AN: Ok, this was a little one-shot I thought up while watching the previous episode. It has nothing to do with the episode though. The story takes place between "Boom" and "Wrapped up in Death". If you are reading my other Castle story, the update will take longer since after tonight, I can only go on my laptop during the weekends. Ok, here we go.

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Kate Beckett sighed in frustration.

It had been three days since the explosion in her apartment and she was unable to find the most precious objects she owned, her mother's ring and her father's watch. She had taken both off before going into the shower and did not look for them while Castle was leading her out.

She didn't want to admit it, but Beckett was pretty close to tears at this point. She was too afraid to think of the possibility that like her mother, the ring was gone permanently.

Her father's watch had stopped working a week ago and every jeweler she had gone to had told her the watch was too old to fix. Kate was still going to wear the watch, even if it didn't work anymore. All Kate wanted to do now was scream or throw something. Kate's emotional moment was interrupted by a knock at the door. Kate cursed under her breath before opening a door. Standing at her front door was Rick Castle.

"What do you want Castle?" Kate asked in a bitter tone.

" I brought you dinner." Castle said, holding up a take-out bag.

"Thanks, but no thanks." Kate said and was about to shut the door, when Castle stopped it with his foot.

"Come on Beckett, please?" Castle said, pouting.

"Fine." Kate muttered, opening the door wider.

Castle strode in and put down the bag

"Straight from the carton or plates?" Castle asked.

"Carton." Kate said.

Castle and Beckett sat at the coffee table and Castle started to place cartons on the table. He handed one to Kate. Kate was surprised that the carton was fairly light in weight and wondered what kind of food was in it. When she peered inside, Kate was both socked and overjoyed at what was inside.

"Castle… what… how did you.." Kate stuttered.

For in the box was the precious ring and watch that Kate had been missing. Gently, Kate lifted the ring out of the box first and examined it. The first thing she noticed was that the ring hung by a new silver chain. The next thing she saw was how new the ring looked. It looked just like it had ten years ago.

Next, Kate lifted out her father's watch. It too looked cleaner. Looking closer, Kate noticed that it was…working! Kate looked up at Castle, who had a slightly guilty look on his face.

"I found them both when running out of the apartment. I was going to give it back to you, but the chain had broken and I noticed that the watch didn't work, " Castle said. "Also, I got the ring polished so that took a day to get that done, otherwise I would have given it to you yesterday." He finished.

After a few seconds of shock, Kate did something unexpected, she hugged Castle. Castle stiffened, but then wrapped his arms around her.


"Yes Beckett?"

"Thank you."