Chapter 15

"What? Wait a minute. You are saying that the people who raised me, who are not my parents, killed my biological parents?" Jamie was absolutely incredulous. This couldn't be possible.

"Yes, we don't know why they took you in particular, but you were the only one saved from the house before it burned down," added Mrs. Jones.

Jamie stared down at the picture of her real family. "I wouldn't exactly say that they saved me. I could never do anything right. That was why Dylan beat me; he knew I did not actually belong." She took a breath. "What happens to me now?"

"Well, you do not have any biological relatives still alive, and we did not think that you wanted to go back to anyone that are connected with how you grew up," said Mrs. Jones. Obviously they had planned this out while she had been in the hospital. "We have two options for you. One, you get to go back to America and be placed in an adoption agency which could mean a lot of moving from town to town depending on who would foster you. The second option is that you stay here in London. You could be very useful to us. Jack and Alex have already offered to let you stay with them. You would have a permanent spot and you would definitely have our protection."

Jamie let the information sink in. "So if I stay here, you will use me the same way you use Alex, right?" The two adults did not answer, which confirmed Jamie's guess. She did not want to be forced to spy for MI6 like Alex was. But her only other option was to be passed from foster home to foster home. The moving around constantly would be worse than staying in one place, even if she did have to work with the government. It would be like righting any wrongs she had done while under Dylan's command. "I'll stay in England, if Alex and Jack are serious about having me."

Mr. Blunt nodded. "That will be perfect. We will have your things brought over from your house in America. The only other thing I must ask you is to not interfere with any government happenings via the internet."

"So I am not going to jail for helping Dylan?" Jamie asked quietly.

Mrs. Jones took the lead this time. "We feel that you have suffered enough with how your life has been growing up. You were also the main reason we could break up this section of the organization and the reason we now have Dylan in our custody. We think you have done your service."

Jamie nodded. It was like the weight of the world had been lifted from her shoulders. She would not go to jail for something that Dylan had made her do. She was finally safe from him. Mrs. Jones stood up and led the way to the door. She held the door while Jamie left. When Jamie got off of the elevator, Alex was standing just across from it.

"How did it go?" he asked.

"It went interestingly. I found out some new information," she said as she leaned against the wall next to him. She hugged herself. "I also found out that you now have a new house guest. I guess they didn't want you to be alone on missions anymore."

Alex grimaced just a little. "I hope you know what you just got yourself into."

Jamie shrugged. "Could it really be as bad as what Dylan did to me for years?" She asked with raised eyebrows. "Also, I have you to tell me all about what I just got myself into."

Alex had to smile at that. "Come on, Jack couldn't wait to find out whether you would be joining us or not. We should go tell her so that she doesn't call me demanding to know before we get home for dinner." With that Alex and Jamie walked out of the Royal and General Bank and along the streets of London towards Alex's house. Jamie breathed a sigh of relief. She could now start over. She was in a totally new country with people who had never heard about her before. Dylan no longer controlled her. Even with MI6 pulling strings to get her and Alex to do their dirty work, life would be different, better, safer. Jamie smiled and looked forward to her new life.

Jamie and Alex didn't know that Dylan sat brooding in his cell. He wanted revenge and knew he would get it. Steel bars and concrete walls could not stop his rage. He would not be cheated by fourteen year olds. He would find a way out and make Jamie Falcon and Alex Rider pay for taking away his glory.

The End