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Sitting at his computer desk, Itachi smiled fondly as he watched his brother move around their apartment. One had to actually know Sasuke as well as he to see how the other man was fighting to keep a smile off of his face, the lighter than normal steps as he maneuvered around. Since the two brothers knew each other better than they knew themselves, it wasn't too difficult to see what was going on. It made Itachi happy, because this was a first for his little brother and it was fine time the moment had arrived.

"Who is she, otouto?" came the question from the older sibling. The younger stopped in the middle of the living room, his back turned.

Hesitation. Sasuke still did not turn to face his brother. "What are you talking about, aniki?"

The small smile widened. Oh, he sounded perfectly calm and unemotional, but Itachi knew better. "You've been practically floating around the apartment, Sasuke. There is only one reason I can think of for this...unless you are into men...?"

"No, I'm not interested in men." The younger snapped and continued his path to the kitchen.

He was still sensitive about that incident? "You know Sasuke, that –"

"I thought we agreed that would never be mentioned again. Ever." He was scowling.

Itachi decided to drop it since he was more curious about the mysterious woman. He could always tease his brother later. "Very well. Will you tell me who she is, then? Since it is not a man."

A regal brow rose when his brother actually smirked at him. "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours."

Had it been that obvious? Well, if I was able to determine that Sasuke had fallen in love, it wouldn't have been difficult for him to have done the same. "Alright." The other blinked when Itachi didn't deny it. "We'll do this: One hint one guess until we get it. Sound fair?"

Dark eyes rolled and Sasuke turned to open the refrigerator. "Fine. You first."

"The person is female."

A snort. "Okay, you're going to be a dick about this." Smirking, he began setting up items to make a sandwich. "Since I can't make a guess off of that; I'll say that the girl is near my age."

Interesting. Sasuke's current fan club all consisted of girls his age but he dismissed all of them. When it came to women, both brothers disliked females hanging all over them and their every word. That really didn't leave many but it could also be someone that Itachi had yet to meet. He wasn't that much into Sasuke's private life.

"This person is someone we are both acquainted with." Itachi said and as he said those words, both brothers – geniuses that they were – had very sinking feelings at their reactions. There was only one real reason for this: there were two females they knew and truly associated with.

Their mother, and Hyuuga Hinata. The latter was close to Sasuke's age. His brother's reaction – for Itachi truly did not go out and so Sasuke knew who he associated with and his habits – confirmed everything instantly.

Why Itachi hadn't realized it immediately was beyond him. Hinata was from the Hyuuga family and the Uchiha were loosely acquainted with them. Both brothers had always been somewhat fond of her, mostly because she had been the only female in existence besides their mother that hadn't wanted into their pants growing up. She was kind, quiet, and kept to herself. Hinata and Sasuke had even gone to the same high school, although they ended up agreeing not to associate with each other due to his little brother's rabid fan girls.

They had never been overly close with her although they were all on first name basis with each other. They knew the little sister but she was too young and so never really interacted with her as they had with Hinata.

Besides that; the brothers shared the same views on just about everything. It only made sense that they would fall in love with the same woman.

All thoughts of sandwich making gone, Sasuke sighed. "When? Better yet, how?"

"Last year, company trip." Itachi supplied simply. "Although she does not work for the Hyuuga, she was sent to that one international conference in Osaka. We met there and since we knew each other, we spent the weekend together. Nothing serious, just things to pass the time. After that I have communicated with her more and I realized very quickly that my feelings were becoming less platonic. You?"

A shrug. He went back to making his meal. "I've always known her a little better than you since we went to the same school. I don't know, it just kind of hit me last month. She's friends with Sakura who's friends with Ino who's dating Naruto. So I see her around a lot."

How terrible. Itachi wasn't going to fight his brother over a woman; he didn't care how much he desired her. Family came first always; relationships could end anytime for any reason. It wasn't as if Hinata had ever expressed an interest in him, they were only friends. In fact, besides Naruto – and Itachi only knew this because Sasuke had complained every now and then – Hinata seemed to not be interested in anyone.

He almost wanted to say it was ironic that they would both fall for the only girl who had never liked them but he wasn't in the mood to be morbid.

