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Hope you enjoy the first chapter to Just Say You Love Me!

"Lucas!" I call as I move around my kitchen, "Babe I am late I got to go," I tell him pouring me a cup of coffee and grabbing a bagel. "I'm extremely late," I mumble checking the clock seeing my class starts in ten minutes and I haven't even made it to school yet.

"I know, I know sorry," he comes into the kitchen pulling on his shirt. "It is not my fault you are late," he shrugs grabbing a coffee cup and pouring him a cup.

"Yeah you keep telling yourself that," I roll my eyes walking over giving him a kiss. "Class is over at noon and my next one isn't until three so maybe we can meet for lunch or something."

"Sounds like a plan," he nods leaning up against the counter as I rush around the kitchen like a chicken with my head cut off, "Brooke…"

"Where is my homework?" I dig through some papers on the counter.


"I know I did it but I don't know where I put it," I growl moving into the living room digging through the papers on the coffee table. "Found it!" I pull it out in the air thanking everything because I spent hours on this stuff.

"Brooke!" Lucas laughs grabbing my arm stopping me.

"Yeah?" I brush a piece of hair out of my face as he looks at me.

"Happy birthday," he smiles dipping his head down giving me a kiss.

"Thanks," I grin pulling out of our kiss. "I'll text you later," I tell him as I grab my purse and move out of the room, "Oh and that is the last time you spend the night when I have my morning class, bye love you!" I call hearing him laugh as I shut the door and head to class.

I'm late, super late, ok you all know I exaggerate in realness I am only like five minutes late but I hate being late to class. That awkward moment of walking in and everyone just looking at you.

It totally sucks.


The heavy wooden door slams behind me as all the eyes in the room turn to look at me. "Sorry," I mumble sliding my way down the aisles to my seat.

"Looks like someone is late…again."

"Shut up Felix," I hush at him pulling out my notebook to start copying the notes. One more thing I hate about this is I have it with Felix. Imagine my frustration when I walk into class and see the smirking boy in the back seat. He isn't as annoying as he once was, I mean yeah his smirking drives me nuts, his always making comments about me and his attempts at flirting but his whole comments about my boyfriend and I have come to about none and he is actually somewhat bearable if you know how to handle him.

"Just saying Brookie you must have had a long night; did someone have a sleepover hmm?" He smirks slipping from his desk that is behind me and sliding in the empty spot next to me, "How is my cousin doing?" He asks I guess realizing I was ignoring his last comment.

"Great. He starts working tomorrow at the high school," I smile proud at that. I know he was weighing out everything but I know he really wants to be an English teacher and when Principal Turner offered him a job and a chance to coach he took it.

"Hmmm high school huh? You sure you are ok with all those young fine girls around him? I mean we know he likes them young being as he went after you when you were just what sixteen, seventeen."

"Actually I was almost nineteen and no I am not worried," I roll my eyes and that right there is what I am talking about with his comments. Again it's all whatever for me because he is just Felix, take him how he is.

"Sixteen, nineteen what's the difference," he shrugs leaning back in his seat as he copies notes, also side note here is anyone else surprised that Felix is like seriously smart? Yeah that one blew me away because I just assumed he was a dumb annoying ass but he is actually really smart, way smarter than me.

"Umm about a three years," I tell him like he is dumb and he starts laughing shaking his head at me.

"You're so dumb Davis."

"Yeah I know," I laugh a little as class starts and I start paying attention.

"So what are your birthday plans?" Felix asks as we walk from class. Having class with him again isn't as difficult as I feared when I walked in the first day of class. I mean he is completely arrogant, annoying, has the most annoying smirks in the world and sometimes says stuff that makes me want to punch him but he is bearable to be around. He slowly grows on you and I mean slowly. It did take a long time for that to happen.

"Well," I tuck a piece of hair behind my ear. "I'm heading right now to have lunch with my boyfriend then tonight I'm meeting my friends and family for dinner," I tell him as I head towards meeting Lucas.

"Oh and I am not at all invited in any of these birthday plans?" Felix mocks hurt making me roll my eyes at him.

"Well now it's just me and Lucas and tonight I doubt you want to come because the last encounter you were around my brothers, your own cousin knocked you out," I remind him making him chuckle.

