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She knew the moment she stepped foot inside the apartment that Sasuke had already begun his revenge. The sweet smell of red beans and cinnamon buns filled her senses. A soft sigh of disappointment escaped when she saw a small box labeled 'SOUP KITCHEN'.

Oh, that meanie!

The moment she looked at Itachi as he took her coat she knew no help was coming from the older brother. Her pearl-colored eyes had shined up at him with hope – just one, please? – and was met with amusement. He shook his head once and she knew then she was on her own.

Just as Itachi didn't stop their battle last night, he wasn't going to do it now. Damn.

"Good evening, Hinata." Itachi greeted and pulled her into his arms. With a small smile she wrapped her arms around his neck as lips descended on hers. Still holding her, she turned to Sasuke who was pointedly ignoring her in the kitchen as he cooked. She felt the older brother's warm breath near her ear as he leaned down. "He's a brat," he told her "But he's been in there all day fretting over what you'd want to eat and what not."

Her gaze was hopeful once more "Do you think maybe I could talk him into giving me just one?"

Itachi chuckled. "Well, you're more than welcome to try."

"I know you're talking about me over there." Sasuke still wasn't looking at them. "Dinner'll be ready soon."

"We are only discussing how much we love you, Sasuke." Itachi came in and earned a loud snort for his efforts.

Wringing her hands, Hinata took a few steps towards the kitchen, the older brother behind her. "U-um...good evening, Sasuke."

Dark eyes slid over to her and he blinked once as he took in her cute pale purple top and cream skirt. He turned away. "Hn."

Her small and shaky smile faltered at the flat tone. She supposed she couldn't blame him for being angry with her. She would probably have to make it up to him somehow. Hinata really did feel guilty for her actions last night, even if they had been fueled mostly by anger and slight desperation. She knew there were just some things one didn't do to a man and teasing him like that was one of them.

Slowly, she walked inside the kitchen, taking in the delicious smells of various food stuffs. There was teriyaki chicken – which seemed to smell sweet, bless his heart – miso soup, rice, and various assortments of steamed vegetables. No seafood, to which she was grateful. She liked fish and that was about it.

"Um...S-Sasuke?" he was stirring the miso as she came closer. He gave her another quick glance but remained silent. She bit her lip. "I-I'm...really sorry." She said sincerely, folding her hands up near her chest. "What I did...I was upset and a-afraid."

She had his full attention. "Afraid?" He didn't seem to quite understand.

"Afraid of losing you...both of you."

He opened his mouth for a moment before closing it with a small snap. How did she do that? He had planned to stay angry with her for at least half of the night. How could he stay angry when she had to go and say something like that?

With a sigh, he raised his ladle full of soup and motioned for her closer. "Try this for me?" that was as much of a peace offering as she was going to get.

She flashed him a smile that never failed to make him feel funny – in a good way – and leaned forward. Right as she did he dipped his head, one hand grabbing the back of her neck as their lips connected in a rough kiss. She made a muffled sound and tried to pull away instinctively for a second before calming down.

Then she yelped and jumped back as his hand slid underneath her skirt and copped a very generous feel of her behind. Hinata's face was blazing red as he laughed, taking in how her hands were smoothing her skirt.

"T-that's not f-funny!" she exclaimed, pouty.

"Stop whining." He rolled his eyes. "You made me uncomfortable," Understatement, "I made you uncomfortable. Now we're even and I'll even be nice and let you eat some of the cinnamon buns." A small pause. "You're welcome."

Hinata tried to continue to look huffy, but at the small boyish grin on his face she found herself smiling as well. Just like that the tension was gone and she left the kitchen, snatching up one of the buns – just in case he changed his mind.

Itachi was sitting on the couch and so she joined him, sitting close. He motioned for her to shift so that her back was leaning against his side. She had been a little hesitant at first but then complied, enjoying the comfort of their plush couch as she stretched her legs. A blush stained her cheeks when he put an arm around her middle.

There was nothing really on the television so she twisted her body a bit so she could somewhat look at Itachi. "Is it you or Sasuke that hates sweets?"

