mean it, because I might do something crazy like believe it" Ferris said in my ear. I let go of the car shocked. I watched until he was just a dot on the horizon.

"And I thought I was the hopeless romantic" I muttered to myself. But inside I was saying what have I done.

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