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"Shippo, how many times do I have to tell you before it gets through your thick skull that you're too young to help!"

"I'm not too young Inuyasha; I helped build Miroku's hut... what's the difference!"

"The difference is Keade doesn't need her roof caving in during a rain storm."

"That wasn't my fault... Kagome!"

"Inuyasha... sit!"



"Inuyasha, let Shippo help, give him something easy to do," Kagome was sitting with Keade and Sango around small fire in front of the elderly priestess' semi built hut. The day before a small bear demon had stumbled into the village looking for food, luckily no one was hurt and only a few huts obtained some damage... Keade's being the worst. Inuyasha and Miroku had spent the better part of the morning rebuilding it but with Kagome's command to her mate, who happened to be on the roof putting the last few nails in, all the work was wasted when Inuyasha came crashing through it bringing the four walls down as well.

"Kagome why did you do that?" Inuyasha whined in more misery of embarrassment rather than pain that she still used that blasted command on him.

"Truly lady Kagome, it was not the correct time to reprimand Inuyasha... could you not have waited until after he was off the roof?" Miroku had grown tired of Kagome's over use of the subjugating word over these last few months, most of the time his demon friend did not deserve the punishment and Miroku thought his wife was merely enjoying the power she had over him... not to mention it was hindering their work. It was true that while on their journey hunting for Naraku the half demon was a tad bit rough with how he spoke and acted towards others, but now that things were peaceful and the demon hunting group had settled down in the village... that command was no longer needed.

"No Miroku, I believe I got my point across, Inuyasha is always commenting about how Shippo needed to grow up and now when he has that chance and wants to help he refuses to let him," Kagome was highly displeased with how her husband was behaving with the younger boy.

"Um... I believe you have missed my point entirely Kagome. With what just occurred it will take another day or two to complete lady Keade's home," Miroku glared at the back of Kagome's head not at all wishing to spend all that time on the task that was about an hour away from being finished now.

"Well there won't be a problem with that Miroku, lady Keade will remain at our hut until it is done," Sango chirped up on Kagome's side to this argument not liking how her husband was speaking to her little sister. Both Keade and Shippo could sense the tension between the two young couples which had been going on for the past couple of weeks... well let's say months instead; you see we must go back six months ago before this day to fully understand how this came about.

Six months before...

A few days after Kagome came back to live in the feudal era permanently, the village was once again in an uproar like it was when setting up for the celebration of Naraku's defeat, only this time it was to honor the two new families that would be living in the village.

Miroku, now not having to worry about death breathing down his neck was eager to take Sango as his wife and start a family; he asked her one more time to be his wife and when again she said yes he went to the village headman to gain his approval. Hisashi was pleased to hear of the union between the two and quickly approved, he too was eager for them to settle down, with a demon slayer living in the town it would only be natural that many of the young men would wish to pull away from the farmer's life and want to train to become warriors farther ensuring the village's safety.

Miroku too would be of great value to the village's protection because though he would be married he would still be able to use sutra and had already begun to help Keade at the shine; though he was a Buddhist monk it wasn't hard to follow the Shinto traditions and having both the kami and Buddha at their aid wouldn't hurt.

The group remained living at Keade's hut until the boys started building their own. It surprised everyone how fast Inuyasha was able to construct his, for a man dense about some things he must have been a carpenter in another life. And with his demonic heritage he didn't need the other village men helping him, he picked the trees that would have the best lumber, cut them with Tetsusaiga and broke them farther down with his claws, brought them to the spot of land he would build on and since he needed little sleep he had the place done in a week. It was a simple hut, only instead of one room that would serve as everything from the kitchen to the bedroom, Inuyasha added two extra rooms to the back; one would be the bedroom he would share with Kagome and the other would be storage for the time now.

And with his done he was able to help Miroku with his; however, when Inuyasha warned the monk not to allow the young fox kit to help with anything he was ignored. Luckily it rained the day before the couple was to move in because the added weight on the roof caused it to cave in, which meant Miroku and Inuyasha were out in the cold trying to fix the damage while Shippo was tucked warmly in Keade's hut with the girls.