Silence filled the apartment until Sasuke walked over with his sandwich and flopped down on their couch. He looked thoughtful. "If you want," he said after he was almost finished with his sandwich. "I'll back off. You've liked her for a while now, right? It's only been like a month or whatever for me."

Itachi frowned. "You know I would never do that, otouto. Knowing us, we probably feel equally about her, someone would get hurt and I would rather not do that to you."

"Hn." He continued to look thoughtful which caught Itachi's attention. What did his little brother have up his sleeve? "So we both like her."

Where was he going with this? "...Yes."

He shrugged and put his empty plate on the coffee table, turning to look at the older Uchiha. "Alright, let's both try and be with her."

"I'm sorry, what?" he blinked at Sasuke with obvious confusion and shock. He heard that wrong. "Are you referring to sharing or in us both pursuing and allowing her to choose?"

"Sharing. Why not?" another shrug. "We've shared everything else all our lives and this is the first time we've ever had feelings for a girl; that's not coincidence. I mean, I don't mind because it's you."

"Sasuke." Obviously, his brother was going insane or something equally traumatizing. "Hinata isn't a thing. She's not clothes, a car, or an apartment. Those things you share, I agree, but –"

He was cut off when Sasuke snorted at him. "You've never heard of three way relationships? There's things like 'vee relationships' and 'triads' where all three parties are consenting participants. Some even get 'married' but it's not really legal anywhere. As long as everyone's okay with it, why not? We both want her, if she falls for both of us then everyone goes away happy."

"...I..." Itachi frowned in confusion. "Sasuke, do I really want to ask how you know about this?" what in the world did his brother do on his off time to know some crazy stuff like that?

"I read." Came the flat response with a matching expression. "I don't see what the problem is if she's cool with it."

The older Uchiha couldn't believe what he was hearing and seeing. His brother truly didn't care? "Alright, let's say that there are relationships like that out there –"

"There are. There are movements and organizations for it and everything. They even got flags and symbols and shit."

"Once again, I am not going to ask how you know that. Anyway, most normal people do mind sharing other people."

Dark eyes rolled. "Normal people have threesomes all the time, you know."

A blink. "You're really serious about this." Itachi honestly couldn't wrap his head around it. "You are not concerned about favoritism, jealousy, vies for attention...children?"

"No to the favoritism, I stopped being jealous of you over anything after high school and I seriously doubt we have to worry about one getting more attention than the other." He paused at the last bit. "As for children, would it really matter? If we're all together we're all raising the brat." He shrugged. "I don't really like kids but whatever. Yeah, I'm serious about this, so if it happens it happens. We're not stupid, aniki; if we get her neither of us would let her go. That's now how Uchiha operate."

"Uchiha normally don't share either." He reminded his brother but in reality Sasuke's words weren't bothering him as he felt they should. It should bother him that his brother was suggesting they share the same woman in a serious relationship but instead it felt almost natural. They would treasure her equally in their own ways and Itachi would never be jealous of his little brother nor was he insecure.

"Yeah well, we've been the exceptions so far." Sasuke sighed. "Look, as far as I see it, is both or none. Neither of us are going to go after her individually now that we know the truth."

Which was true. The two brothers were way too close for that. "You wouldn't be afraid that she would love one more than the other?"

"No." his brother gave him a look. "This is us, if she fell for both of us enough to agree, it'd be because she cared for us equally."

In short: Sasuke wasn't insecure enough to have doubts about Hinata's affections. Hands moved through long hair. "Otouto, let's say I were to agree to this insanity – and it is insane – she would actually have to fall in love with both of us. I do not see how that would be possible."

"Don't worry about that." Sasuke leaned back in the couch when Itachi looked up at him in confusion. "I have an idea. It's going to take a long time but if anyone can do this, it's us."

It would be easier if they didn't have to fight over the same woman and if he were honest with himself the situation really didn't bother him – it was just highly unlikely and crazy. The least he could do was listen, right?

"Alright, tell me this plan of yours."


"We've really got to stop meeting like this, Hyuuga." Sasuke gave her a look as he set a box down on her desk and handed her the electronic signature device. "I think ninety percent of our company's deliveries are to you."

Hinata tried not to sink down into her seat as familiar eyes all settled on her and the small package on the table. The gifts were always different but it was the letters that came with them that she truly treasured.