"Definitely Sasuke." He said with a small smile. "He's never liked sweets, even as a child. Whenever mother would try and sweeten something like one would with a normal child to get them to eat, Sasuke would refuse. It took her a while to realize that he was the only child in the world that hates sweet things."

"You're the freaks," Sasuke came in, scowling from the kitchen. "not me. You're lucky you have a freakish metabolism, aniki, or you'd be a fat ass with no teeth. If you could, you'd eat dangos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

"You forgot afternoon and midnight snack." Came the tease and Sasuke rolled his eyes, muttering 'hopeless' as he turned back to the food.

"Oh. Well...that's too bad." Hinata felt that he really didn't know what he was missing out on. Poor, deprived Sasuke. Breaking off a piece of her baked delight, she held it up to the older sibling, white eyes peeking up "Would you like a piece?"

"I would love to." Instead of taking it from her hand, however, he gently grabbed her wrist. His mouth closed over the morsel and her fingers, tongue sliding over skin before he pulled back. His smile was nothing short of drop dead sexy as he ate her offering. Hinata was merely trying not to faint.

"Hn. It truly is unfortunate Sasuke doesn't like sweets." Itachi mused as he looked back at his brother who had glanced back over at them. A brow rose before the younger made a noise.

"I'm telling you, Hinata," Sasuke smirked when her gaze shifted to him but she looked clearly dazed. "I'm not the one you need to watch out for. It's always the quiet ones."

"Don't listen to my otouto," the other brother's arm tightened around her. "he is only trying to frighten you." He ignored Sasuke's loud snort. "I am completely different from all of those other men who do nothing but think about sex."

"Ha! Tell us another one! You might want to move, Hinata, unless you wanna get struck by lightning too."

Sighing almost dramatically, Itachi looked down at Hinata who wasn't sure if she wanted to giggle or die of embarrassment by the conversation. "This is what I live with. I'm such a good and faithful brother –"

"Bullshit." It was coughed out.

"and this is my reward." Hinata was now giggling at this point and he bent down to kiss her forehead. "Every night I go to bed in tears, he's so cruel to me, Hinata."

Playing along, she reached up and patted his cheek. "Poor Itachi, Sasuke should be nicer to you."

"Traitor." Leaving the kitchen, Sasuke began to close the distance between them, dark eyes filled with mischief. It wasn't until he was already upon them that Hinata realized what he was about to do. Squeaks of protest filled the air as she was hefted up on his shoulder.

Wiggling, she kicked her legs about but Sasuke had a solid grip and was walking around the living room. Itachi chuckled which gained him a squeak of mocked outrage from Hinata at his betrayal. Flopping her down on the couch after a few disorienting spins around the living room, Hinata jumped on the older brother who had left her for fend for herself.

Laughter ensued as the two wrestled playfully and Sasuke went back to finishing up dinner. More squeaking, a few more yelps and then Hinata found herself pinned down on the couch. Long black hair tickled her cheeks and neck as Itachi leaned closer, his hair pulled out of its trademark ponytail. Both were panting, faces flushed, but it was the Uchiha who spoke up first.

"Hinata," his expression was serious "Thank you. For being with us like this, even if it will just be for a little while." Her eyes widened and he smiled thinly. "Despite the ups and downs, we have genuinely been happy for the first time in a long while."

Blinking back tears, Hinata could do nothing but nod slowly. "I...I..."

"Hey you guys," Sasuke called out "Food's done."

Dinner was relatively quiet but no one was bothered by this. It was companionable silence and it allowed Hinata to continue to delve into her thoughts concerning their situation. It was when they finished that Hinata finally spoke up.

"I've made a decision."

Two sets of dark eyes turned to her with bland, stoic expressions. She knew better than to let that fool her. Taking a deep breath, she motioned for them to sit on either side of her on the couch and took their hands.

"Even though I was upset last night," she began, turning her gaze to Sasuke. "Y-you're right. If people found out, it would make me look bad and I would probably never get promoted. There would be a l-lot of gossip and my family would never accept it. We would have to hide everything about us and that's not fair."

