:::Rotten Roses:::

Chapter One-"The Roots"

This story shall enchant you to read more.

It may be the most gruesome and most horrible thing you will ever read in your short life.

This story shall enchant you to read more.


The servants of the now, fallen Lelouch, walked over to the bleeding corpse of the former emperor and his little sister. They unchained her, and carried her off the float, as four of them rolled up the body of Lelouch VI Britannian in the same long rug he once stepped on with power. They soon steeped towards the helicopter, dropping down to the ground, and hopped inside, still carrying the inanimate body.

Zero, now being cheered on and swarmed by many of the freed people of the world, rushed afterwards the group of soldiers towards the plane, while Jeremiah's men held back the excited new residents of the reborn world.

He stepped inside the small cop, sitting next to the very same solders' as they took off in the air.

Suzaku opened the doors of the hidden castle he and many others of the Black Knights and the once loyal subjects to the 99th Emperor of The Royal Empire of Britannia were living in. A blue-haired, pale-skinned woman walked down the hallway towards him to greet him.

"Welcome back, Zero…We've been looking for you all around the castle, but found you no where to be found" said Cecile

Suzaku stayed quiet as the 2-second silence was irrupted by a short sigh by the britannian woman.

"Well, I guess it doesn't matter anymore. Please follow me" she insisted, as her black heels made a clacking nose on the marble floor, followed by the masked man's, a step behind.

She lead him to a small, white lit, autopsy lab with desks, tools, chairs and chemicals scattered around the room. Cecile stepped towards a metal table, supporting a something in the shape of a human lying on the flat surface, covered with a white sheet.

"We stitched up his wound and drained out all of his blood" She stated, pointing towards 2 huge, metal barrels in the back of the room.

"I'm not sure why they went through so much trouble to separate that...poision" the woman sneered, as the masked figure looked towards her.

"Thank you. That is all of which is needed of you" said Suzaku is a disguised voice, as he stepped towards where the female once stood and leaned across the table. She bowed in respect, before she made a hasty exit out of the quiet room.

Suzaku looked down at the white cloth that was separating his view from his now late emperor, and moved his gloved fingers towards the end of the fabric, uncovering everything above Lelouch's midsection. Suzaku took off his mask, and threw it across the room in anger.

"Lelouch" he whispered, as dried tears were avenged by new ones. The male placed a freshly-cut, white rose on top of Lelouch's bare chest, from which he had picked out from the sacred garden before being taken here by Cecile.

"It's really pathetic how I keep trying to hold on to something that's not coming back"

He groped the brit's strong jaw line, all the way up to his beautiful, darkened eye lids that concealed the once liveliest amethyst orbs.

Not to see those beautiful violet eyes again…

He leaned down a bit more, and planted a kiss on the cold lips of his inanimate lover. He tasted the dried saliva of sorrow as his tongue licked the ghastly-colored other in a desperate motion.

"Given up so quickly, Kururugi?"

He parted from the dead man's lips at the voice of the familiar witch. Turning around, he faced the approaching green-haired woman, dressed in a a white, long dress that hugged every part of her curves, with her lime hair in a messy bun on top of her hair, as strands fell into place around her chinese bangs.

If he hadn't already known about the witch, he would have mistaken the demon for an angel.

"Leave us alone C.C" Suzaku sighed, as he brushed his tanned fingers against Lelouch's, once rosy, cheek. She tilted her head as she noticed the white flower laying on her beloved Lelouch.

"A rose? Why?" she asked with curiosity sparking her interest.

Suzaku, returning back to his previous gaze on the lifeless body whispered softly, "A single rose can be my garden... a single person-" he said, brushing the obsidian bangs off the former emperor's forehead. "-my world".

C.C looked over to the back of the room as two barrels caught her attention, and returned her gaze back on the grieving eleven with glinting, golden irises. She ran over to the corpse and picked up the flower in her delicate hands, making Suzaku lunge at her in return.