"Oh please," he shook his head. "Lucas threw a bitch shot; I could have totally taken him."

"Mhmm…right," I turn to look at him. "You keep telling yourself that," I give him a smile. "But I am going to go meet my love and I will see you tomorrow."

"Tomorrow," he smiles dropping a kiss to my cheek. "Happy birthday Brooklyn," he winks before walking away.

"What the hell was that?" I touch my cheek where he kissed me. He definitely doesn't think he will get allowed to do that one on a regular bases.

"What was what?" two arms circle around my waist and my whole body gets a familiar tingle.

"My Boyfriend!" I squeal excited spinning in his arms. "I missed you," I grin slamming my lips right into his. He even caught off guard starts kissing me back, just as amazing as ever and when he allows it I deepen our kiss and nibble on his bottom lip.

"Mmm…hello," he hums against my lips making me pull back with a giggle. "And what do I owe this amazing greeting?" he teases wiping his bottom lip.

"Nothing," I shrug. "Just wanted you to remember how amazing of a kisser you have at home so all those little high school skanks can stay away."

"Oh Pretty Girl you are too much sometimes," he gives me a light kiss. "So what do you want to eat?" he laces his fingers through mine and we start walking.

"I don't know, I'm not overly hungry, but- Oh let's get ice cream!" I get a little skip excited with that decision.

"Anything for you birthday girl," he slings his arm over my shoulder.

"Oh I freaking love it being my birthday!" I grin looking up at him. Things are good, things are actually pretty perfect which is surprising being as it is me and Lucas but they are and I'm happy. I'm more than happy.

"Have I told you yet how gorgeous you look?" Lucas asks as I stand in my bedroom putting in my earring.

"No I don't think you have," I smirk over my shoulder before turning back to the mirror.

"Well you do," he walks over sliding his arms around my waist. "So completely gorgeous," he kisses my shoulder before trailing kisses to my neck.

"Luke you can't be doing that," I roll my head back.

"Why?" he spins me around, pushing me up against the dresser, hearing the things rattle.

"Because we are supposed to be leaving in fifteen minutes," I tell him, arching my body into his when his hands slide behind my back side giving me a squeeze. "Luke…" I gasp when he starts sucking on my neck, pushing his body into mine.

"You promised…" he mumbles against my neck. "Said if I stayed good that on your birthday you would finally let me have you again."

"You're saying it like it's been months," I gasp, digging my nails into his neck.

"Two weeks feels like months," he bites my neck, a heat spreading all through me.

"No it feels like two weeks," I giggle, wrapping my legs around his waist, him lifting me up on the dresser behind me. "Luke…" I nuzzle my head in his neck as he hand hikes up my dress.

"We could be late," he suggests, curling his hand around panties.

"It's my birthday I can be a little late," I nod pulling his face to mine and slamming our lips together.

"It's only fashionable," he jokes, lifting me up in his arms.

"True and you have been good," I laugh against his mouth, quickly yanking on his tie.

"Extremely," he carries me over to my large bed and dropping us down, him lying on top of me and my body forming perfectly under his.

"Oh Boyfriend," I giggle, my fingers doing quick work on his top few buttons and my lips slamming back into his, setting a fire all over my body.

"Brooke?" I hear the front door shut and the yell of my best friend.

"No," Lucas groans slamming his head above my shoulder.

"Brooke where are you?"

"Go away!" Lucas growls into my bed, my body still pinned under his and a laugher escaping my lips.

"Brooke I thought-" and my best friend appears in the room. "Well damn," she smirks leaning against the door frame.

"I hate you Rachel," Lucas tells her, not even trying to move off me.

"Aw did I ruin your little fun time with my best friend?" she questions and I can't help but laugh again as he groans.

"Come on baby get up," I play with his hair as he shakes his head no.

"Shh…Maybe if we don't move she won't see us," he mumbles, his hand still halfway up my dress.

"I'll give you a minute, I'm sure that's all Luke needs," she smirks before spinning on her black heels and out of the room.

"We are taking away her key," he lifts his head to look at me. "I'm serious I don't know why you thought it was a good idea to give her one to begin with."

"Because she is my best friend!"