The boys were able to complete their work before winter came upon the land and after Keade gave the couple a marital blessing the two were practically hibernating all winter in their home. Miroku would appear to help Keade care for the shrine or he would be out of the village on slaying missions but that was really all that was seen of them during the colder months.

Miroku knew he would need some sort of job to support the large family he wanted and being a temple monk didn't pay at all so he needed to fine something else. This something else came a few days after the first snow of the season, a messenger from a neighboring village was sent in search of the demon slayer that resided in the village near Inuyasha's forest... apparently several weasel demon who didn't like the cold decided to invade their village, the people were hoping Sango would agree to help them. Miroku wasn't too keen on the idea of her going alone and so he went in her place. Sango was upset at first but couldn't go against her husband's wish, later she realized that it would have to be this way once she became pregnant and just excepted it; her new role in life was wife and mother... but that didn't mean she still didn't practice with Hiraikotsu every day.

And that was how Miroku came upon his new job, every few days he would head out to exterminate a demon or two terrorizing a nearby village; and with his old scamming ways that would get the group the best housing in the town on their travels, it was easy for him to make a situation sound far worse than it actually was so he could raise the payment to an amount he liked and would make his family's lives a lot easier.

When spring finally broke through the snow was when the trouble started, Sango had finally gotten into a routine of being a wife. It was far harder than anyone would think, Sango being a demon slayer for most of her life and it gave her many of the same privileges and respect that men received. To just strip all these rights away by a simple blessing and becoming Miroku's wife didn't sit well with her, but Sango knew fighting what was inevitable was useless so she quickly tried to learn what the other young wives in the village did. Luckily being the only woman slayer among her father's group she was in charge of repairing their armor and traveling attire so she was quite skilled with a needle and thread. Cooking wasn't one of her favorite things to do however, when on the road and traveling with Inuyasha's group they either lived off of cooked meat Inuyasha caught or the food Kagome brought with her. Kagome was more of a cook than she and the young girl was giving her lessons in exchange for teaching her how to make clothes.

Around what would have been late February, early March the ex-slayer had known something was off with her body; she had become very tired and quick tempered with everyone that spoke to her. Kagome had voice her concerned one day when her friend became ill while she was teaching her how to make an omelet; Sango was fearful of what was wrong with her so she refused to get help. Kagome pleaded with her to see Keade and when Sango finally snapped and hollered at her best friend was when she realized there was something really wrong with her.

"Kagome... what if it's something bad... what if I'm really sick?"

"I don't think it's anything to worry about Sango... in fact I have a feeling it will be a thing to celebrate; I'll come with you to visit Keade if you wish."

So the next day when Miroku was out of the village and with her sister at her side, both young girls went to visit their grandmotherly figure to find out what was troubling Sango... and it wasn't something she was expecting.

"What?... But how could it be possible, how could it have happen so quickly?" Sango sat stunned on the floor in Keade's hut, her kimono was partly open do to the fact that the miko had just finished examining her for illness.

"It does not take much time together child, and I am most certain in my findings, you have all the signs as all the other women that have come to me with this type of illness."

Kagome was practically jumping off the walls in excitement over the news, "Oh Sango-chan isn't this exciting! Having a baby is a great experience... or so most of the women have said," she was trying to see the bright side to this situation since her friend still seemed upset.

"I know it's an honor to give Miroku a child, and at one time I thought it might never happen and I know he will be very pleased with the news, but... I was just hoping to have a little more time with just the two of us."

"Well... that can still happen, when the baby is born and you want some time to just be a wife I can always watch it for a few hours, and just think about it maybe we can be having children together," Kagome giggled at the idea of the two of them pregnant at the same time and torturing their husbands. She knew she wasn't pregnant right at this moment but she already knew she would have children so she wasn't really concerned... she was hoping to be pregnant by the end of this year. Her friend's comforting words eased Sango's troubled thoughts and allowed her to be excited about the little one growing inside her.

