A/N: This will be a series of one shots based on the life of Morgan McKay as she was previously seen in the Toast and Don't Be Grumpy Daddy in my McKeller Flash Fiction and Why Rodney Hates Halloween. Thanks to dwparsnip for saying I was not stepping on his toes with his Rodney and Fatherhood story.

The Life and Times of Morgan McKay

Chapter 1- First Lesson

"That's it," Rodney glared at John and Ronon after they emerged through the wormhole and stepped foot on Atlantis. "This is my last time off world until Morgan is born. I am not going to miss my daughter being born because Colonel Kirk decides to put the moves on a village elder's daughter."

"Hey, she came onto me. How was I supposed to know she was promised to someone? We are just lucky Harmony and her sister paid a visit to the planet and they talked the elders into letting us go," John said as if he were proud of that fact. "And I found it funny that she still had a thing for you, Rodney."

The cranky scientist rolled his eyes, "Yes. Ha, ha, ha. So very funny."

"I thought she was going to make you stay in jail when she found out you were married. She looked like she was about to throw a tantrum when you said the w word," Ronon tried not to laugh.

"Yes, laugh it up. But let me remind both of you that you two are single and I'm the one with the beautiful wife who is ready to give birth to our first child at any time," Rodney rubbed his good fortune in his friend's faces. The smile of his face changed when he saw Woolsey standing at the top of the stairs, "What?"

Richard did not know how break the news to Rodney, knowing how much the man wanted to be there for his daughter's birth, but when he sent Lorne to the planet when Jennifer went into labor he came back and said the men were in a meeting with the elders and that it would be a day before anyone could get into contact with the them. "We tried to get in contact with you sooner…"

"When?" McKay did not even need him to finish.

"Early this morning. They are both fine," the base leader wanted to ease any fears the new father might have.

Rodney shot a death glare at his two travelling companions, "Have them explain what happened." He took off toward the infirmary as fast as he could; upset because Sheppard's stupidity made him miss his daughter coming into the world.

Jennifer is never going to forgive me for this. I'm never going to forgive John for this. I'm never going to forgive myself for this. I shouldn't have gone with Jennifer so close to her due date. Sheppard said it was only going to be a few hours. Since when do a few hours translate into twenty-five?

All the negative feelings vanished as he saw his newborn daughter asleep in the hospital crib. Rodney washed his hands before he went to pick up his daughter and his eyes doubled in size as he read the information card taped to the front of the crib. "Nine pounds, thirteen ounces. Big girl. Damn, no wonder why your mommy was so big," he winced as he looked over at his sleeping wife, hoping she did not hear that. "Aren't you a beautiful little girl?" his thumb lightly caressed the small cheek. Rodney's heart skipped a beat when Morgan opened her eyes, "Hey there, Morgan. You ready to meet your daddy?" The proud father gently lifted the now awake baby out of the crib.

The moment the tiny life was settled in his arms, Rodney fell in love. He had heard that holding your child for the first time was indescribable and no matter how he tried to cajole an answer out people, no one could explain it to him. Now he knew why. All the months of preparation could not prepare him for this moment. It was simply beyond words.

He looked down at the perfect baby in his arms as tears stung the corners of his eyes. This was a moment of perfect joy. A life that he and Jennifer created together and would be responsible for. "Welcome to world, my little one," Rodney kissed his daughter's forehead. "You are just perfect in every way." He started counting fingers and toes to make sure there was ten of each, "All there. No extra body parts I should know about? That's okay if there were, you would still be perfect if there were. You haven't been much trouble for your mommy have you? You must have really worn her out for her to not even stir yet," he smiled at his wife. Even after giving birth Rodney thought Jennifer still looked beautiful. "We've got to be quiet because we don't want to wake her. I owe her big when she gets up for not being here when you were born, but you see it is all Sheppard's fault. He was bad and did something he shouldn't have and while only he should have gotten in trouble, he got Ronon and I in trouble as well. So, when you were born I was in the jail of some backwater planet. This is the one and only time you are going to hear this story, so don't think about asking about it when you are older. I will deny it, young lady."

He was still in awe after twenty minutes of watching the newborn teeter on the brink of sleep, "You aren't hungry are you? You'd let me know if you were? If you were then we'd have to wake the pretty lady sleeping in the bed. As you will learn, she is better equipped for feeding you for now. I have nothing. Mine don't make milk and her's are a lot bigger and they are made to feed you." Rodney nodded between his and Jennifer's chest. "I know you can't see the difference now, but you will eventually. I better shut up before we wake mommy and I get in trouble for telling you things I shouldn't."

"Too late," the groggy grumble came from the bed.

"You better cover your ears, Morgan. You aren't going to want to hear this. If this is the last time I see you, I love you Morgan," he waited for the verbal assault from his wife.

"You have some explaining to do, Meredith," Jennifer wanted to be mad, but the sight of Rodney holding and talking to his daughter was too precious.

"First lesson for you; when mommy uses my first name I'm usually in big trouble."