The mission was suppossed to be simple-


"Cage to Kitsune."


"Kitsune? Kitsune? Hey! I know that you're there. Answer me goddamn it!" The angry masculine growl sounded much louder than it should have to her, but that was only because she was in stalking mode at the moment, and her senses were at their peak. Which was why she was refusing to answer Cage. She was closing in on her target and needed to remain silent if she was going to take the bastard by surprise as he dragged a little boy-the reason that she was there in the first place, down the hall towards the execution room where he was probably going to sexually assault the child before he killed him.

Violet eyes flashed vermilion red and glowed eerily as they narrowed in the darkness of the vent where she was hiding. Ohhh, the dyamio was not going to be a happy, happy man if his grand child was raped and killed. She waited until the man had dragged the frightened child into the room just a few feet from where she was and slammed the door closed behind him and waited for the boy to start screaming before she could move.

The sound of his screams would mask any sounds that she made and while it was regrettable that she was sort of using him like this, she'd make a point to erase his memory of anything too unpleasant. She felt that she didn't really have to hurry since the guy got off on torture before raping his victims. At best, the boy would be a little bruised up. At worst the guy would jump right in there and start raping the kid before she could get into the room. But she wasn't terribly worried that that would happen since the man liked to take his time and play with his 'toys'. She bared her fangs in a silent snarl as she pulled the grate open and set it aside and dropped down to the floor, quietly landing on the balls of her feet and looked around for a second before walking over to the door.

One particularly loud, scared and pain filled scream filled the air around her, echoing in her ears like the sound of thunder and she acted without much thought and decided to slam her fist into the closed door and see if the man would come and open it to investigate. This would give her a chance to check on the boy and see just how badly he was hurt before she struck.

Her fist connected with the wood, with enough force to rattle the heavy solid oak on it's hinges and she heard the faint sound of someone swearing followed by the clang of metal as she quickly used her chakra to walk up the wall and stood hanging upside down right over her prey's head as he opened the door and peeked out, a frown on his face. She looked at the boy, he was laying strapped down on a metal table similar to what she had seen used in morgues, his face was bruised and there was blood trickling down the left side of his face from a deep cut along his hair line, mixing with the tears slipping down his ashen cheeks.

Kitsune narrowed her eyes at the image that she just knew she would be seeing for many years to come, it was just too heartbreaking not to be remembered as she drew her short sword and in one swift motion pushed it through the top of the man's head, piercing his skull with a sickening crack. She dropped down from the ceiling, maintaining her grip on the handle of the blade and dragging the sharp point down the middle of the dead man's skull splitting it in half before she yanked the blade out of his skull, spattering his filthy blood all over her nice clean black shirt, her pants and boots.

His body sank to the floor at her feet, leaking crimson and pinkish tissue that she could only assume was his brain tissue as she sheathed the blade and walked into the room and noted with distaste that there was blood everywhere on the walls and floors of the room. She made a soft growling sound and pulled a kunai from the holster around her upper leg and cut the thick leather straps holding the boy down and noted that the kid looked like he was no older than five or six, where as she herself was closer to ten.

Why hadn't anyone told her how old the kid was? She would have taken the man out sooner if she had known. She fought down the unfamiliar feeling of guilt that welled up and reached out and picked the sobbing boy up, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him against her body and held him there with one arm settled under his knees and her other hand on the small of his back as he buried his little face against her shoulder and shook.

"Hush, little baby. It'll be alright." She said softly as she turned to look at the door, she could hear the sound of heavy foot steps running towards the room and her hand automatically went to her short sword, her body tensed and ready to strike at a moments notice as the door swung open and Cage peeked in along with several others from her team. All of their masked faces staring down at her.

Cage pointed at her and snapped, "What the fuck is wrong with you? I was starting to think that you were dead!"

Kitsune shrugged her shoulders as best as she could with her little burden weighing her down. She honestly didn't give a damn what he thought. She had been in the middle of her hunt, and now she wasn't. End of discussion.

Weasel stepped forward and reached for the boy and she slapped his hands away, knowing that the boy wouldn't feel safe with him because he was an adult, and a male like the one that she had killed to save him. Even though Weasel meant well, his intentions would only frighten the child further. "Kit-sama?"

"He's fine with me Weasel. Do we have a way out of here?" She snapped at them.

"We do." Wolf said smoothly as he came walking up with blood spattered all over his face mask and his hair and clothes.

"Baka, your late." Panther hissed at the older male. Wolf shrugged. So he'd been busy, big fucking deal. He was here now. And that's all that mattered.

Kitsune gave Wolf a serene smile. Her pink lips curving up as her vermillion eyes flickered to him. "Then lead the way. We have to get the baby back to his family before night fall." She said as she hugged the still sobbing child and leaned her head to the side to rest her masked cheek against the top of his dark head.

"Hai!" Came the collective reply from her team as Wolf turned and started walking the same way that he had just come from. His captian had given them an order and they could do nothing but obey.