She looked down at her lap. "No matter what, it won't be easy. I...I don't want to hide. Hiding would make me feel as if I'm ashamed to be around one of you and...and I wouldn't be. Being with you – both of you – makes me happy."

"It wouldn't bother us, you know." Sasuke squeezed her hand. "We had a while to think and come to terms with all the crap that would go down because of this."

Itachi remained silent, a thoughtful frown on his face. Taking a small breath, Hinata continued.

"And then there's your girls..." the younger brother frowned at that. "They already harass you and it'd only get worse for you two..."

"Then we'll move." Itachi deadpanned, closing his eyes. This got him stunned looks. "I do not mind moving an hour or so away by train for work. We would not have to hide from your friends or family unless you wished it and even if you did, there would be little they could do with the distance. We will keep to ourselves as we always do. Hinata, if she so desired, could transfer over to the new hospital. I am sure it would be easier on her considering"

Sasuke looked about to protest but then noticed Hinata giggling. Confusion emerged – she was actually okay with such a crazy idea?

"Actually," Hinata turned to Itachi, smiling. "I was thinking the same thing." She giggled when Sasuke gave her a look that clearly showed he thought she was off her rocker. "No matter where we go people won't be accepting but it'll be much easier to keep to ourselves and have a fresh start in a new city. I love the hospital I work in but with the others it's a bit too stressful. It's okay if I don't get any huge promotions in the future because it means I'll be able to spend more time with you."

"Hina..." she turned back to Sasuke who was giving her a very strange look that she couldn't decipher. "So what are you trying to say?"

Her smile warmed. He tried so hard not to show just how emotional he truly was. Not that Itachi was overly expressive, but he also made his feelings more openly known. She liked it like this, however, because they truly were the perfect balance. Different but the same.

"I-I'm saying that I..." she squeezed both of their hands. "I want t-to be with you. With both of you. A fresh start w-where we don't have to worry about anything but being h-happy. I'd like that. Because I..." she looked down at their hands, how hers dwarfed theirs.

"Because I' love with you too."


"Hinata-chaaaannnn!" Ino latched onto the brunette, hugging her tightly. "You can't leave me here alone with Forehead and Bitchy McQueen! Stay pleaasseeee!"

Karin bristled "What did you call me, you fat pig?" Sakura held the other woman back with a sigh. "Come and say that to my face!"

"Calm down, Karin..." Sakura sighed again. Really, this girl was too much sometimes. "It's Hinata-chan's last day."

The older woman adjusted her glasses. "She started it!"

Hinata raised her hands in a pacifying gesture "Guys..."

"Promise you'll come visit us lots, Hinata-chan." Ino continued to snuggle, rubbing her cheek on Hinata's shoulder. "Lots and lots! It won't be the same without you!"

Blinking back tears, Hinata hugged the blonde back. "I p-promise Ino-chan." She would not cry.

It was the end of their shift and so everyone quickly cleaned up from the small going away party they had thrown. Hinata was going to be transferring over to the hospital almost two hours away by train. Grabbing the last of her things from her locker she did one last walk around the Children's Ward, sniffling. She truly would miss it here.

A hand settled on her shoulder and she turned to Sakura who smiled. "We're going to miss you, Hinata-chan." She told the other woman. "Good luck, okay?" The two women hugged.

"Don't you two look cute."

"Sasuke-kun!" face lighting up, Sakura flashed him a smile and got a thin one in return. "What are you doing here?"

Ino and Karin had rounded the corner by that point, chatting – or rather arguing – right as the Uchiha snaked an arm around Hinata's waist. White eyes widened in horror at the smirk that emerged right as he bent down and kissed her.

"What...the hell?" Karin's voice came in as the three stood there dumbfounded.

Still smirking, he pulled back. "Ready to go, Hina?" Too embarrassed to respond, he began to guide her along. He gave the girls a quick wave. "See ya."

"Hey, wait a second!" Karin recovered first while Ino and Sakura looked at each other, clearly surprised. "I thought she was dating Itachi!"

