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:Sora's POV:

There was a light breeze, my blue eyes connected to the endless water as the waves gently crashed and hit the shore. The yellow sun that was kind of blocked by puffy clouds touched the sparkling clear blue water, it started to glisten and I thought it was the beautifulest water ever. I slowly breathed as red filled the sky. I could never imagine my life ever so peaceful, but yet I had so much on my mind. I got a letter from the king, and those words still echoed in my head.

I wanted to tell you immediately.

There are memories asleep inside you, and those memory fragments connect to the future. Sora, Riku, Kairi, the truth surrounding the keyblade passes through numerous connections, they're inside your hearts. It all leads to you, everyone is waiting for you. The only one who can heal the sadness is you. It's possible that the travel leads up until now, compared to the next trip may have been easy. Everything thought to be accidental was really conected, the door to a new departure already seems to be opening the end.

~King Mickey

I thought about my next journey as I sat alone on the Paupo tree. If I go again will I be able to come back to the island? Or come back to Riku? Or Kairi? But there are still unhappy people out there, and knowing that, I feel like I have to go and do it. I took a deep breath in as I glued my eyes to the water. In a way it was the color of my dark blue eyes. I blinked. *This is the hardest thing. Losing the island again..Losing Riku again..Losing Kairi again.* I thought. My eyes looked down at my feet as I sighed. I thought of all the things that might go wrong, *What if Kairi gets hurt? What if this is a journey I wont be able to come home from? What if-* A deep voice pulled me me out of my thoughts.

"Sora!" I heard my name being called along with some footsteps. I turned around to see who it was. I was happy to see my silver-haired friend Riku. His emerald green eyes were glued onto the floor as he walked over to the edge of the little cliff.

"Riku." I mummbled. His hands were in his pockets as he walked to the edge and looked down. I couldn't find a smile on his face as he passed by, and his eyes were depressed.

"Your minds made up?" He asked. I rested my hand on the tree trunk to help turn my body his direction. I knew exactly what he was talking about and I thought about it. Until I finaly came up with an answer. I took a deep breath in and as I let it out, I answered.

"Yeah." I said as my hand was placed on the bottle which held the kings note. I began to watch the sea again.

"Sora.." A little voice said. I looked to my left and saw the little red head with a pink outfit on. Her hands were behind her back and she looked at me with her ocean like eyes, as the wind carried her hair to its rhythm. She looked so beautiful. My eyes sparkled as I looked down to her.

"Kairi." I replied as I jumped off the tree. I didn't move and left hand was holding on to the trunk. When I let go I tried to say something.

"I.." I mummbled as my head was down. I was afraid of how she would react when I told her.

"Yeah." She whispered as she nodded. I looked up at her with my shocked eyes and mouth alittle opened. After 5 seconds I blinked, my eyes were filled with joy, and I closed my lips into a smile and I nodded. I started to walk over to her until I was a few inches away from her. I wanted to be face-to-face with her when I told her why I felt like I needed to go. Her head lifted alittle so that she met my gaze.

"It's just..they need me. I have to go..I am, who I am, because of them." I explained. I felt a smile appear on my lips . I heard Riku sigh in relief and his eyes were filled with joy and he smiled like me. Kairi took a deep breath in and placed something in my hand.

"See you soon." She replied as she closed my fingers so that held on to it. I opened my fingers alittle to see what it was. It was her good luck charm.

:Ashley's POV:

The clouds glided across the sky, and the smooth breeze touched my soft cheek. His dirty blond hair flew up and down as his black hoodie cupped the bottom of his hair. The red head's hair did the same. But my jet black hair that was alittle above my elbows was pushed out of my face. All of our black gloves held on to one thing. Sea-salt-ice cream. It was our favorite thing. We were nobody's meaning, we aren't real. We're only an illusion without hearts that are suppost to represent the darkness of somebody. We were all part of an alliance called "Organization 13" I really didn't understand why I was in it. My friend Axel told me they pick unique nobodys and use them. But I really didn't understand how I am unique. Roxas has his keyblade and Axel has his chakram. And I had nothing. I closed my eyes and took a bite of my ice cream.


"Here Ashley." Roxas said as he handed me the ice cream. It was the first time we hung out together with Axel. They had been friends for a while and they wanted to add me to their little family.

"You can call me Ash." I whispered.

"Oh..then here you go Ash." He repeated but using Ash instead of Ashley.

"Thanks.." I mummbled as I took it. I took a bite of it.

"Mmm." I moaned. It tasted very good. Axel and Roxas was smiling at my reaction. We sat at the spot for about an hour talking about ourselfs. Roxas had a very interestion story to tell me. But Axel looked annoyed like he heard it a million times. He was immatating him from behind. I giggled and Roxas turned around and Axel stopped before he could see.

"Well I gotta go kiddo's." Axel said as he rubbed my and Roxas's hair.

"You know..i've never met anyone like you Ash." Roxas said as he placed his hand ontop of mine that was near me.

"Umm...thanks." I replied as I closed my eyes.

I slowly opened my eyes to the present time and my mouth opened alittle as I looked up. I smiled into the sunset with the wind carring my hair. I think Roxas realized the samething as me because he stopped eating his ice cream and looked up and smiled to the sunset. Axel had realized what we meant and he looked to the sunset.

"Its been a year.." My soft and sweet voice whispered into the air as it carried the message to Roxas's and Axel's ears. They nodded.

"And we sat right here too." Axel said with a proud voice.

"Just like this. Its hard to believe this day last year was the same day we became friends..Time goes by fast huh?" Roxas asked.

"Mhmm." I mummbled. We watched the clouds go by and I rememberd something. I began to take something out of my black coat's pocket and I saw Roxas's eyes were watching my every move.

"Look!" I cheered as my two friends eyes looked at what I held in my hand. It was three black hearts.

"What is that?" Axel asked.

"Well..since were friends that means were family..and I wanted to let you guys know that if I had a heart I would do anything including giving my heart up for you guys. You can only get one if you make the same promise." I said.

"We promise." They both said as they stuck out their pinkys. I smiled and place the little hoop at the end on their pinkys. They got it and they both summond their weapons. Roxas tied it to the end of his keyblade and Axel tied it to the end of his chakram. I felt like I was being left out. They both looked at me and looked from the heart to me.

"How about you tie it around your neck..like a necklace." Roxas said. That was a great idea. I widend the hoop and i put it over my head and when it was at my neck I tightend it so that it wouldn't fall off.

"Perfect." They whispered.

"Oh! Did I say that I put a spell on it so that we can always be connected.." I said. They looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and closed my eyes as I turned back to the sky. Suddenly I felt arms rap around my neck and waist. I opened my eyes and turned around and saw Axel on his knees with his arms around my neck. I looked at Roxas and he had his cheek push against my sholder, and his arms rapped around my waist.

"You're the best friend anyone could ask for." Roxas said. That touched my heart. And his sweet voice made it ten times better.

"Yeah..never forget that. Got it memorized?" Axel said. I nodded. But they didn't realize how much of awsome friends they are, nor how I couldn't live without them.

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