"And I am sexual frustrated!" his tone sounds so serious I can't help but start laughing. "Ugh!" he groans rolling off me, slapping his hands to his face.

"Boyfriend," I roll over straddling his body. "When we get home I promise to relief all of your frustration," I lean down giving him a tender kiss.

"Promise?" he pouts like a child making me laugh a little more.

"Cross my heart," I grin looking at him, wiping my lip gloss off his bottom lip.

"Well fine," he huffs as I climb off him, adjusting my dress and pulling him off the bed fixing his shirt and tie. "But we are taking her key away, I can't handle all this lead up to get nothing."

"Oh Broody," I roll my eyes, grabbing on to his hand. "What am I going to do with you?"

"Well I was about to find out until Rachel showed up," he grumbles as we head into the living room.

"Lucas," my red headed friend smiles as she stands in the kitchen, looking gorgeous like always.

"Rachel," he walks up holding out his hand.

"What?" she looks at him confused.

"Your key, I would like it," he tells her like it's so obvious.

"Umm…no," she slaps her hand in his, him grabbing hers. "I am not giving back my friend's key to her apartment."

"You know I bet I could lock you away somewhere and no one would notice," he glares at her and I can't help but laugh at their interaction.

"Tony would notice," she matches his tone and glare.

"Not for long, I would find someone for him to move on with," he smirks and she growls yanking her hand away.

"Well fine then, I'm finding someone for Brooke," she snatches her purse of the counter.

"Fine, bet my person will be better than yours Gatina," he informs her and I roll my eyes as we head towards the front door.

"As if Scott, I could find someone far better and faster for Brooke then anyone you could find. He is going to be the best guy ever and you won't know what to do with yourself," she jokes.

"Well fine but he has to be tall she doesn't like short guys," he slips his hand in mine as we head to the car.

"Well Tony doesn't like blondes, they annoy him," she informs him that being very true. I don't know why but big brother surprisingly has never been into blondes. All his past girlfriends have been either brunette or black headed girls. He always said something about a blonde was to story tale like. How the guy falls for a gorgeous blonde with blue eyes, he liked different and always found blonde far from it.

"Well fine," he opens up my door and then hers as we climb inside. "Glad we agree."

"Like always," she fights the smile tugging on her lips and I just roll my eyes at them as we start driving.

"Stupid," I mumble leaning back in my chair, holding Lucas's hand as it rest on my leg. "Ya'll are completely stupid."

"Brookie!" Nash lifts me off the ground and does a spin. "Happy birthday you crazy girl!"

"Well thank you, you crazy boy," I laugh as he puts me back on the ground.

"Ok you are twenty so that means I give you twenty spanks and one for good luck," he smirks and I roll my eyes.

"Yeah don't think that one is happening," I toss a glance over at my boyfriend for a nod or something. "Lucas!" I slap the back of my hand in his chest when he just stands there.

"What?" he creases his brow rubbing his chest.

"Where is my over protective boyfriend at? Mr. Oh you won't even look or touch her," I do my Lucas voice making him laugh a little.

"You don't even sound a little like me," he chuckles, slipping his arm around my waist. "But its Nash, I'm not too worried."

"Well there was a time when you were worried," I grumble crossing my arms over my chest.

"So that means I can spank her?" Nash jokes sipping on his beer.

"Yeah," Lucas shrugs and my jaw drops. "Just makes sure you bring her back when you're done."

"Lucas!" I shriek when Nash throws me over his shoulder, and Lucas laughs. "Nash! Put me down! You are not taking me anywhere and spanking me!" I slam my hand into his back as he walks, my boyfriend casually following behind.

"Oh relax Brooklyn," he laughs. "I'm not going to spank you that hard."

"Nash! Put me-" and my body comes flying off his shoulder and my feet hit the floor. "down." I finish adjusting my dress and spinning around to find all my friends and a big cake with candles.

"Happy birthday!" they all yell at the same time like I didn't know they were all going to be here. Well actually I knew they were all going to be here I just didn't know we were actually making it a party thing. I assumed we would all have dinner and hang out but I didn't think there would be a huge cake and a table with presents and my gorgeous friends all standing around with smiles on their faces.

