Chapter 7

Kagome's POV

Little does Sesshoumaru know that I can read his thoughts and know ever move he is going to make, I smirk for he does not know who I am, I dont truthfully want to fight with him but if its a fight Sesshoumaru wants its a fight he will get.

He swings his sword at me and with perfect ease I jump into the air and land directly in front of him, our bodys nearly touching. Sesshoumaru is the name for " Killing Perfection" but I know that if Sesshoumaru really wanted me dead that I would not be standing here right now.

"Who are you Woman an how do you know every move I am going to make?" He asks in a very cold voice.

"Hehehe so you really want to know Sesshoumaru?" I say in a teasing voice.

"This Sesshoumaru will not repeat himself again woman."

"Fine, my names Kagome, and yes and you must already have figured out, I am able to read your mind."

"Why were you fighting with my younger brother woman?"

"For your information is Kagome, learn is buddy and second of all I have been told to find both you and Inuyahsa."

"By who?"

"A note, some guy named Graile knocked me out and placed a note in my hand the other day telling me to not stop at the next village and to continue traveling with Sango. He also said in the note to find Inuyasha and Lord Sesshoumaru and to get them to join this group."

"Was there anything else?"

I think for a second on the note in my pocket, yes there was more to the note. "He said that I needed to get all of you to train me and to find the demon Naraku and to kill him, he said not to show the note to anyone or everyone shall die."

Sesshoumaru's POV

Naraku, that damn half demon that I have been trying to kill for months but he always escapes my grasps when I am about to finish him off. Maybe this is the girl that he had said was the only one that could kill him but there was no way she could.

If what she says is true and I can not sence any lies from her, she will need a great deal of training to get her to the level she must be on so that she can finish Naraku off and rid the world of that horrid hanyou.

"Fine Kagome, I will join your group for I myself have come into contact with Naraku myself and the dirty half breed has always been able to escape my grasps."

"Hahaha you mean some has actually been able to escape from the great Lord Sesshoumaru." My little brother says but I glare at him and shut him up.

I am in no mood to have to deal with Inuyasha and if he must travel with us I guess I will just have to try my best not to kill him the first time he says something. ' God that is going to be the hardest thing I have ever done.'

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