disclaimer: KH not mine
pairing: Marluxia/Belle/Zexion
notes: Dorian Gray allusions. One of my literary loves, next to Tyler Durden.
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skin and bones
(I know I'm nothing but skin and bones, but I sure think you are beautiful.)


Zexion didn't understand what Marluxia saw in her— the petite, impulsive daughter with a knack for reading, the daughter of the town's crazy inventor, but the more and more he saw, the more and more he understood. Or at least he thought he did.

He didn't know Marluxia fell in love with beautiful things that fade away into nothingness. He didn't know that Marluxia was foolish, that despite his pure looks— that there was a portrait of him growing darker by each passing day. He didn't know that the day Marluxia left this Earth; Belle would purchase the picture of the beautiful Marluxia in his youth.

Zexion was nothing like Marluxia, he wasn't that pure youth whose heart had slowly been corrupted, till there was nothing left. Zexion was beautiful in his own right, but he wasn't the type of man that Belle would fall for. But the moment she fell into his arms, crying.

He thinks that he could love her.

But that wasn't possible, because he's a hollow, empty, bitter man with nothing, but books and she's the dreamer girl who needs a prince to sweep her off her feet, after a cruel adventure.

And he knows he could never be that prince, but gods was she beautiful dressed in white.


the end