Rewritten as of 2012

IMPORTANT: It's good to be rewriting my stories and tweaking them a bit. This one needed to be fixed a little, like the rest of them. Well ciao, and enjoy mates.

Red (FIRE blazing) hair, green eyes (like emeralds, that shine even better than stars), and a temper (oh so w i c k e d that it's just plain dangerous).

She's all (fakefake) smiles and just slightly broken, almost like a window fixing to burst into a million pieces; s/c/a/t/t/e/r/e/d and left behind.

(Because who will pick up the pieces? You always do, don't you?)

She's all just full of bullshit full of (stupid) I love you's or I don't want you to leave sayings (it's getting old, now). Darling (don't you see?), she's using you, and you know it!

Except this beautiful, practically broken window wants to cut you and leave you behind, bleeding, and all alone.

(Then where will your heart go?)

Yet you don't care, you love being beaten down by this forbidden girl, you were always such an infamous sinner, weren't you?

Eleven years apart and such an age gap, my dear- funny, how you're not in Azkaban yet.

You loved to be burned by her fire, sucked in her world of destruction, and cut, mainly s h a t t e r e d by her glass.

[you just {fucking} love it}

You masochistic fool and just wait what's in store for you.

You always and will wait for her.

She stole everything from you.

Left you in a disarray (full of confusion and utter lies)

Yet you love her! (Oh, what a wonderful comedy this is)

You always were the shattered window, the fool left in the dust.

Maybe there was hope, if you didn't pour your heart out to a Queen of [a million, broken] Hearts.