For almost a year and a half the young nurse had been receiving small packages by a mysterious admirer. At first it had only been letters, all poetic and very beautiful. She had been quite flattered in the beginning; now she wasn't entirely sure what she felt.

The 'stalker' theory had been disproved when it had been brought up because all the person did was write letters and send gifts. The letters had a return address but it was a P.O box. She had written back after a few months and then it became a series of back and forth. Of course, she hadn't told anyone that part, they'd think she was crazy.

The more she revealed about herself the more personal the gifts had become. Many of the medical books in her apartment were from them. The gifts were now usually practical; things that she liked or needed and she was always appreciative.

She also didn't tell the others that she was sure it was two people, not one. For one, there were always two letters – she didn't tell them that either, people were too nosey for her liking at times – and the handwriting and tone was different.

Hinata actually knew a good bit about them through the letters, considering. She knew for one that they both really cared for her but weren't confident enough to approach her. They never admitted whether or not they knew one another but she was almost positive at this point that they were. She knew their hobbies and some of their interests and honestly, her 'relationship' with them was about the same as an online friendship with someone unknown. They did not have names and for some reason giving them names seemed strange to her.

"I'm so sorry Sasuke...-san," she took the offered device and signed her name. It was hard sometimes to remember that she couldn't be so familiar around him when Karin and Ino were around. "You're always having to deliver these. I'm sure it's annoying."

He shrugged. "Not really. I mean, if the guy wants to spend crap loads of money sending you stuff through our delivery service, who am I to say no?" a brow rose. "It is a guy, right?"

"It's a secret admirer." Ino chimed in, wrapping her arms around Hinata's shoulders from behind as she looked up at the Uchiha. "Little Hinata-chan's got herself a shy guy."

"He's probably ugly." Karin walked into the break room, grabbing a bagel from the small basket. "I mean, why else would he try to win her over with words and gifts? He's probably hoping when he finally does come out that the fact that he looks like he was beaten with the ugly stick won't matter to her." She snickered and looked over at Sakura, the head nurse for the hospital, who was trying hard not to laugh. "I mean seriously! A year and a half? Either he's a stalker or he's ugly as sin, I swear."

"I think it's two guys." Sakura chimed in and all eyes turned to her in surprise. She shrugged and took a sip of her coffee as she leaned against the counter "What? C'mon, have you guys actually read those letters? The handwriting is different and it's like..." she waved a hand in the air. "One guy is more poetic while the other is more upfront but it's obvious he's just as in love with her."

Ino looked thoughtful. "You that I think about it..."

"You've all been reading my letters?" Hinata squeaked the words out. "B-but I keep them locked in m-my desk and..."

"Don't underestimate the power of nosey girls." Sasuke said dryly, reminding the girls that he was, in fact, still in the room. "If it's gossip-worthy, they're all over it."

"Hey!" Ino stood up straight, putting her hands on his hips. "That's not exactly true. C'mon Sasuke, you're a guy, what do you think?"

"You're asking me?" He sounded incredulous. "How should I know and why should I care? As far as I see it, Hyuuga's got it easy. At least it's only two guys, try a horde." He gave the pink-haired woman and the redhead looks at this and both pretended to find something on the far wall interesting. "She gets a few chocolates and flowers for Valentine's day; Itachi and I have to avoid the outside world or risk getting raped by anything female within a fifty foot radius. You're all like those zombies from that one movie...the ones that run instead of shuffle. Except instead of wanting our brains you want in our pants."

Hinata giggled at this and she was shot a look by the Uchiha that showed he was not amused. Sakura choked on her coffee and Karin turned red at the accusation.

"We would never do something like that, Sasuke-kun!" Karin defended and walked over, wrapping her arms around his. He looked at her as if she had lost her mind. "Besides, it's more than just about getting in your pants."

"Yeah." He clearly did not believe her and was now trying to use his free hand to pry her off. "Whatever. I gotta go; I just dropped off Hyuuga's package first since she's technically a regular." Finally he was able to extract himself. "I guess I'll see you all this weekend if not next week for another delivery." He looked annoyed. "That idiot still wants to go to the club Friday, right?"

