Buffy is sitting a the table with her friends chatting about their love lives and school. They were all having fun laughing except Buffy who seem to withdraw out the conversation by someone across the room. Willow looked over and noticed her friends distraction.

"Yo, Buff, anybody home?"

"Just come in, Wills." Buffy replied not taking her eyes away.

Willow was getting impatient and no succeeding getting her best friends attention decided to see what or rather who she was staring at.

What she saw 'was' distracting every woman with a pulse in the Bronze was staring at him. But it was obvious the blue eyed blonde hair pretty boy was definitely into her friend. Willow had a feeling it was mutual.

"What are you guys staring at? You do know that that's rude, right?" Said a very antsy Anya.

"Buffy, don't you think it would be better if you walked up to him instead of him and talk to him-" Willow was cut off by Cordy's bluntness.

"Yea instead of eye fucking him. Cause he's totally into you." Cordelia finished.

That last remark was enough to pull Buffy her goggle eyed crush off the sexy guy and onto her friends.

"I wasn't eye fucking him. And why do you have to say it so loud." Buffy said annoyed.

"Buffy, its true." Willow agreed.

Buffy knew it was true giving her chances, she would blow his brains out. This guy look dateable. But there lies the problem, Buffy Didn't Date. This could be a new found opportunity. For the first time she didn't want to fuck him, she wanted to get to know him.

"Should I go over there?"

"All those bitches salivating over a tight ass like that you don't have a chance." Cordy says matter-of-factly.

"Or he could always come to you," Anya says as she spots him making his way over to the table.