The next few days the girls were at Sango's making preparations for the baby. Sango had many types of cloth on the floor while she and Kagome where busy making clothes for the child when Miroku finally came home. He was surprised to see the mess all over the normally clean floor with both girls in the center of it all; he became suspicious when he saw that creepy smile Kagome got her face when she knew a secret that you didn't, and his wife had her gaze directed at the floor a light blush was coating her cheeks.

"Lady Kagome... always a pleasure to have you over, but is something going on?" Now Kagome looked like she was going to pop with the news but remained quiet, Sango had a death grip on the fabric she was holding and now he was becoming nervous; however, she remained tight lipped as well... Miroku wanted to get to the bottom of this. "Kagome, may I speak to Sango alone?"

"Um... well."

Seeing her hesitation and unsure if she should leave her friend, Miroku pulled out his trump card, "I'm quite sure I spotted Inuyasha on my way home... he may be waiting for you." Seeing her eyes brighten at the mention of her husband Miroku knew she would leave them alone. Once she was gone he replaced where Kagome was sitting himself to be close to his wife. "Sango my love... is something wrong? Please tell me if there is."

"No, nothing is terribly wrong Miroku... it's just you know I haven't been feeling well for the last few weeks and so I went to lady Keade..."

"And what did she say Sango?" Miroku was worried for a split second before he saw the small smile on her face.

"Miroku... I'm with child."

Hearing this glorious news caused for celebration, Miroku wanted the whole village to know that his wife carried his child; however, Sango was able to talk him out of climbing up to the watch tower and shouting it across the land. No instead they decided to celebrate with their friends... which ended up with Miroku challenging Inuyasha to a drinking contest, the sake came out and Miroku passed out long before Inuyasha was even buzzed. Kagome and Sango were talking about things for the baby and Shippo was just excited about the new arrival.

Present day...

A few days after the small party was when the bear attacked and destroyed Keade's hut, and now while the boys where trying to fix it Sango has been running back and forth to the bushes because of her upset stomach; Kagome had explained that her body was adjusting to the baby and it would go away after a few more weeks. Sango wanted it to end now, she couldn't eat or even be near food because she always felt nauseas, and she was continuously throwing up... not to mention her body ached all over, and it was all because Miroku and his obsession with wanting children.

"Yes of course dear... it is always a pleasure to have lady Keade at our home," Miroku knew not to go against Sango when she was in a mood, it seemed like she was in one every other day but he couldn't complain because it wasn't going to get any better; it might upset her and this might be the only child he will ever have.

"Keh, that won't be necessary monk... as long as Kagome doesn't sit me anymore today I can get the walls back up and fix the roof in an hour or so," Inuyasha finally recovered from the sit and had pulled himself free from his entrapment under the wood. He shot a dry glare over to his mate while brushing dirt from his haori.

Kagome wasn't fazed by his glare and just ignored him, "If you let Shippo help like he wants then we won't have a problem."

"Woman... he will only get in the way, you want Keade to have a livable home again right? Besides he's not even interested anymore," Inuyasha pointed a clawed finger in the direction Shippo had run off too, he was currently playing high and seek with the other village children.

Kagome blushed in embarrassment that her point was now moot but she wasn't going to let her husband win. "Well he is still a child and his mind easily wonders, if you just help him a little bit I'm sure he would have been more interested yet you yell at him all the time."

"What! I yell at-."

"Inuyasha I don't think it wise right at this moment," Miroku avidly shook his hands at the dog demon, knowing he was walking into a wolves den if he began to argue with his wife; Inuyasha needed to learn that yes in their world the husband was the ruler and it was nearly the same among the demon clans... but their wives were different. Neither Sango nor Kagome were fearful of them, as they shouldn't be, but they wouldn't be kneeling at their feet either; no the girls would fight them and they would win so it was better not to fight at all.

Six months ago...

