Chapter Ten: Lydia's Goodbye

Prince Vince snuck into the foyer of the city hall, making sure not to make a sound, as he made his way to the main hall, where the wedding reception was taking place. Surprise was of the essence, if his escape plan was going to work.

He needed to get Lydia's attention without letting his presence known to the slovenly Beetlejuice. Then he would rescue her from this hell-bound marriage, and let her know his feelings towards her.

It was the perfect plan. But how could he get the fair Lydia to notice him?

Lydia's heart pounded like a kettledrum against her chest. For the moment the newlyweds walked through the large double doors they were surrounded by a large group of Neitherworlders; who wanted to wish them congratulations. Beetlejuice remained oddly quiet, and Lydia was forced to thank them each in turn, under the constant observation of Mental. She shook hands, and received hugs from Neitherworlders' who she had never seen even seen before; and she was getting anxious. When would this torture end?

Finally, after ignoring the situation for so long, Beetlejuice actually acknowledged someone, and smiled. He began talking to an old man who had just come up to him. The old man had long whitish-green hair, and large yellow eyes.

"He looks familiar," Lydia thought. "But where have I seen him before?" She gave handshakes to a few more strangers before she made her way over to her husband and the stranger.

"Beej is my husband now." Lydia couldn't help but smile at the thought. It was hard to believe that she was now Lydia Marie Juice, instead of Lydia Marie Deetz. But she was sure she would get used to it. After all, she had always loved BJ's full name.

Beetlejuice brightened as Lydia approached him, "Babes!"

She walked over to him, and smiled, "Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?"

BJ snorted, "He's not a friend Lyds." Beetlejuice grinned with fiendish glee, "He's my great uncle Lester!"

"That's why he looks so familiar to me!" Lydia realized holding her hand to the old man.

"Hello," She said politely, wondering what 'Lester' would do.

Lester looked at her hand with a raised eyebrow. "Didn't you marry Beetlejuice, just now?"

"Yes I did." Lydia replied slowly, wondering what had brought on the question.

"Then you're a part of my family?"

"I suppose so."

Lester's mouth opened to reveal a toothy grin, that reminded her of Beetlejuice when he was fooling around.

"Then that settles it!" He exclaimed in his very hoarse, old voice. "I will not accept a handshake from you!"

Lydia was confused and a little hurt, "But why?"

Lester let loose a hoarse cackle that reminded her of Beetlejuice. It gave her chills.

"Because chickieboo, you're family, and I hug my family." He opened his thin arms, and Lydia gave the old man a huge hug, giggling all the while.

Beetlejuice smiled too. The ghost with the most loved watching Lyds interact with his childhood hero. At first he had been worried that Lester wouldn't approve of her. But this first encounter had proved otherwise.

As Lydia pulled away, she planted a small kiss on the old man's cheek. "Thank you."

"I haven't done anything." Lester reasoned. "So ya shouldn't be thankin' me, Lydia."

Lydia smiled as he said her name. He sounded like an older version of the B-man himself. It was almost looking and talking to a mirror image of BJ. Lydia found it very amusing, to say the least.

"But you have done something that warrants thanks Uncle Lester."

"What did I do?" Lester asked looking from the young woman to his great-nephew with a lifted white eyebrow.

Beetlejuice shrugged indifferently, "Don't ask me Les. I just married her." Beetlejuice said fighting back a laugh.

Lydia rolled her eyes. Trust the two jokesters not to see the obvious.

"You've been kind to me, and helped me feel welcome." She explained softly. "I feel comfortable around you. Besides the fact that you have a good sense of humor."

Lester chuckled. "Where did you find this one Beetlejuice? And where can I get me one?"

"Lyds is one of a kind Les." The Ghost said laughing. "You're outta luck me bucko!"

"Aww, rats," Lester said snapping his fingers. "Well, I getta dance with her, and be the favorite Uncle! Right chickieboo?"

Lydia nodded grinning from ear to ear, "Sure."

Lester looking right proud of himself, picked a little black beetle off of the nearby wall, and popped it into his mouth with a sickening crunch. "See you at the feast kids! I get ta sit next to the bride!"

And without another word, the old Neitherworld man, hobbled off, leaving Lydia laughing, and Beetlejuice muttering.

"How did he get so PUSH-Y!" The ghost grumbled, scowling.

Lydia rolled her eyes, "I could ask the same thing about you Beetlejuice."

