This is a very short little one-shot(ish) story about Gilbert (with little symbolic hints of OzGil).

I hope you enjoy!

(Note - This was written at 9am in school when I was bored.)

People say the world revolves around them. Others say they revolve around the world. I, Gilbert Nightray; do not revolve around the world, nor does it revolve around me.

There is only thing I revolve around; and that in the sun. That sun is stimulation for my dreary nights. No one, no…nothing activates the inner passion that resides deep in my core; more than the sun. When the sun is tired; I tuck it into bed. When the sun wants to play; I quietly watch over it from the sidelines. - For I am the guardian of the night. –

To protect is to shroud in darkness. When in danger, I shall cause a lunar eclipse. The sun shall drown in darkness, guided by only the faint glow of the moon. To those who cross the sun, I point my revolver and ask;

"Do you want to die happy?"