Like Sango and Miroku, a lot has happened to our favorite couple. Inuyasha was never one to want a public display, being hated his whole life for what he was he was always fearful of what others would think. And for a half demon to own anything was rarely heard of, that was why when he acquired Tetsusaiga he was very protective of it... and when Kagome became his in the future his attention was solely on her.

When Sango and Miroku had decided to marry and went to Hisashi to ask for his approval to have a home in the village Inuyasha too had wished to ask as well for himself and Kagome. To him it didn't really matter where he lived, he had spent most of his life out in the forest; spending a few nights in Keade's hut was the closet he's ever had to a home. He desperately wanted to settle down and start his family with Kagome, but he wouldn't raise his pups out in the woods, if he needed to build a suitable home in his forest he would... it technically was his land.

But he knew it would hurt Kagome to be so far away from her friends, and he also didn't want rumors to spread from the villagers that still didn't approve of them being together. Even though Inuyasha has saved the village countless times and has shown no ill-will towards any of the villagers, many of the older ones still didn't trust that he wouldn't one day decided to attack again like he did fifty years before.

Much like Keade, the older villagers were alive when Inuyasha came into the village seeking the jewel, they were also present for Kikyo's funeral and they still resented him for that; they believed it was starting all over again with Kagome. Inuyasha was furious at those whispers, what he had with Kagome wasn't like what happened with Kikyo and he would never think it that Kagome would ever betray him... and he would never hurt her.

"Is there a reason you're outside of my home boy?"

Inuyasha had been caught off guard by the elder headman, Hisashi had just finished talking with the demon slayer and monk about living in the village and now the half demon who was the leader of their group was standing on the outskirts of his property. A gentle smile came to the old man's face at seeing the younger man blush and began to stumble over himself. "Feh... I was looking for the monk and heard he was here for some reason," Inuyasha quickly composed himself and made it seem like he wasn't that interested to begin with.

"Yes Miroku-san was here a short time ago with his bride seeking my permission to build a hut in the village... it will be great relief to know we will have such strong protectors living here; I'm certain a lot of the village will be able to rest easier at night," Hisashi couldn't stop the smile from spreading at the boy's attempt to be unfazed by the praise his friend was receiving.

"Keh... and I guess you approved of his proposal then," Inuyasha turned away from the man not wanting him to see how hurt he really was by this.

The headman was no spring chicken and could already see how this topic was effecting the boy, when he first set eyes on Inuyasha and approached, he could see the longing for a home and acceptance in the golden eyed youth; however, Hisashi knew the boy was very stubborn and so waiting for him to ask what he wanted wasn't happening.

Inuyasha and the old man remained silent for a little while, both enjoying the fall weather and watching the leaves on the trees and their vast array of colors. A few minutes later, and still nowhere on the topic both wanted to talk about, Hisashi decided to speak up, "As the leader of the village I must think of my peoples' safety above anything else... as I'm sure you understand as the leader of your group."

"Feh... I get it old man, the villagers are upset that I'm hanging around and want me gone. They also ain't happy that I plan on taking Kagome as my wife." Inuyasha couldn't bring himself to look at the older man; he didn't want to see the confirmation and hatred in his stare.

But if he did look he would have only seen the confusion on the man's face. "I must be honest boy... I have no clue what you're talking about. I don't listen to idol gossip around the village, what I had been leading up to was that I wished for you to also settle down in the village with Kagome-sama; I personally would feel safer knowing you were protecting us all."

"You would want a half demon in your-."

"I don't see a half demon standing before me, I see a man taking his responsibilities to heart and standing before the head of the village asking to raise his family here; a demon, a cruel hearted one, would not be so honorable... I am quite proud of you my boy," Hisashi chuckled seeing how red faced the boy was, he never has seen such emotion come from the normally grumpy half demon that followed the strange miko around.

Inuyasha was too shocked for words at what he heard; he merely grunted his thanks and took off into the forest to think this over. When he got over the internal shock of the situation he immediately went to Kagome to ask if she was ready to live together and be fully his. Kagome had blushed at first because she had been sitting with Shippo and Rin at the time, now she would have to come up with a reasonable explanation to give the children about this situation later.

