Welcome to the story! I am officially in love with Kurt and Blaine as a couple, so I decided to write a cute fluffy story. Very pre-maturely Chrismas-y… This takes place just a bit after "Never Been Kissed." Blaine and Kurt are friends, etc. ect. Enjoy!

Blaine glanced up at the clock. It was already 6:00 pm and he hadn't gotten a text from Kurt. It was winter break, it was a Saturday! Usually Kurt texted the minute he woke up. Blaine was worried something had gone wrong, but he convinced himself he was imagining things. He was being rash, of course. It was stupid to expect Kurt to waste his time every day texting him, and stupider to so highly anticipate it.

The red numbers switched to 6:01 and Blaine snapped himself back to reality. He turned his attention back to the book he was reading. He was re-reading the Harry Potter series… again, and was halfway through the fifth book. Suddenly his phone rang, and he Blaine's heart fluttered a bit. But after seeing the name on caller ID didn't belong to Kurt, Blaine answered without enthusiasm.

"Hello?" Blaine asked, although he already knew who was calling.

"Hey Blaine…" David sounded concerned "Umm… you know that friend of yours, Kurt?"

Blaine nodded vigorously, then, remembering he was talking on the phone, answered "yeah? What about him?"

"Well… just come over as soon as you can, ok?"

"Yeah… ok. Wait, where?"

"My place" David replied.

Be there in a flash." Blaine answered, already pulling on his coat and sprinting to his car.

He sped all the way to David's house. Something told him that he was not going to like what he found there. His car skidded to a halt and he threw the door open, There were lots of cars in the street, and he noted Wes's car in the driveway. He hurried inside and saw tons of people. He looked around for Kurt and found him fast asleep on the couch. Blaine heaved a sigh of relief. Kurt was fine.

"Hey Blaine…" Wes began.

"Why didn't you show up? I invited, like everyone on my facebook page to my Christmas party!" David sounded slightly hurt.

"Not the time." Wes reminded him, "and anyway, you know Blaine never goes on facebook."

"Anyway… Um… Your buddy Kurt, I invited him too, as you can probably see." David gestured to the couch.

"What is it? Just tell me what's going on!" Blaine was confused, and David's tone worried him.

"Well, Kurt didn't know there was alcohol in the eggnog I made. He said he'd always his dad always made it without… that was just before he passed out. Hopefully he stays asleep until the alcohol wears off, but… I don't know. He drank a lot."

"He seemed upset about something. Maybe because you weren't here" Wes teased.

"Honestly, this isn't the time!" Blaine said, rubbing his forehead nervously.

Across the room, Kurt stirred. Although there were tons of people in between them, Blaine noticed. He was across the room in the blink of an eye, David and Wes behind him.

Kurt sat up, tottered, but managed to steady himself.

"Kurt? You okay?" Blaine asked, David and Wes stifled laughs and Blain shot them a deadly look.

"Blaine?" Kurt asked. "I feel weird…" Kurt got a dazed look in his eyes and toppled over giggling.

"Come on Kurt, I'll drive you back to your house and…" Blain began

"Actually," Wes interrupted "David invited everyone, well, the guys, to spent the night… his dad isn't expecting him home until noon tomorrow…"

Shit Blaine thought. That was just what he needed, hey Mr. Hummel, here's your drunk son. I know we've never met, but I'm just dropping him off. See ya!

"Umm… Ok, I guess I'll just hang out here then. I'm still invited right?" Blaine asked.

"Of course" David grinned. "Besides, I have a feeling we'll need some help taking care of Mr. Hummel. But by 'we' I mean you."

Wes snickered as Blaine crossed his arms defiantly. He glanced at Kurt, who had stopped laughing and was humming quietly to himself.

Suddenly, Kurt sat up and began to sing:

Have another drink, my dark eyed beauty!

I've got one more night left here in town,

So have another sip, of green elixer,

And we'll have ourselves a little mixer.

Kurt attempted to snatch a cup of eggnog that was sitting on a side-table, but Blaine beat him to the glass and dumped it into the nearest plant. He felt a little guilty, but that's what David got for getting Kurt drunk. Blaine turned around to face Kurt, who was grinning abnormally. Kurt jumped up.

The other guests gathered in a semi-circle around Kurt, who shouted "Once upon a time…" but the party-goers never got to hear Kurt's story because he vomited on David's floor before he could finish.

Blaine covered his mouth to keep from laughing, as David's face turned redder by the minute. There were snickers in the crowd of people as David grabbed Kurt by the collar of his jacket and pushed him out the door.

"Hey!" Blaine said angrily, as David shut the door. "You can't do that. He's drunk, he can't help it!"

"Sorry Blaine…" David replied, "but I don't want to have to wash the entire house down before my parents get back!"

"Come on David, he'll freeze out there! It's the middle of December! I'd bring him to his house, only I kinda' can't."

"Well, you could always just bring him back to Dalton if you're sooo worried about him." David smirked.

"Not the time for joking around." Blaine growled. "I guess I'll just bring him to my place… I don't have much choice." He glared at David, who shrugged.

Blaine opened the door but Kurt was gone. There were footsteps in the new snow but they disappeared onto the black pavement of the street.

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