"Kiba's DJing for Ladies Night at Midori Rain." Ino supplied. "Naruto hasn't been but he's got a gig there next week so he wants to see the setup."

"Whatever." He gave the girls a half-hearted wave. "See ya. I've got actual work to do." He closed the door right as they started shouting at him in mock outrage. Hands in pockets, the casually dressed Uchiha – he refused to wear the company's uniforms – walked out of Konoha General Hospital and headed towards the delivery van. A lot of companies went down due to economic strife but the Uchiha had been able to recover by investing in a delivery service. The Hyuuga had also suffered but their dojo's were renowned and so they were able to make a living off of that until they had been able to start up a small shipping company. Both once-rich families were slowly but surely getting back on their feet.

"Sasuke!" he turned as Hinata, package still in hand – she was probably afraid of the girls digging into it before she could – rushed over to him. He stopped halfway down the steps, his gaze impassive.

"What's up, Hinata?" no one was around so they were less formal with one another. The girls would become jealous so they tended to keep their distance.

"I um..." she paused, catching her breath. She was in scrubs that were littered with different colored crayons. With that were scribbled hearts and cute animals. Women. "I wanted to ask..."

"You wanted to ask...?" leaning against the railing in the middle, Sasuke tilted his head. "About what?"

She moved to poke her fingers, realized the package was preventing her from doing that so she looked down. " and Itachi have a lot of admirers –"

"Obsessed stalkers." He cut in.

"and um," she continued as if he hadn't cut her off. "w-well what would you do in my shoes?" white eyes looked up at him with hope and he frowned at her.

"Get a restraining order?" he offered with a shrug but she shook her head, implying that he wasn't quite understanding her. "Alright, what am I missing?"

Opening her mouth, she moved to speak but stopped herself, looking back down. When he noticed her blushing he made a thoughtful noise.

"You like these guys." It wasn't a question.

"'s just..." with a small smile, she clutched the package closer to her chest. "Even though we don't really know each other physically, it's a-almost like um...those internet relationships? Where you fall for someone because of who they are and not what they look like. So...w-what would you do if you liked your admirers? Like with my situation."

Leaning more against the railing he shrugged. "I don't know, I've never really liked anyone or thought about it. So you think it's two guys?" she nodded. "Do they know each other?"

"I um...I think they do. I mean, the letters are together with the packages so..."

"That's...kind of weird." Now she had his attention. "Well, wouldn't it be better to send them separately? I mean, if you're going after the same girl or whatever. It's kind of weird to write the letters together and send gifts side by side like that."

He had a good point and Hinata frowned. "W-well...maybe it is just one person..." but it didn't make sense. The words, tone, and handwriting were all different. In addition, only one gift was sent with the two letters. "It is a little weird. If they know about each other and they're sending the letters with the gift it's like...the gifts are from both of them."

Sasuke snorted. "So what, do they want you to hook up with both of them or something? Well, you said you haven't met them and it has been over a year. Karin could be right about the ugly stick thing."

Why did she all of a sudden feel defensive? "I-I don't think so at all." He blinked at her firm tone. "It's just..." she had no idea. There were more questions than answers. If the gifts were from both of them and they obviously knew about each other, was it really a matter of them both wanting to be with her at the same time? It could be that they were hoping she would choose one of them but then they would send separate gifts, right? And they would have tried harder to separate themselves as individuals. "I'm...really confused."

A hand settled on her head and she looked up at Sasuke whose expression was a mixture of exasperated and pity. "You don't think they're jerking you around?" she shook her head and he gave her a look. "You're kind of trusting. You don't even know these guys."

"Well...I could get to know them better. I know...a little bit. I haven't really told the others but I've been writing them back. I'd like to really talk to them, it really does seem like they're just shy or uncomfortable with confrontations."

"Whatever." He looked bored "Look, I'm really not the person to ask about this stuff, Itachi would probably be better. If you want to know what I think, maybe you should first find out if these guys are creepy stalkers and to do that you're going to have to do more than just write letters. Do e-mails or instant messenger or whatever. Get some real answers out of them and if you're not freaked out by them by then, do whatever you want." He looked at his watch. "I gotta go; I'm going to be late for the next delivery if I don't leave now."

