Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. They belong to L.J. Smith.

The Nightmare

I screamed again. This time, it was more out of frustration than pain. I wanted to yell at these people and tell them that no matter what they did or how they did it, I would not break. But, my mouth did not move.

I wasn't going to betray my somewhat friends. I many not be close with them, but I was close enough to them that I wouldn't betray them. Kait was the one I didn't want hurt. The others, I could care less about them.

"No, boy, are you going to tell us?" Mr. Zetes asked. I gave him the coldest look I could manage.

"You can break me down all you want, Zetes," I growled. he grinned his wicked grin.

"So be it. But, I think I know who just might cause you to talk," he said. I watched as he crossed the room to the closet and pulled out a dark haired girl. Kait.

Zetes grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the center of the room, directly in from of me. Her huge, scared eyes bored straight into mine.

"Let's see what happens now," Zetes said, pulled out a lighter and gently touching it to Kait's wrist. She whimpered but it soon turned into a scream. I closed my eyes and willed it to stop.

"Alright, I'll tell you," I said when I couldn't stand it anymore. Zetes grinned and held the lighter a bit longer before pushing Kait to me. I finished slipping gout of the chains and lunging at him before he could make a sound. "Gabriel!" Kait screamed right before I woke up.