Though they were technically married already by her grandfather's blessing in the future they needed some sort of ceremony in this time period; however, before that could happen Inuyasha would have to build them a hut to live in... the couple could not live with Keade forever. Kagome quickly agreed to his proposal and shooed him away so she could distract the children before they started to ask questions she would be too embarrassed to answer.

So with her approval Inuyasha had set out to build their hut, he had all the supplies he needed were either on his person or out in his forest. He chose several strong trees and spent half a day cutting and chopping them into boards for the walls; he split the giant pile into two smaller ones and gave one to Miroku for his place. Being the half demon he was gave Inuyasha an extra bought of energy he to slay countless demons, but since there weren't really many demons in the area since Naraku's death he had to use the energy somehow. He put his entire focus on finishing his hut quickly, not needing a lot of sleep or food allowed him to complete the task in a week where if he were a normal human male it would take him much longer and probably he would have needed help.

But thankfully he wasn't and he was even nice enough to help Miroku finish his... and then help rebuild it after it collapsed in a rain storm thanks to Shippo. 'I told him not to let the runt help... did he listen no, I'm just a stupid half demon that doesn't know anything.'

After the monk's hut was rebuilt both he and the demon slayer got married, the whole village was in attendance and it made Inuyasha uncomfortable. Kagome could see how the crowd was affecting her mate and knew their ceremony would have to be different. Yes she promise her family she would have a proper ceremony when she returned here, she knew Inuyasha didn't like crowds and was an all around shy person. And she herself wasn't stupid, she could hear the whispers from the villagers and their displeasure of them marrying... she didn't want an uproar with a big public ceremony.

"What... Kagome are you sure about this, is this what you really want?" Inuyasha and Kagome had gone to Keade to ask her to marry them a few days after their friends were; however, both demon and priestess were shocked by the young girl's request.

"Child, ye should think carefully about this, marriages are a celebration of the whole village... marrying in secret would be as if you had something to hide."

Kagome saw Inuyasha's ears droop at Keade's words, was she really ashamed of mating him that she didn't want a public ceremony in front of the villagers. Hope came back to him when she placed her hands in his, "No I don't have anything to hide, but I know how some of the villagers will respond to a public blessing between us; I don't want an uproar to start because of it. I just want a small ceremony at the Goshinboku... the place where we first met. Besides I know Inuyasha isn't too particular about crowds... so I figured this would be best." Kagome smiled and reached over to rub the closest dog ear she could reach. Keade understood the reasoning and agreed to Kagome's wish, and two nights later Kagome became Inuyasha's wife in both a human blessing and demon mating.

The next morning was quite the shocker when Kagome awoke and came face to face with her husband. Inuyasha had been sleeping peacefully after a wonderful night with his new bride, Kagome had excepted him in every way possible and became his mate; he was quite content to lay around that morning and possibly have a repeat of last night's activities. But to have his blushing bride practically scream bloody murder in his ear was not the way he wanted to wake up that morning.

"Wah... what, Kagome what's wrong! Damn woman why you screaming, are you trying to make me go deaf!" Inuyasha shot up in the bed and quickly scanned the room for any sign of danger or a reason for her to be yelling so early in the morning. Of course when nothing alerted his senses and most of the village was still asleep he immediately demanded to know the cause of her waking him. He turned and was surprised to find his woman on the far end of their futon when he clearly remembered her pressed up against his side the night before.

Kagome's hair was a mess, she clutched the bed sheet to her chest to cover herself from view, Inuyasha first thought that she didn't remember what happened the night before, that she had been scared waking up next to him naked with no memory. He didn't want to think that possible and it hurt that his mate didn't recognize his claim; his mark was clearly visible and shown proudly at the base of her neck, could it be that her body recognized him and it was just her mind that didn't?

"Mate? Ka-Kagome... are you okay?" She didn't answer but her eyes weren't frantically darting around the room that was a good sign that she seemed to remember; in fact her eyes were solely trained on him, like she was looking at him for the first time. Before he could speak again she suddenly slid across the bed and reached out to cup his cheek in her palm, a very intense yet confused stare on her face. "Um... Kagome?"