"Oh..." with a sigh she gave him a small smile. "Well thank you for at least listening to me."

"Yeah, sure." He turned and picked up his pace to get to the van. As he drove off he hit a button on his cell phone that was hooked up to the speakers. Two rings later Itachi answered.

"Sasuke, is this important? I have a meeting in ten minutes."

"So," the younger Uchiha smirked. "The verdict is that we're either stalkers or we're so ugly we don't want to reveal ourselves."

He paused. "Hinata believes this?"

"Nah, the gossip brigade does. They've probably been breaking into her desk to read the letters. Hinata thinks we're shy."

"Well...that is a relief, at the very least. I think giving her the option to write us back was a good move."

Sasuke nodded, although it couldn't be seen. "Yeah. It made us seem less like creepy stalkers to her since it wasn't one sided." He shrugged "I think she wants to get to know us though, even though she knows there's a chance that we could be doing this together."

"Which we are. She is not unintelligent, the more we reveal the more she'll understand what we're doing." He sighed. "I would like to say that even though I'm only thirty one, this past year and a half I am positive I've aged ten years because of this."

"That's because you don't think it'll work."

"I don't think Hinata would be comfortable with being with both of us at the same time, no."

The smirk widened. "Yeah well, you didn't see the look on her face. She was blushing. Not at one set of letters, both of them. She wants to know us, not just one. We just have to do it perfectly; I really think it'll work. I don't think we'll have to compromise our feelings."

"Then you are more optimistic than I, otouto."

"No, I just know we're that good, that's all. Anyway, I'll let you go. I dropped some hints for her; she'll probably be sending us an e-mail address at the very least."

"Truly?" he made a thoughtful noise before sighing again. "I must be losing my mind." He muttered, realizing what his reaction entailed. "Remind me never to do another insane scheme like this with you again."

"Duly noted, aniki." He hung up.


Redi00U has signed on.

Reds01U has signed on.

LavenderxLilacs has signed on.

Am I really doing this? She asked herself as she sat on her bed with her small laptop. She didn't actually use it for much; her sister had gotten it for her last year for her birthday. She had a desktop but she lived with her sister in their little apartment and Hanabi was nosey.

About a month ago she had asked if she could start corresponding with her 'admirers' through means other than letters. They had given her those sign on names early on but she had been too nervous to log on and speak to them. She had been doing a lot of thinking ever since she had decided that these two individuals knew each other and yet were obviously trying to woo her at the same time. What did that mean? She wasn't entirely sure if she wanted to know the answer to that.

The crazy part was that over the past year and a half, writing letters back and forth to them had made her develop...feelings. The letters in the beginning had been standard letters of love and endearment, things that admirers would normally say. Once she began writing them back, however, it was almost as if she had become pen pals with them. It became less about declarations of love and more of them wanting to know more about her. Her likes, dislikes, interests, even mundane things like how her week went.

To anyone else, the letters would probably be boring but to her, they were priceless treasures. No one had ever wanted to know her the way they had and it seemed that everything about her was just as priceless to them. She had never really believed those stories about relationships that began before the individuals even physically met but now she wasn't so sure. She needed some answers first, some confirmations.

LavenderxLilacs: Hello. I'm sorry it took me so long to come online.

Redi00U: Good evening. It is alright, we understand.

Reds01U: We're actually surprised you wanted to do this.

She bit her lip, wringing her hands nervously before she replied.

LavenderxLilacs: Well I've done so much but I don't really know anything about you two besides your interests and things you do for fun. I actually wasn't even sure if you were two different people until recently.

Reds01U: We didn't want you to separate us, that's why we did it like this.

Redi00U: We understood this situation would be highly uncomfortable for most individuals. We felt it important to take things slow and reveal ourselves bit by bit when we felt you were comfortable enough.

LavenderxLilacs: really are two different people?

Redi00U: Yes.

Reds01U: That's right.

Redi00U: Hinata, it's obvious at this point that you will need some answers from us or you will become seriously uncomfortable. You can ask us anything you wish with the exception of who we are. We will try to answer as honestly as we can.

Well, that seemed fair enough. If they were shy it would make sense, but there was something struck her as odd. They seemed a little too confident for it to be a self-esteem issue.