"So did I..." Sakura was a little miffed, Hinata was bouncing between the two brothers? And why did Sasuke like Hinata? Everyone knew that he had never had a girlfriend – although there were rumors that he had slept around with a few women – so what in the world?

"I'm getting to the bottom of this." The redhead grabbed Sakura's arm. "C'mon, Hinata's got some explaining to do." Not really wanting to protest – even though she wasn't pleased with being tugged around – she followed.

Ino watched them round the corner and then sighed, shrugging. She wasn't so much into gossip now that she had a boyfriend but she was curious. Really, she wouldn't have thought Hinata would have had it in her. She was kind of proud.

The three followed from a distance, hiding behind a corner as the couple reached the main lobby. All three gasped when they saw Itachi there. So wait, did they break up and now Sasuke was...

"What the fuck?" Karin all but shouted it when Itachi closed the distance and also kissed Hinata, causing her to blush.

Both brothers turned to the eavesdroppers. Itachi had a faint smile on his face and Sasuke was downright smirking. One had an arm around Hinata's waist, the other around her shoulders. Hinata, embarrassed beyond belief, couldn't even turn to look at them.

They waved at the girls. "We'll send you an invitation to our house warming party." Sasuke said and with that, the three turned and left.


Four Months Later...

"Hina." Sasuke sounded annoyed as he watched his girlfriend titter around their house, making noises and moving things around. "It's really not that hard to figure out where a picture should go."

Huffing, she frowned at him before turning to Itachi who had just walked out of their bedroom. His hair was down and he was in dark red night pants that hung low on his hips. He held a mug of coffee in one hand and he looked tired. A yawn. "What are you two fussing about now?"

"Itachi-kun..." she put her hands on her hips and giggled when he lightly pecked her cheek before shuffling over to his desk. "Sasuke-kun is giving me a hard time about decorating. Again."

With a sigh, the older sibling opened his laptop as he sat down. "Sasuke. Stop giving Hinata a hard time about decorating the house."

Snorting, Sasuke got up off the couch and began to stalk towards Hinata. "She's being a brat, aniki, don't listen to her." He tried to snatch her up in his arms but she deftly moved out of his grasp and rushed over to Itachi, wrapping her arms around his neck from behind.

He smiled slightly when she placed a kiss on his slender neck. Leaning back against her, he sighed. "You should make him do all the work since he's complaining so much." He teased and Sasuke made a noise as he neared, wrapping his arms around Hinata's waist. "Believe it or not, he has an...eye for these sort of things. Did I tell you about the time when Sasuke and Naruto ki –" Itachi jumped when teeth sank into his neck as his brother bit him hard. "Sasuke, that was quite unnecessary."

"Shut up." He growled, burying his face in Hinata's neck, earning him a giggle. "I'm not gay. Or bi." He snapped when Hinata opened her mouth. It closed and she hugged Itachi tighter.

"You know..." resting her chin on Itachi's shoulder, she closed her eyes when slender fingers began to move through her hair. "You've been working so hard. I was thinking maybe the three of us could take a vacation. You're always so tired, I think a break would be good for you."

He looked thoughtful. "You have a point. I think I may be able to take some time off in the next month or so if I do a few more overtime shifts..."

"Or you could hire some more people." Sasuke drawled, rolling his eyes. "Seriously, you yen pincher, we make more than enough. I checked the numbers. We're not going to go bankrupt if you hire and promote a few folks."

"I'm not a yen pincher," the older male defended, meaning that he was quite tired at this point. Itachi was never defensive or snappish unless very tired. "There are merely many delicate things that I feel I should be present for –"

"You mean you're a perfectionist."

Closing his mouth, Itachi turned back to his laptop, knowing a set up when he saw it. Unfortunately, he wasn't going to be let off the hook so easily. He began to twitch as fingers gently slid up his sides and his jaw set. "Hinata..." that little minx.

"Itachi-kun," she began to kiss his neck, hands sliding up and down his sides. He tensed when they moved over his abdomen. "Sasuke-kun is right."