"Guys," I smile looking around. "Hey!" I squeal when my aw moment gets interrupted from the stinging in my ass. "Nash!" I slap his shoulder making him laugh.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry it had to be done," he chuckles pulling me into a hug. "Happy birthday crazy girl, love you," he kisses the side of my head, releasing me and walking over to the table, lighting the final candle on my cake.

"So make a wish B," Jason tips his glass towards the cake, a smile on his face and I'm really glad big brother is here this year. No of course my birthday last year on the beach was amazing but I did miss my family being there.

"Make it a good one because you are only twenty once," Kylee smiles, tucking a died black curl behind her ear.

"And because I want cake," Aiden slides his finger along the edge of my cake, licking the icing off and getting a slap in the back of the head from Kylee.

"Anything you want Pretty Girl," Lucas stands behind me, his hands on my hips.

"But I have everything I want," I tell him, looking around the room at all my friends and family; my smiling mom with Ben on her side. I like Ben; he has known my mom since they were young and he was actually the first guy I believe my mom ever truly loved. They dated on and off for years but never got it right because Ben liked to have fun and until he knew he was ready he was putting it off. Now I wish he didn't wait until they were in their fifties to figure it out but over the last year I have watched my mom fall for him all over again and he truly makes her happy and that right there makes me thrilled.

"Then wish for something I want," he teases sliding his arms around my waist and holding me close. "Like Rachel's apartment key," he jokes getting an eye roll from my best friend.

"Not happening Scott," she takes a sip of her drink, leaning against Tony.

"I can try," he winks kissing my cheek and releasing me as I walk in front of my cake.

"There is one thing I want," I smile standing in front of the cake, tossing a glance around the whole room and landing on my smiling mom and I know she knows what I'm thinking when I give her a wink; she knows me all too well. "I wish…" I pull in a deep breath, closing my eyes and making my wish, before opening them and blowing out my candles, a feeling that this one might actually come true.

The place is pretty quiet, some people are moving around the bar and there are a few people finishing up dinner but it still quiet. Plus I wouldn't really notice what anyone is doing too much because I'm too busy focusing on my boyfriend.

God he looks so good. He has on his button up shirt and black pants, his tie that was tight around his neck when we got here is still in place just loosened a little and as he stands talking to my brother I have to stop myself from licking my lips.

I couldn't tell you what is wrong with me, I don't know if it's because the day has been so long or because of the fact before we left I didn't get to have the fun I wanted with him or what but I will admit it, I'm really wanting my boyfriend right now.

It's amazing to me to think we have been together for almost two years. Yes we have had some drama, still do somewhat but we are still together. Now don't get me wrong in the last year we have had some pretty bad blow ups, some words that hurt a little and acts that neither of us want to talk about but it doesn't change we are still together and I am still completely in love with him.

"What are you thinking about?" I pull my gaze off my boyfriend and to my best friend at my side.

"Nothing," I lie taking a sip of my drink.

"Yeah I can tell," Rachel teases, her too taking a sip of her drink, giving my brother the same look I was giving my boyfriend. "You have a good birthday?"

"Yeah, it was pretty great," I smile thinking about though I normally don't like birthdays this one was pretty great, Lucas made it great.

"What did Luke get you?" she questions.

"I don't know," I shrug looking back over at the boy in question. "He hasn't given me anything."

"Well I'm sure he is," she cocked a brow at him from across the room. "I mean that would be stupid of him not to, ya'll have been together for a lifetime."

"We haven't been together a lifetime, Nathan and Haley have been together a lifetime. Lucas and I have only been together for almost two years," I remind her.

"Yeah well if you don't add all the time you two have broken up, taken a break or fought then it has been a lifetime," she jokes making me roll my eyes.

"Fine; lifetime."

"And if you are still giving him the looks you are giving him tonight then you two are in really good shape. I mean ya'll are definitely out of the honey moon stage but your looks read horny teenagers in the backseat stage."

"Lucas and I don't have sex in backseats!" I defend making her laugh.

"Really Brooke? Ya'll have never taken the time out of a long trip, or a family affair where ya'll had nowhere else to go and crawled into the backseat?" she raises that perfectly plucked brow at me and I just go quiet sipping my drink. "Yeah thought so."