LavenderxLilacs: Alright. Um, is the reason you don't want to tell me your names is because I know you?

Reds01U: We've...met.

Redi00U: We met and associated with you prior to revealing our feelings via letters.

So she possibly knew them? That was actually exciting. There was the possibility that they were just random strangers that she had met briefly, but she didn't think so. Too much thought and effort was put into ensuring that she didn't think they were out to hurt or stalk her. Maybe she knew them; maybe they were even a friend of hers. The only problem was that she wasn't sure how she would feel if her guy friends wanted to be with her like that.

LavenderxLilacs: Just so I understand all of two want to be with the same time?

Reds01U: I'll go ahead and just answer 'yes' for both of us because I know it'll lead into a series of questions involving it.

LavenderxLilacs: I don't really understand. You're both fine with it?

Redi00U: We are fine with whatever manner you would allow us to be in your life. If you wished only to be friends, that would be fine with us.

LavenderxLilacs: You're not worried that I could, um, like one more than the other?

Reds01U: No. If you did, then we will be content to being your friend. We've made our feelings clear; we both feel exactly the same way about you.

Redi00U: Before we decided to do this, we both discussed it at length. We felt that just coming out with it would have been counterproductive. To us, we would both love and care for you as if we were one. We will understand if that isn't appealing to you but we had felt that we should at least try. This is not a matter of two men wanting to 'try out' something new. If, by the time this is all over, you decided to accept us; it would be nothing short of a serious relationship.

It was a lot for her to take in and the fact that she was actually seriously considering it was what stunned her the most. Maybe it was because of how they were going about it. Every step, every choice was hers to make. It was socially unacceptable.

LavenderxLilacs: Aren't you afraid of what people will say?

Reds01U: Not afraid, but it would probably upset us if someone were to say something bad about you because of it.

Redi00U: Our relationship can be as public or as private as you would like. If you do not wish for anyone to know, then they will not. The bottom line is that we are fine with whatever you wish to do, this includes all the controversy and meddling that would come with it. We will not think you loose or easy; we would not have wasted our time this past year and a half if it was like that.

LavenderxLilacs: You two must be very close.

Redi00U: We friends.

Reds01U: You don't have to rush or feel pressured to do anything. We're glad that you wanted to speak to us like this and that's all it has to be.

LavenderxLilacs: I...would like to speak to you more often. Maybe even over the phone? I don't really know what to say about all of this. Your letters, your gifts, they've always made me so happy. Even though it's crazy I actually you both.

Reds01U: Talking over the phone would be nice. From here on, we'll be as upfront about ourselves as we can without actually revealing who we are. You're the first person we've ever held these types of feelings for. If there's a chance you'd eventually agree, we'll wait however long that takes.

LavenderxLilacs: Will I ever be able to meet you?

Redi00U: When or if you ever feel comfortable with us we will be more than happy to reveal ourselves. You will probably come to some sort of conclusion some day and when you do, you will want to meet us to confirm your feelings. That is when you will discover our full identities.

But until then she could take as much time as she wanted to get to really know them beyond the beautiful letters and thoughtful gifts. They had waited a year and a half just to get to this point – Hinata knew they were serious. Although she had fallen for their words and the feelings behind them, being with two men – she was assuming – at the same time was just...different. Strange. But they had gone through such lengths; she didn't want to make a hasty decision now that she understood their intentions.

They were all adults – she sincerely hoped – and they knew what they wanted. She let out a small breath.

LavenderxLilacs: Okay. I want to get to know you both. I'm still not sure about much but I'd like that at least.

After that she was given only one number and was told that if she ever called, they would speak to her together. She logged off shortly after, a little lost in thought. Were relationships like this even possible? With a sigh, she clicked on the button for Google and decided to do some research. If she was going to even consider it, she wanted to know what she would be walking into.

They were right; had they approached her immediately she would have shied – fled like a bat out of hell – away. Instead, they had both pursued her as if they were one. They both equally made her feel loved and cherished as secret admirers. They had eased her into the prospect and now that it was all out in the open, she found herself unable to reject the concept outright as she would have prior.

"Triad relationships..." she whispered as she took in the results. Her eyes widened. "These things...really exist?"

Now she was really curious.