Morgan and Katie- Age 4

Morgan was playing hide and seek with Jennifer as they waited at pharmacy to pick up the antibiotics for Rodney's ear and sinus infection. At least Morgan was playing while her mother waited by the counter and the four year old hid under the table. The child giggled loudly as she watched her mother tap her foot impatiently and it startled the heavyset redhead sitting next the table. "Hi," Morgan said disinterested as her space became crowded. She cringed when she saw the red hair, "Daywalker!" The child hissed. She had watched South Park while her father slept the night before and learned all about Gingers and the half-breeds called Daywalkers.

"Excuse me?" the woman looked puzzled at the child and wondered what caused such a reaction. "Daywalker?"

"Ginger half-breed," the child spat with contempt. Morgan scooted further away from the scary woman, her eyes darting around as she tried to get out from other the table.

The plump woman scowled at the precocious child and wondered how old the girl was to talk as she did. To her Morgan could not be older than five years old. "How old are you?"

"Four," Morgan said with annoyed sigh that left no doubt she was Rodney's daughter. "Why do you care?" the child was being a world-class brat at this moment.

Spoiled, No doubt that she is. "Do your parents know where you are?" She was ready to scold the impudent child's parents for letting their daughter talk this way. It was the schoolteacher in her. It had been her job for the past eight years since she gave up botany and the SGC. The normal life, as she liked to call it.

"Yup," Morgan nodded and pointed to where her mother was standing. "We're getting stuff to help Daddy feel better. He's real grumpy when he's sick."

Katie looked over where the mouthy child pointed and was shocked to see the familiar face of Jennifer Keller. "That's your mother?" She had been in Colorado for two years this was the first time she had seen anyone from Atlantis. The red head had seen a few SGC personnel and seeing Jennifer bought up some old wounds.

"She is who I pointed to," the child was clearly annoyed at the stupidity of some adults. "Do you need glasses or something?" The minute Morgan said that she knew she was in trouble. "Do you have a baby in there or are you fat? Is it true that Gingers have no soul?"

"Morgan!" Jennifer shrilly yelled at her daughter. There were some days that she did not know what she and Rodney were going to do with their daughter. Sometimes the things that came out of her mouth were things that even on a bad day Rodney would never consider saying. "Where did you hear that?" she was embarrassed by what Morgan had said.

"Daddy and I watched a cartoon last night." Morgan looked between her mother and the woman she had insulted. A little white lie could not hurt.

"Which cartoon?" the mother inquired. She had a late shift at the SGC last night and the two were home alone.

"South Park," the child said innocently.

Jennifer groaned in disbelief that Rodney let their daughter watch that show, "That is not a cartoon for children."

"It's not?"

"No. Why did he let you watch it?"

Morgan crossed her arms in defiance and pouted, "We were watching the Batman cartoon when Daddy fell asleep and I changed the channel."

"So why didn't you wake him up?" Jennifer asked, knowing she had found the two asleep in their bed when she came home and had to put a sleeping Morgan in her room.

The youngest McKay eyes widened, "Because he is scary when you wake him up and he's sick. You always said sleeping is good when you are sick and there was no one to tuck me in. The Wraith that lives under my bed wants to eat me and so does Moby Dick. I wanted to stay with Daddy. Jack and Moby don't come into your room."

"Jack?" Jennifer asked, wondering where the name came from.

Katie remained quiet during the exchange, amused over the idea about the child's imaginary Wraith. She figured the cheeky child's father had to have a connection to Atlantis as well.

Morgan nodded, "The Wraith. When I told Uncle John what he was like he said that was his name would be."

Jennifer paled when the red head did not reaction to mentioning a Wraith so she tried to laugh it off, "The imagination of kids these days. Morgan, now apologize to the nice lady."

The stubborn child crossed her arms over her chest and rolled her eyes, "Do I have to?"

"Yes," the mother gritted her teeth.

Morgan turned and faced the chubby woman, "I'm sorry for calling you fat."

That was not the kind of apology Jennifer had in mind, "You are going straight to bed when we get home."

"It's all right. I know what a Wraith is," Katie dropped her voice so only the two females she were talking to could hear. The pieces started to fall together; the mention of Wraith, Moby Dick, an Uncle John, the child's attitude and mostly the girl's blue eyes. There was only one person who could have fathered the demon spawn before her: the man who almost proposed to her. It was a shock to see that he had not only got married and was still married, but also had a child. Quite different from the man who was with her, who made sure there were no little accidents, who made sure she was on the pill and put on two condoms every time they were intimate. "How long have you and Rodney been married?" she put on a fake sweet smile. There were still some hard feelings of the way things ended with her ex.

"It will be seven years next month," Jennifer's lip started to twitch when she realized who the other woman was. It took a while to recognize Katie with the weight she had put on and it nearly being ten years since she had seen the woman. "What have you been doing since you left?" she knew Katie had to make the connection because anyone who knew Rodney could tell after a minute with Morgan that the girl was his daughter.

"I teach second grade in Conifer. Just in town for a visit," Katie did not know why she was explaining herself. "You have a very beautiful and interesting daughter." The child reminded her very much of Rodney. She noticed it from the moment the girl opened her mouth and never imagined Morgan could be his child until she saw Jennifer.

"Why do you call me interesting?" Morgan curled her lip in disgust. She could tell by the woman's tone it was not in a nice way. She was quickly over it and dashed away when someone else grabbed her attention. "Daddy," she ran toward the pale man and jumped into his arms. "Your hair is messy. You should know not to come out with your hair like that," Morgan smoothed down the wild hairs the best she could.

"Really, now?" Rodney said in a hoarse voice before he tried to clear his throat. The father smirked before kissing the tip of his daughter's nose.

"Eww, germy kiss," Morgan rubbed the invisible germs away.

"I thought you were waiting in the car," Jennifer slid her arm into her husband's protectively as staking her claim. He's mine.

"Forgot to tell you I needed cough drops," his voice clearly was on the way out.

"Hello, Rodney. It's been a while." It was odd seeing the once child-fearing man so comfortable with one in his arms.

Rodney looked at the woman with a confused expression on his face. He finally turned to Jennifer for a clue as to whom the other woman was.

Jennifer rolled her eyes at Rodney's cluelessness, but she was cutting him some slack with him being sick. She whispered the answer he was looking for in his ear.

He immediately tensed upon hearing the name. "It has. You look well," he did not know what else to say. "I um... Going to take Morgan to the car." it was clear that he was quiet uncomfortable.

"She's a Ginger Daywalker. She's scary," Morgan whispered the best a four year old could. "She's not going to eat me is she?"

"You explain it to your child," Jennifer sighed, embarrassed by her daughter. "She put on South Park after you fell asleep."

It took all Rodney had not to laugh. It was funny, but he knew he would be in trouble if he laughed. "Come my little devil. That is not nice. I will teach you why that show is not for little kids." With that he began to walk off to give the child a small lecture.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed this little piece. Had it bouncing around for a while. It's unbetaed so any mistakes are mine. The episode of South Park referenced is the season nine episode titled Ginger Kids. I don't think the way they did in that episode, thought it would be an episode that would leave quite an impression on a child Morgan's age, knowing she should not have been watching it in the first place.