Live To Regret It

Summary: Visiting Bobby after Dean is hurt on a hunt an accidental encounter brings back bad memories for Sam. When Dean learns the reason for his little brother's reaction, all bets are off and someone learns what it means to mess with a Winchester. Hurt/Sam with some over protective/Dean on the side.

Warnings: It's rated T for language since we are talking Dean in a bad mood and also for mentions of abuse.

Pairings: None and never fear as I don't do slash ever.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters (which can be depressing), just borrowing them with harm to none or at least I try to fix when I do harm them.

Tags: No tags but may contain spoilers for Season 5 as this is based in that season and would have happened after the boys started hunting together again.


Chapter 1

"Dean! Dean, boy, you had damn well better answer me!"

Bobby's gruff voice could be heard shouting but it went ignored as the man who was being shouted for continued to sit with his back against a wall, eyes closed to avoid looking at the mess around him but it didn't help to stop him from seeing other things.

Keeping his green eyes closed didn't stop the visions of the past 24 hours from assailing his every thought. It didn't keep him from seeing his broken little brother, a man who Dean had begun to think was impervious to any emotional pain since finding out he's set Lucifer free, started the Apocalypse (alright, Dean still took part of the blame for that) and is supposed to be destined to be the Devil's meatsuit.

No, Dean had forgotten how small and fragile his huge little brother could be and had been since the day they arrived at Bobby's for some simple R&R between hunts and avoiding both annoying Angels and and King of Demons himself. A simple damn visit and it had all turned sour the moment they walked in the house. The visit went south and Dean's world, which he freely admitted sucked right then, took a turn that left him feeling something he hadn't felt since before he'd made his deal. Cold rage.

Dean still felt the stitches in his side and left leg pulling but ignored them as he had been so he could take a breath and felt the new wounds ache as well. Knuckles bled, he knew he'd have one hell of a good black eye come the morning but he couldn't complain about those…not when he considered how the other guy fared.

Opening his eyes finally, he glanced up at the sound of the wheelchair coming closer and he started to wonder how Bobby had even gotten to him when the sound of soft wings close by and the sight of a trench coat from the corner of his eye answered that. "Hey, Cas, you ratted me out to Bobby, didn't you?"

"I do not understand that phrase since you suffer from a fear of that rodent why I would bring one to Bobby after…" Castiel was frowning as he looked around the small back room in the run down cabin. "Dean…what happened here?"

Before he could decide if he wanted to reply, Bobby Singer's gruff voice was heard even before he rolled into the room.

"Stupid, hot-headed, impulse idgit!" he snapped, glaring at the younger hunter even before he took in the room. "Boy, what the hell did you do?"

The little bit of furniture that had been in the room, a worn bed, dresser, small table, had all been broken it what looked to have been one hell of a fight. The floor was covered in dropped weapons, a knife here, a bat over there but what caught Bobby's attention, other than the way too calm Dean Winchester, were the photographs that also littered the floor.

Castiel had been looking around the room as if seeking a reason for his friend's sudden rash actions when Bobby finally sat back in the chair with something close to a grunt.

"Where's he at, boy?"

Dean merely lifted a hand to motion a little bit away from them where, in another pile of debris of filth, laid a body of man.

The body was of a man in his early forties with unruly red hair. He was covered in more bruises than Dean had but it was the knife that still stuck in his chest that told how he had fared in the confrontation.

While Bobby looked on grimly, Castiel finally knelt down next to the eldest Winchester, his puzzlement clear in his eyes. "Dean, why?" he hadn't understood Dean's sudden departure anymore than he had Sam's current situation when he'd been called by Bobby to help the older man find Dean. "Why did you kill this man? Are you hurt? Was he a minion of…"

Finally Dean lifted his head so he could look at the Angel, an expression in his eyes that Castiel could not recall seeing before as he regarded him even as Bobby plotted a way to ditch the body. "I'm not hurt, Cas," he reassured the Angel then added with a grunt. "Not much anyway."

"Then tell me why this…"

"He touched my brother," Dean cut him off, voice deep with something he'd long since sought impossible for him to feel any longer. The old feelings of rage and the need to protect his baby brother. "You know as well as anyone, Cas, that anyone who touches Sammy will live to regret it."

A/N: This is in one of those moments in Season 5 that the boys are having an on/off brother moment so stay tuned for Chapter 1 to see what brings Dean to this point…I know I swear I'm too mean to Sammy and I don't mean to be. Reviews welcome.