This my first fanfiction for Streets of Rage. I love this game series, and it needs more fanfiction. This story takes place before the events of the first game, before Mr. X takes over the city. Axel, Adam, and Blaze have just joined the police force.

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CH. 1: The New Recruits

Axel Stone and Adam Hunter walked in the police precinct, ready for they're first day on the job. They were part of the newly created 'Gang Unit', developed specifically for handling gang-related crimes, threats, and violence. And it was about time. Over the past six months, gang activity had doubled in the city at the very least. Usually the gangs stuck to the rundown residential slums and the dark, back alleyways. As of late they were getter bolder, attacking nice neighborhoods and even being spotted in downtown on occasion.

The two recruits walked into the captain's office and stood at attention.

"Axel Stone and Adam Hunter reporting for duty," Axel stated.

The captain smiled. "I am quite glad you guys didn't back out at the last minute. This unit has become essential for the safety of the city and the citizens."

"That is why we are here, sir." Adam stated.

"You're partner, Blaze, is already in the newly built Gang Unit office. Go on and get situated. You'll be out of the field soon enough." With that the captain dismissed them and the two men headed down the hall to their office space. The office was fairly big and had three desks, a coffee machine, a fax machine, and a copier.

Axel and Adam took immediate notice of the young woman seated at one of the desks, shuffling some papers. She was dressed in the same blue uniform as the guys, and she had long, brown hair that went down to her waist. She noticed the two walk in and waved to them.

"Hi there! Axel Stone and Adam Hunter, right? I'm Blaze Fielding, your third partner."

Axel and Adam glanced at each other and then walked up to her. Adam spoke up first. "You're our only other partner? It's just the 3 of us for a whole city of gangs?"

Blaze smirked. "You know how cheap the government can be. Why have 10 when you can get by with 3?"

Axel chuckled. "Is this a good position for you, Blaze? I mean, we're talking field work, going undercover and going against some really rough dudes. These gang types aren't exactly gentleman."

Blaze replied to his sexist remark with sarcasm. "Don't you need a hot, sexy young woman to draw their attention? I'd easily be the target, if the choice was between us three. I think I'm the prettiest."

"That's why I'm a little concerned. I don't like women getting hurt on the streets, even if they're police officers." Axel responded.

"Well, hopefully I'll be okay. If I'm in trouble, you two will help me out, won't you?" Blaze made herself sound a bit like a helpless women. She knew the truth, even if these guys thought she was a little helpless girl. She'd egg them on for a little. It would be worth it later.

"Of course we will," Adam stated "But in the meantime, we should all get situated. We're going to have some busy days ahead of us."

Blaze took notice that the two men were, like her, young and attractive. Axel's blond, Hair went down to his ears and his cute face gave him somewhat of a 'pretty boy' look, even though he looked fairly buff. Adam had a flat-top crew cut, and his black hair perfectly complemented his skin tone, which was only a few shades lighter. He also looked fairly tough, and he had a real handsome look to him. They were likely strong fighters. She'd give them the benefit of the doubt despite they're slightly degrading remarks earlier.

Blaze decided to get up and get some more coffee. "I just made a fresh brew of coffee. Would you guys like some?"

"No thanks," Adam answered.

"I'd love some. Thank you," Axel said.

Well, they were actually nice. They probably just never met a strong woman like Blaze. She gladly gave Axel a cup before sitting back down to finish getting herself organized. After about an hour of nothing but organization, Axel spoke up.

"Well, I think I'm going to hit the gym and work out for a little bit. I'm starting to cramp up."

"I think I'll join you. I need to do something other than sit at this desk all day, waiting for the captain to put us to work." Adam said. Then he turned to Blaze. "Hey, Blaze. You want to join us?"

Blaze couldn't help but smile to herself. She put her papers down and stood up to join them.

"Sure, I'd love to."

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