"Stop! Give it back-'Would you wish to make a contract with me, Suzaku?'"

Suzaku stopped in his tracks, eyeing the smiling demon.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

Her eyes glinted of bemusement, as she twirled in circle on the other side of the body which separated her from the unmasked figure.

"If I could make your single wish come true, would you make a deal with me?"

Suzaku's eyes widened at the sly offer. Was the witch actually suggesting she had the power to ever resurrect the dead? Or was she just trying to make another 'contract' with him, so that in the end she would be the one with joy in the end?

The next words that came out of Suzaku's mouth changed the course of his life forever.

"If you speak the truth, Of course then".

She smirked, as her amber irises looked down to the albino flower in her hands.

"I'll need a thousand white roses…" said C.C, as the brunette gave a look of suprisal at the large amount.

"Why so many?"

C.C just smiled more merrily, as she began to walk towards the exit, with the eleven following.

"You'll see" said the woman, as she opened the door for Suzaku to be led out. The brunette grabbed his dark mask, and placed it over his face, turning towards the witch before making his way.

"I must tell you one thing, Kururugi" said the female, as she picked up one of the colorless petals off the plant.

"Don't expect a Garden of Eden" she muttered, as she pushed the male out of the room and slammed the door shut.

Zero had been working hard on all the paper work he was given to fill out, so they could get the recognition papers ready for Nunnally to be announced the 99th Empress of Britannia, as the people of the imperial family requested.

He had followed C.C's order, and made Jeremiah deliver the thousand flowers to the witch in the autopsy room, with an command to seal the room off from any visitors. And ever since than, he hasn't been able to concentrate on the important documents, as his mind drifted elsewhere to the happier times in his childhood with Lelouch and Nunnally.

The days when the world wasn't as complicated.

The days where everyone laughed and rejoiced.

The days when Lelouch was breathing, and blinking.

Zero threw the papers off the desk in a childish rage, as the white slices scattered across the floor in front of his desk. In the corner of the room, Schneizel El Britannia walked over to the desk and picked up the documents before looking up to his superior.

"Something in the article angered, my lord?" he asked, placing the neat stack of paper on to the desk.

"No…that isn't it" the masked eleven responded, standing up from his seat at the desk.

"I'm going to retire for the evening…Good day" he said, walking out of the room before the blonde could even respond.

Three inch heels made a loud clacking noise, as they hit the marble-tiled ground, step by step. He walked down the luxurious hallway, being greeted by others as he made way towards his private chamber. Arriving to his front door, he unlocked it and entered, as his boots made a different sound from the stone-layered floor.

The inside of Suzaku's room was set up like a medieval castle's private chamber, with stone walls and flooring, candles on night stands and tables scattered around the room. And in center back of the room, a huge, white, canopy bed occupied the space.

But what was on the bed and scattered around the room, made Suzaku's eyes almost pop out.

On the outskirts of the perimeter, laid hundreds and hundreds of red, blood-dripping, roses; making a puddle of the body fluid at the green stems of the flowers at which they laid. There was a shape on the bed that Suzaku couldn't pin point in his mind who it could be from his point of view, and stepped up closer to examine it.

As he stood a foot from the bed, there laid the body of Lelouch VI Britannia, wearing only a calm expression as he laid in a fetal position while a bush full of the flowers surrounded the outskirts of his body, like a bloody uterus.

His blanched, dainty hands looked as if they were, reaching for one rose that was not gathered among the cluster of plants.

Suzaku instinctively moved the red rose into the white hands that yearned for them so, and watched as the red dye began to drain from the flower in a slow process. The red liquid seeped into the raven-haired male's nail bed, and swam through his epidermis, as if it were a vein pumping blood once more.

Emerald eyes followed the red line as it slithered up Lelouch's slender neck, and gasped at the sight before him.

The red vein of life had revived around Lelouch's eyelids, before the vein disappeared, and lavender chalcedony eyes began to unhide from the white eyelids that once concealed them for an awaited eternity.

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