"You've changed..." Her voice was barely above a whisper but he could still hear it.

"What? What are you talking about woman, I haven't changed... I don't feel any different."

She pulled away, which he whimpered at the loss of her touch, and turned away from him; he was a little hurt by the action but then his eyes locked on to her flawless back and trailed down to her shapely hips that he remembered gently caressing last night. 'What the hell is wrong with you! You've only had her for one night and already you're as perverted as Miroku has been his whole life!'

Inuyasha vigorously shook his head to get the perverted thoughts out of his mind before he became too uncomfortable sitting naked on the futon with his mate so close; he tried to focus more on what his woman was talking about. When he finally refocused he came face to face with a small compact mirror Kagome had packed into her bag before leaving the future; that must have been the reason she turned away from him.

"Look... your demon markings are showing and they're on your wrists too... but your eyes aren't red like what normally happens."

Inuyasha took the mirror to examine himself more closely and was surprised to see that what she said was true, his father's blood line blazed across his cheeks in those purple jagged marks; he had never seen them before on his person and didn't really understand why they appeared.

"Oh my god!" Inuyasha turned back to his mate hearing her shocked gasp, his stomach dropped seeing the excitement on her face as she seemed ready to jump him for some reason; he kind of wanted to know why she was looking at him that way but then there was a part of him that screamed grab your pants and run. But before he could decide what to do Kagome did pounce on him causing him to fall back to brace himself on his elbows with her extra weight lying on top of him. "They're bigger!"

"What?" Kagome being vague wasn't a good thing, "They're bigger as in is that a good thing or a bad thing... and what are they?" Kagome smiled and reached over his head and out of his line of vision, 'What's she doing? The only things that could be up there are... oh kami!' His little mate made contact with one of his ears and began to rub it, a pleasurable tingling creped down the base of his spine at the sensation and he had to fight to keep his eyes from rolling back into his head. "Kagome..."

"It's a very good thing Inuyasha... but I wonder what caused this transformation and if it'll stay; you look like a full demon."

"Keh... I don't feel different, I guess I'll have to find Myoga and see what he knows." Inuyasha idly scraped his claws against his mate's bare back, causing goose bumps to rise on her skin.

After the initial shock of that morning, the new couple would have to wait two more days for Inuyasha's retainer to show his face in the village; and of course his bluntness was not appreciated when after he bite into his master's neck and announced that he had successfully completed the mating ritual with Kagome. Inuyasha squished the flea into his palm and then ran off into the woods, leaving Kagome to answer questions.

"I'd appreciate it you'd not blurt out that I had mated with Kagome to the whole damn world!"

"I apologize master but I am just so excited that the two of you are now together... I always knew that you would be; I look forward to young Inu's return as well."

"The pup... whoa wait a minute we just mated two nights ago, we ain't ready for him yet; besides I need to find out what's wrong with me first!"

"Something is wrong with you master? You seem in perfect health to me," Myoga scanned the larger demon but couldn't find any outer difference with the boy.

"I feel fine Myoga I don't feel any different but explain these!" Inuyasha pointed to his cheeks were his demon marks were visible.

"Oh those... well um many things could have caused them to emerge... have you lost Tetsusaiga recently?"

"It's at my hip flea... and this happened right after Kagome and I mated."

"Oh well you should have said that then, your demon is now at peace with your human blood since taking a mate you both desired; it also realized that it would be needed more to protect Kagome and so it has taken over your body in a sense but not in the blood lust sort of way; it is allowing itself to be used fully to care for Kagome... while still allowing you to retain your sanity. In a sense you're a full blooded demon now."

"Full demon." The one thing Inuyasha craved since after his mother had died and before he met Kagome was now his, and it was all thanks to Kagome. A full demon yet still himself, he keeps his human emotions yet is more powerful than before, he couldn't wait to tell the others.

