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the definition of normality

"I would never fall in love with someone like you." –Luxord/Alice

She's naïve, he mutters, as he deals his favorite deck of playing cards.

He's contradictory, she retorts, while taking a sip of earl gray tea.

They sit in mismatched chairs, around a set table with broken tea cups and pretty pastries. Her elbows are digging themselves into the splintered furnish, while she waits for her seven cards. He takes his time, shuffling and adjusting, until he's sure that the cards have been perfectly jumbled. Then, he deals the cards in a painstakingly slow manner that the blonde rips the deck from his much larger hand and takes her seven cards.

"You're slow."

"You're impatient."

Alice let out a sigh of annoyance as the blond man across from her smirked. The blonde haired girl tapped her chipped black nails against the table, as her periwinkle blue eyes scanned the cards in her possessions.

"Luxord, there better be a good reason why I got all the bad cards." Alice let a whine seep into her voice, as the blond man shook his head. She threw down her cards, while pouting her lips. Luxord simply rolled his eyes.

"You're just not lucky."

"You're a cheat."

They locked gazes, Luxord's lazy and Alice's accusing. The man simply shrugged as the girl narrowed her eyes, appearing child-like for her sixteen years of age. She shivered prettily in her blue pinafore dress, the hem barely hit her knee caps, but black stockings covered most of her skin. Her blonde hair was pulled back, the soft waves always unkempt. He wore a simple gray suit, like sleet on a winter day.

"You're cold." He commented.

"You're stupid." She mumbled.

Luxord quickly undid his coat buttons and offered the garment to the shivering girl. She shook her head, refusing the gesture.

"You'll get a cold." There was concern in his velvet voice. He got up from his chair, and walked around the table, towards the pale faced girl.

"I don't really care." Her voice was the perfect mask of indifference, but her chattering teeth told otherwise. He draped his jacket over her shoulders, and she stopped trembling.

Silence consumed them once more. Just like every other day, they dissolved into the quiet.

Finally, she let out a whisper.

"Don't think for a second I've fallen in love with you. I would never fall in love with someone like you."

Luxord simply laughs a deep throaty kind of laugh, as he leans back, his eyes towards the sky.

"Don't worry, Alice. I wasn't thinking you would fall in love, anyways. You're too sane."

Alice knows that was exactly he was thinking and she wishes she could fall in love with him. She wishes she could fall in love with this almost perfect stranger, with his odd mannerisms and eye for tea.

Sanity? That was what he thought?

"I'm not sane." Alice's voice is barely a whisper.

"You're saner than me." Luxord assured, before patting the girl's head and disappearing in a flurry of broken tea cups and empty promises.