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How could everything be going good several months ago and fall apart to this? Leo thought bitterly, swearing up and down that he would have each of those twins' head on a silver platter. He didn't hesitate to turn around and run right to the stairs, descending them quickly. Cero's maniacal laughter echoed in his ears before he could even step off the staircase. Even then, his voice played in his mind like an annoying lullaby.

A girl with bells in her hair...

That description seemed faintly familiar, but his mind refused to think about it. Now, the one thing that came down to it all... Would he be able to kill an innocent girl? Not likely, Leo wouldn't so much as touch a girl like that... Not unless they did something to deserve it. Something to make the feral Leo take over his subconsciousness.That side of Leo was a side that he had no control over. Yuiko had to be the only person that tamed it, but no one other than her could bring him out of that state. And it didn't help: seeing her unconscious. Normally that girl had a lot of spark in her, always talking him down whenever he felt like punching someone's face in, or doing something just as reckless.

A jingling of bells didn't go unnoticed by a very attentive Leo. A growl ripped from his throat as he ran at the source, grabbing the small girl's shoulders and turning her around so he could see her face. And when he did, his heart dropped and literally felt like someone just stuck their hands through his chest and squeezed it in a choking grip.


His tone had a dangerous edge to it.


Penny's voice echoed her surprise.

"You shouldn't be here. Why..." His eyes suddenly took in the blue ribbon and the bell that held Penny's two pigtails together. "What the hell are you doing here?" He hissed harshly with narrowed eyes.

"You shouldn't be surprise. I am your sister after all." She winked playfully, heavily emphasizing the 'your'. Moving to walk away, Leo stopped her by grabbing her arm tight enough to leave a bruise.

"Let go of me!"

"What do you know about Cero and Nero? What involvement do you have with them?" He growled, cutting her off and not heeding her words, the desperation heavy in his voice. It became more evident when Penelope wouldn't say anything.


"I met them at a party, okay... I turned Cero down when he wanted to hook up with me that night. All I did was flirt with him. It was just out of pure fun, I didn't even think about getting intimate with him, and that's what he thought … That I was going to have sex with him. When he walked into the bathroom, I ditched him. Okay? Happy?"

"Far from it!" Leo snapped, making Penelope jump instantly. He took a deep breath and ran his long fingers through his black mess of a mane. "I need you to listen to me..." Penelope quirked a brow as in telling him to continue. "Yuiko's life is in danger... Cero still has a grudge against you and because of that, Yuiko and my child. My baby." He emphasized on the 'baby' part, the wrath in his voice increasing as he spoke. Falling silent, a laugh escaped his throat, it was bitter and forced. "And you want to know what they wanted me to do in order to save them?" His tone darkened a touch, "They wanted me to kill you. But I can't fucking do that," He turned and swung his fist at a nearby wall, his fury effected the impact, putting several little vein-like cracks in the wall. One more punch and a hole would form. The loud impact made Penelope jump, if one looked in her chocolate brown eyes, they would see that she was crying.

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