"Yeah whatever, least we don't get caught by my little brother," I throw back at her watching her cringe.

"Not my finest moment," she laughs a little thinking about the time Aiden caught her and Tony together. Poor thing was just coming home from school, opened the front door and found a very topless best friend, straddling an equally naked brother on the couch; he had nightmares I'm sure.

"Yeah not even a little, my poor baby."

"Well Miss Never Do Anything Wild, where is the craziest place you and Lucas went at it huh?" she challenges me to give her something better and I can't help but blush and bite the rim of my cup. "Oh my god Brooklyn have you actually trailed out of the bedroom? Didn't think I would ever see the day," she teased bumping her hip into mine. "So where was it? Or if many where all was it?"

"Well," I clear my throat a little adjusting my stance. "I guess the most public place would have to have been…" I pause thinking. "I guess the River Court."

"You did not?" the red head next to me eyes widen as I blushed a little more. "No joke?"

"No joke," I pull my cup from my lips. "It was his birthday and all the guys had headed home and it was just me and him and I don't know," I shrug looking back over at him. "He gave me a look that only means one thing and when he gives it to me I can't help but give in, it's really hard not to."

"Oh goodness bestie," she throws her arm over my shoulder. "Welcome to the world of spur of the moment horniness."

"Oh god Rach you're so dumb," I roll my eyes throwing her arm off my shoulder. "I think I'm going to go to the bathroom," I tell her when I see Lucas sit down his drink and head that way.

"Don't do anything in the bathroom Brooke, this is very public," she teases as I walk away rolling my eyes.

I lean against the wall outside the women's bathroom as I wait for my boyfriend to come out of the guys. The women's has finally cleared out after the line that walked around the building and on a side note it's ridiculous how fast guys pee. Seriously their line cuts down a hell of a lot quicker than the girls did.

"Hey," I lift my eyes to see Lucas walking out of the bathroom. "Whatcha doing?" he wonders walking over as I lean against the wall waiting for him.

"Waiting," I shrug as I play with his tie.

"What you waiting for?" he asks tucking my hair behind my ear as we wait until the bathroom door opens and a girl comes out. Lucas offers a smile and hello, she blushes a little before turning down the long hall and towards the restaurant area.

"That," I throw my thumb over my shoulder to where the girl had left.

"Some girl?" he raises his brow making me grin.

"No Broody," I wrap my hand around his tie. "I was waiting for her to leave," I explain slowly moving towards the bathroom door.

"What are you thinking Brooke Davis?" he grins when I pull him into the bathroom and lock the door.

"Nothing you aren't going to like," I smirk, moving us over towards the leather couch in the small room hooked to the bathroom area.

"Ya'll have a couch in here?" he looks around as I push him down on it.

"Really?" I stand in front of him with my hands on hips. "I bring you in here; lock the door and all you think is we have a couch in here?"

"Well what do you want me to think?" he tilts his head to the side, as I pull up the side of my dress a little so I can climb up in his lap and giving him a kiss, "I'm thinking it now," he runs his eyes all over me.

"That's better," I smile sliding my arms up to his shoulders and lean down to capture his lips with mine.

"Wait," he slides his finger between our lips right before they touch.

"You are really not scoring any points here Boyfriend," I tease making him roll his eyes. "Ooo," I giggle when he slides his hand down the front of my dress and then to his pocket.

"Happy Birthday baby," he smiles dangling the prettiest necklace I have ever seen in his hand.

"Luke," I smile taking the necklace in my hand. "It's gorgeous," I look at the piece of jewelry in my hand, a sliver thin chain with a zip zag shape of eight diamonds.

"You like it then?" he asks and I let out a small laugh.

"Are you kidding it amazing," I freak spinning around in his lap. "Put it on me," I left my hair from my neck as he wraps it around me. "Luke…" I look down at the dangling piece. "You didn't have too."

"Of course I did," he kisses the back of neck and resting his chin on my shoulder. "It's your birthday I wasn't not going to get you something."

"I know but I feel you are always doing something for me," I lean back resting my body into his.

"And you are always doing something for me," he grins, lifting my chin when I tilt my head back and giving me a gentle kiss. "I love you Brooke Davis, I've said it before and I'll say it again, you're my everything."

