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Olivia's alarm bleeped at five-thirty. She was up, showered, dressed, and pouring coffee by five-fifty. She dialed a number on her cell phone as she slipped on some lip gloss. She talked for a moment, slipping off a ring and putting on a watch. Her hair was being pulled into a clip as she babbled into the phone. "I know that, but we got five more RSVP's from people we were sure weren't coming," she said, "So I need you to add five plates and five chairs and...well we're gonna need the bigger room then, won't we?"

She slipped into her heeled boots, zipping them up as she said, "And of course we have six vegetarians now, not just...I'm sorry, I thought I was planning this. You work for me, pal." She tugged her pant legs over her boots and sighed.

She grabbed her gun, a shiny, gold badge, and her coffee, and she walked out of her apartment, locking the door. "Good," she said with a smirk. "Thank you so much," she said. She tapped the phone, ending the call, then dialed another number.

As she talked, she walked, heading toward the police station. "Hello? Did I wake you up? Oh, sorry, normal people are on their way to work right now. Anyway, I need the status on an order. I'll wait," she said, rolling her eyes.

She walked passed a flower shop, stopped to look at the window, scoffed, and walked on. "Benson," she said to the person on the line. "Pink? The dress is pink? No, no, that's...wrong. Very wrong. Benson! Olivia Benson!"

She pulled the door to her building open, holding it as three uniformed officers walked in ahead of her. "Yes! Thank you! Size what? Oh..." she paused, throwing out the coffee in her hand. "Guess I'm on a diet, starting now." She laughed and said, "When can I pick that up?"

She walked up the stairs, into the bullpen, over to the mini fridge, and grabbed a bottle of water. "Oh, wonderful. Thank you." She tapped the screen and took a sip of water, then dialed yet another number. "Hi, this is...yes I know what time it is. You open at six, it's six-oh-four," she said. "I'm checking the status of an order for...of course its flowers. Why would I call a florist if I didn't order flowers?"

"How many is this?" Munch asked, looking at Elliot.

Elliot looked back at him. "What?" he asked.

"This has to be the seventh wedding she's planned this year," he said, folding his arms as he overheard Olivia talking about bouquets. "Casey's, Melinda and Fin's, her friend Charlotte's, Alex and Trevor's..."

"Okay," Elliot laughed, leaning back in his chair. "She's good at it, she gets shit done, and she's got great taste. Her friends trust her, and she looks cute in those little dresses."

"No, you moron, why would I have ordered seven dozen lily pads? I said, lilies!" Olivia yelled into the phone. "Jesus, this wedding isn't taking place in a swamp!"

Munch and Elliot laughed. "You all right there, Baby-Girl?" Fin asked, chuckling as he watched her sit at her desk.

Olivia nodded. She held up a finger and said, "Five weeks, that's...fine, but you're knocking four hundred bucks off the price and you're stuck with all those damned lily pads." She laughed. "Kermit and Piggy already got married, pal. Thanks," she said, hanging up. She sat across from Elliot, at her own desk.

He handed her half of his bagel, but she shook her head and cringed at it. "You...you love these things," he said dejectedly.

"No more carbs," she said, dialing another number. "Or cream cheese. This is gonna suck," she spat.

Elliot narrowed her eyes. "That's ridiculous," he said, "You have, like, the perfect body. Why are you dieting this time?"

She scoffed as he said 'this time' trying to remember the last time she's gone on a diet, and she said, "Dress came in. It's two sizes too small." She held up a finger again and said, "Hi, this is Olivia Benson. I need to know if you've...right, that's it. I need to change it. Just the filling. And the...well...the groom wants cupcakes. He thinks it's cute."

"A groom that likes cute things?" Fin questioned. "I didn't know she knew any gay couples," he chuckled.

Olivia threw a pen at him and glared as she said, "Yes. Tiered. And can we have, like, little spiral staircases of them coming down from the...well, he thinks is no one eats the cake and they cut it it's all gonna go to waste. We can at least pack up leftover cupcakes and...oh, that sounds beautiful."

Elliot saw the look on her face and his heart melted a little. "What?" he asked, just as into it as she was.

She tapped the phone, ending the call, and said, "Three hundred cupcakes, red velvet and cheesecake with pearl cream icing, stacked like a tiered wedding cake. The top tier is gonna be a small cake so there's still that cute moment of cutting the cake and feeding each other."

Elliot laughed. "You're loving this, aren't you?" he asked, shaking his head.

Olivia smiled and nodded as she drank from her bottle of water. "Tuxes," she said. "That's it. Then it's all done."

"All right," Munch said. "I'm not getting married, Cragen's not getting married, Stabler is still reeling from the last marriage, and he's not dating anyone. Who's wedding are you planning, Benson?"

Olivia took a breath. She looked at Elliot, hoping to see some sign, something that would tell her not to say it, but he gave her a curt nod. She turned back to Munch and said, "Mine."

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