That first month of Kagome living in the feudal era was pretty eventful with her husband transforming, the villagers who weren't happy with Inuyasha being a half demon were only farther upset finding out he was now a full demon because that meant he would breed more half demon children. Many also snubbed their noses at the fact that Kagome had become his wife, with their secret marriage many of the older villagers thought Inuyasha just took her to his bed like the animal that he was... and Kagome allowed him to. Many different rumors began and although Inuyasha wanted to stop them his mate told him to let them be because eventually they would find something else to talk about; that came in the form of Sango's pregnancy in the spring.

When winter came and their friends were either in their hut or Miroku was out slaying demon, Inuyasha would help the monk if the job required two people, or Sango was giving Kagome sewing lessons and Kagome was teaching her how to cook... during most of this time Inuyasha could be found in his forest cleaning it out of every demon that may present a threat to the village he was protecting, or he was hunting to feed his wife and himself during these cold months.

And it happened that on one of these many hunting days Inuyasha got an unexpected visitor. He had just finished catching a few fish from a small part of the river that hadn't frozen over yet and now he was trying to trap a couple of rabbits... but the hares were harder to catch than he thought. "Damn little things..."

"And here I thought you were supposed to be a hunter... do you not understand the point of camouflage little brother?"

Inuyasha whipped around seeing Sesshomaru standing a few feet away, 'Damn I didn't even smell him... the snow isn't helping much either and that it's hard to spot him in all of it.' "What are you want Sesshomaru? Rin's in the village in Keade's hut if you're searching for her," the younger demon thought that was the reason his brother was out in the snow.

Inuyasha got a rude awakening when he and Kagome returned to Keade's village after saying farewell to her family; it turns out during their week long absence the demon lord made the decision to leave his ward in the village. Sesshomaru felt it best that she grow up among others of the same species, and the elderly priestess agreed to care for the child in exchange for Sesshomaru's protection upon the village. Inuyasha found out that it was his job to protect the child; if any harm were to come to the child it would be Inuyasha's head. He was pissed he was being handed another charge to look after but Kagome had settled him down enough to except the duty.

"I am not here for Rin; your servant has informed this Sesshomaru of you taking your wench as your mate."

"Yeah what of it? I know that doesn't interest you."

"You are correct it does not; however, I am curious as to how a mating with a human could trigger our father's blood inside of you to allow you to become a full demon like myself."

"Keh... yeah well I don't know either so don't be blaming me for it." Inuyasha turned away from his brother not feeling like listening to him at the moment, the snow was already up to ankles and he wished to return to the village before he froze to death.

"I am not here to fight you."

"Feh, that's a first my whole life that's all you've wanted to do... the taint of our father's blood remember?"

"I will not retract my words nor will this Sesshomaru apologize, but that is not the reason I stand here now."

It finally clicked in Inuyasha's head that his brother would not leave until he listened to what he had to say, so he buttoned his lip and turned back to face the older man, "Why are you here then Sesshomaru?"

"Now that you are an equal member of our clan it is your right to claim half of father's lands."

"Wait a minute what? Why the hell would you freely give up the lands you've had since before I was born to me... the half breed you've hated since father mated my mother, have you finally gone insane!"

"As a lord of the west you should act more like one brother, I have not cared for your lands, I have no need for them... you may do as you wish with them this Sesshomaru was merely informing you that they were there." With what he needed to say said Sesshomaru turned and headed back to where he left Jaken, he would be paying a visit to Rin and leave a gift for her before returning to the west.

"Sesshomaru wait!" Though he seemed annoyed in doing so the demon lord halted in his steps. "I... I don't want the lands, these are my lands here the forest and the village I protect is all I need; and I know Kagome wouldn't want to move away from our friends."

"You turn your back on a gift father has given you for a wench?"

"Hey don't call Kagome that, she is my mate and her happiness comes first; besides Tetsusaiga and the fire rat robe I wear is all the things I need from the old man... I was never one for sitting and bossing people around anyway. Look if you want the land you can have it because I don't."