"I love hearing that," I grin biting my bottom lip. "I get all these butterflies in my stomach every time," I giggle a little like a little child.

"Well I'm glad after all this time I can still give you butterflies," he grins capturing his lips back with mine.

"Let's go home," I hum against his lips feeling him nod. "Because you are right you have been very good," I slowly stand up, his lips still locked with mine.

"I agree," he nods as we stumble towards the door.

"And the car ride is a good twenty minutes," I remind him and he groans pulling away when my back is against the door.

"Damn," he shakes his head, clearly not too pleased about the wait. "You know," he runs his finger slowly down my cleavage line. "You did lock the door," he nods his head towards the lock. "We don't have to wait."

"True," I agree playing with his tie. "But you see this amazing guy just got me probably the best gift I have gotten for my birthday I mean other than this," I stroke the ring on my finger that I never take off. "And I'm really afraid once I get a little of him I won't be able to stop," I shrug, peering my eyes up at him, wrapping my hand around his tie and pulling him down so I can speak in his ear. "And I really plan on rewarding him all night," I bite down on his earlobe and place a kiss behind his ear.

"We'll drive fast," his heart I fell quickens as I pull back to look at him, a smirk on my face. "Real fast."

"Lucas!" I giggle as we stumble through his apartment, "Don't drop me!" I laugh since he insisted on carrying me.

"Have I ever dropped you?" He questions kissing me as his hands hike up my dress.

"No!" I gasp out as my back slams hard against the wall behind me, "Mmm…" I moan when his lips slam against mine. I feel the fire burn through me has his hands grip onto my black thong yanking it down. My heart races as he kisses over the black material of my dress and down my body, sliding the dress up as he goes, "Luke…" I tingle when he lifts my leg, kissing up the inside of my thigh clamping down on the sensitive skin making my back arch.

My breathing becomes heavy, my heart races faster and as soon as I feel his tongue make contact with me I'm gone. I feel like I no longer have control over my body and in this moment Lucas holds all the power of me. My nails rake into the back of his head as I lean my back against the wall to steady me, "Lucas, baby…oh my god." I moan wiggling my hips and praying to the god above that the feeling I feel now never leaves, "Luke…I'm…I'm…holy shit!" My body quivers as he pulls back replacing his hand between my legs gently running his finger tips up high between my legs.

"Your mouth is being a little dirty tonight," he whispers in my ear as he flicks his tongue against my earlobe.

"Luke…" I beg trying to lower myself not wanting to lose my good feeling and begging for him to do something with his hand, "Baby please," I plead but instead he moves his hands to my back side lifting me once against up in his arms. His tongue wrestles with mine all the way to the bedroom, my body begging to get there quicker and my hands already making themselves useful as I undo his shirt and yanking it off him, "I love your body," I admire his toned chest muscles, his abs that every time I see them I have to restrain from jumping him and his arms that always hold me so safe.

"I love yours too," he smirks as we fall back on the bed my legs straddling his waist.

"Really?" I grin slowly and seductively pulling the small black dress over my head leaving me in just my strapless bra.

"God damn it baby," he sits up in his bed taking me in his arms. I throw my head back as he sucks along my neck, the spot that still drives me crazy and the spot only he knows about. I grind my hips against his lower body feeling him grow under his jeans.

"Luke…" I moan when he bites my neck, unhooking my bra and in one quick motion having me on my back, "Off...get them off," I plead trying as hard as I could to get off his pants.

"Someone is impatient," he chuckles throwing his pants off and pulling his sheet over us.

"Shut up," I yank his bottom lip with my teeth making him growl. His hand runs down my side and like a match my whole body sets on fire, "Luke…" I whimper when he positions himself between me yet doesn't do anything, "Please don't tease me it's my birthday," I remind him and he chuckles kissing my neck. I left my hips to feel him and he quickly grips my hips pushing them down.

"What do you want?" He whispers in my ear his hand running up between my legs making me quiver.

"You," I whimper, "Please Luke I want you."

"You sure?" He grazes over me and I yank in a sharp breath nodding yes, "Say it. Say what you want."

"I want to feel you Lucas, please. I need you," I plead leaning up kissing him, "Uhh…" I moan when I feel him slowly slide into me.

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