Great. She was siding with his brother. Now he knew he wasn't going to win the fight. That was just the way it worked in their relationship; whoever took the other's side in an argument usually won. "I can cut back on the hours but then I would have to postpone any vacation plans for another few months."

"You should have more faith in your employees." She lightly chided and he fought not to frown. They were right and he knew it, but watching the Uchiha company go down due to their father's complacency wasn't something he wanted to fall victim to. Their business was doing well, he wanted it to stay that way. Even Uchiha Itachi had insecurities.

"I have plenty of faith in my employees." He sighed again and realized it was becoming a rather annoying habit. He'd have to stop. "Besides, vacations take time to plan. If we do not want to spend an arm and a leg, we would need to..." he was cut off as Sasuke slapped a pamphlet on his brother's desk with a picture of Hawaii on the front. Dark eyes widened when he opened it to find three tickets and a full itinerary inside.

"I see." Slowly, he closed the information packet. "I've been set up."

Hinata kissed his cheek. "Sasuke-kun said it was the only way we would get you to go."

He was right, but Itachi wasn't going to give his little brother the satisfaction of gloating about it. They had meant well, even if it would be a pain in the ass to arrange everything in the next week or so to accommodate their departure next Sunday. Two weeks in Hawaii. It would be nice, especially since the three of them could be as open as they wanted and no one would care.

They still weren't as open about their relationship in public, but they weren't entirely private either. They took turns giving Hinata attention if all three went out but lately it had mostly been Sasuke and Hinata as Itachi had been working a lot. All of their friends back in their old city knew and no longer cared – although they teased Hinata mercilessly for snagging both Uchiha.

The three lived like any normal couple in their small town house. They argued about as often, loved about as often, hung out about as often. The brothers would try and make the other jealous, but it was always in good fun and never taken seriously.

They loved Hinata and she loved them, their relationship was harmonious. Well, as harmonious as it could be with three lovers living under the same roof.

"Well, I will just have to figure something out." He finally responded. Closing his eyes briefly, he closed the laptop and moved to stand. With little warning, he shifted and then Hinata was in his arms with a small squeak. She always protested when they did this but both brothers knew she actually liked the attention. Looking down at her, he smirked. "Since you obviously wish for me to pay you more attention, I shall endeavor to do just that." Giggling, she wrapped her arms around his neck as he began to walk towards the bedroom.

"As for you, Sasuke," his brother paused at being addressed as he followed them. "You can finish decorating the house." And with that the bedroom door closed in his face.

Sasuke stared at it for only a moment before snorting. "Like hell." Wrenching open the door, a wicked grin emerged as he closed it behind him, stalking towards the bed.


The room was unbearably hot, the only sounds were heavy breathing. Fingers and teeth dug into shoulders as the younger brother shuddered, grunting lightly. The older moaned lightly into the mouth of his lover as they both reached their peak at the same time. Tension left all three as they relaxed, strong arms around a soft and curvy body.

Hinata snuggled up to Itachi, resting her head on his chest. He closed his eyes, an arm loosely around her waist. Sasuke held her from behind, his hand interlaced with hers as buried his face in the crook of her neck, something he seemed to enjoy doing. A relaxed sigh left the older brother this time and he ignored Hinata's giggle and his brother's knowing smirk.

Okay, he needed to relax more. He got the point. Squeezing Hinata – and earning himself another soft giggle – he smiled in contentment. Never in a million years would he had ever thought they would have come to the point they were at. He had thought the plan impossible and impracticable. Have her fall for both of them? Have a real relationship? Nonsense.

Yet here she was, snuggled against his chest. His brother was already falling asleep – he was always the first – and he had to admit that he was genuinely happy. Hinata had fit into their lives easily although intimacy had been hella awkward at first. Eventually they had just 'fallen' into it.

He should have realized that they were worried about them, they wouldn't have taken such drastic measures otherwise. Itachi decided he would make it up on the trip. He might love them differently, but he still loved them. They loved each other. A perfect love for a not so perfect life. But it was theirs and, if the smiles on the faces of his brother and lover meant anything, they were fine with that.