"If you do not claim these lands then you will have to find another way to serve the clan."

Inuyasha was confused by his brother's statement and didn't find out what he meant until a couple days later when a messenger from the western palace apparently was sent to bring Inuyasha there. He was suspicious, having never been there himself, he didn't know what he was in for and so he refused to allow his mate to join him on his journey. Inuyasha returned a few days later with a different attire on, he carried the fire rat robe in his arms and now wore a set of white hakama and matching haori, a black chest and back plate lay overtop... and he was wearing shoes!

When Kagome asked what happened and why the sudden wardrobe change, Inuyasha explained that it was like pulling teeth but Sesshomaru finally asked him to be his second in command and the two brothers would rule the west; the new clothes he had to wear just when he was in council to look like a lord... and he had to be honest that they were quite comfortable. And when Kagome questioned about the shoes, he stated that the cold wind and snow was getting to him and he was given the boots to look more elegant rather than a wild beast; Kagome approved of the look and told him it made him look more mature and older... she also had a feeling that she would seeing more of him in this garb but she didn't mind.

However when practically every few days another servant from the palace would appear to summon her husband she did mind; apparently since Sesshomaru has been roaming the country for the better part of the last fifty-one years... most of that time searching for Tetsusaiga and the last year of it chasing Naraku, many of the lower ranking demon clans have tried to seize the west for their own. Sesshomaru has taken his rightful place as lord once again and it seems that the council thought that if both brothers were seen it would scare the other demons into backing down their raid. Kagome knew Inuyasha couldn't just abandon his father's people and Sesshomaru did help them during their time fighting Naraku, and it was also a chance for the boys to bond... but him being away from most of the winter was ridiculous.

And of course that problem only got worse come spring when they found out Sango was pregnant, don't misunderstand Kagome was happy for their friends, but she was jealous that Miroku was home more than Inuyasha for them to 'make' a baby. And when Inuyasha was informed by Miroku a few days later of Sango expecting he know he was in hot water, he too was getting angry at how often he was being summoned to the west for one thing or another.

He told Sesshomaru he wanted nothing to do with the politics but it seemed he was being dragged into them anyway. Sesshomaru had easily dispatched the demons attempting to take their territory but he wanted every other clan to know not the cross him. And having both sons of the great dog demon general as a front for any warring clans gave the appearance of them being at their strongest; which in fact they were, with Sesshomaru's intelligence and Inuyasha's brute strength they would be unstoppable. But even if Kagome heard all of what they were trying to accomplish she wouldn't be happy that Inuyasha was always away now; to try and please her Inuyasha had started to bring his mate beautiful presents with every trip he took, the biggest so far being an elegant hand woven silk sleeping kimono for when they found out Sango was pregnant. Kagome was flattered by the gifts but they weren't what she wanted... she only wanted her husband.

Present day...

And that brings us to the present time where the men were fixing Keade's hut; this was the first time all month Inuyasha showed up since earlier in the month, Kagome now knew that Inuyasha was avoiding her and the situation so now she's taking it out on him while he was trying to build the hut.

"Inuyasha my friend, do not argue with our lovely wives, it will only cause us displeasure later tonight."

"Feh... my mate is already mad at me why should I have to watch my mouth just to allow you to have some fun tonight!" Inuyasha growled while propping up one full wall while Miroku hammered nails to connect it to the others.

"Oh don't worry Inuyasha, Miroku won't be touching me for a very long time," Sango's body ached and she was so moody that she didn't care what came out of her mouth at the moment.

"Oh come now my lovely-."

"Don't you lovely me you hentai, this is all your fault I'm like this anyway!"

The monk cringed at his wife's viper tongue, "I believe we are both in the dog house tonight my friend."

"Keh... speak for yourself monk, all I have to do is twitch my ears and I'll be back on Kagome's good side and in my bed... you have eight more months of this; I ain't looking forward to when Kagome's pupped... I just hope she takes these damn beads off before then."


"Yeah what mate?"




'When will you learn Inuyasha?'

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