"HEYYY," Beetlejuice hollered. "I'm not pushy!"

Lydia decided not to argue with him, and changed the topic quickly.

"I didn't know you had a Great Uncle."

Beetlejuice shrugged, "He's been in prison since before you were born Lyds. He just got out yesterday."

Lydia shook her head, "Let me guess: he pulled a really nasty prank on someone?"

Beetlejuice grinned wickedly, "He only pulled the biggest gag of the century!"

"What did he do?" Lydia asked curiously.
"I'll let him tell ya Lyds." Beetlejuice said in awe, completely forgetting the outburst he had had moments before, about the same man. "It's amazing."

Lydia wondered what Lester could have done that would impress Beetlejuice. It must have been big. Her thoughts were interrupted by Judge Mental's screechy voice.

"Now that you've all congratulated the bride and groom, please make your way to the tables, so we may begin the wedding feast."

The crowd of Neitherworlders began to slowly make their way to the other side of the room, where two large tables lined the furthest wall. Set upon the tables were exquisite platters of Neitherworld and Human food alike. All dishes were amazing and unique in their own way.

Beetlejuice's tongue lolled out of his mouth, and he began to drool. "Wwwoahhh. . . Babes, look at all that food!"

But Lydia wasn't looking at the food. Her mind was in a different place entirely. "Umm. . . Beetlejuice. . . I have to the go to the bathroom."

"Sure thing Lyds. Meet ya, back at the tables in ten." And the poltergeist disappeared with a loud puff cloud.
"Beetlejuice and his theatrics," Lydia thought rolling her eyes as she went past the double doors, and out into the dark hallway. The second the human girl stepped into the pitch black foyer, she shivered. Why was it so cold out here? And . . . wet? The ground was sopping wet to the touch. Lydia lifted an eyebrow. What was going on?

"Lydia. . ." A voice whispered, making her turn around in a full circle. "Lydia. . . Over here."

Lydia followed the voice, to a coffin shaped couch located in the corner of the entrance hall where she not so long ago had been married.

Sitting on the couch, a dark rain cloud hovering over his head was Prince Vince. His large dark eyes looked up at her in agony.

"I'm too late. . ."

Lydia didn't know what to say. There was nothing to say.

"You're already married . . . aren't you?" The distraught Prince cried, bringing his hand up in front of his eyes.

"Yes," Lydia answered her voice barely above a whisper.

Vince sniffled uncontrollably, and let out a sob. Lydia slowly sat down next to him, and immediately got soaked down to the bone, from the storm cloud. She trembled, as her body began to feel numb. This was a bitter rain.

Lydia placed her hand on Vince's back and rubbed small circles, consolingly. She hadn't meant to hurt anyone. But it seemed she had.

"My fair Lydia, why have you forsaken me?" Vince asked quietly, looking up to meet her soft eyes.

At first Lydia didn't know how to answer. But then after a few moments, the perfect words came to her. If she couldn't say it, she would sing it.

"Don't be afraid, it'll be alright. Just take my hand, hold it tight. No matter where I am, I'll be with you. Just think of me, don't you cry.

No one could understand the way you feel. How could they know? How could you explain?

This bond between us can't be broken. I will be here don't you cry. . .

Cause you'll be in my heart. Yes, you'll be in my heart. From this day on, now and forever more.

You'll be in my heart. Now matter what they say. You'll be here in my heart, always. . . always. . .

Vince. . . I'll be there for you always. . . mmm. . always and always. . . Just look over your shoulder. Just look over your shoulder. Turn around and look over your shoulder. Cause I'll be there. . . always. . ."

As Lydia finished she hugged Prince Vince, who had grown silent, during her song. He hugged her back listlessly. Lydia, pulled away from him, and smiled, and her eyes sparkled as the rain pelted her pale white skin, and her dress sagged against her.

Vince's breath caught in his chest. Lydia had never been more beautiful than she was now. She was radiant.

"I'm happy Vince." Lydia said, as a silent tear slid down her cheek.

Vince paused for a moment before he took her hand in his, "I know you are."

Lydia held onto his hand, tenderly. "Thank you."

"I love you Lydia Deetz." Vince said, his eyes trying to memorize every detail of her face.

"I know. . ." Lydia breathed.

The young human girl leaned up on tip toe, and gently placed her lips on Vinces'. It was a chaste kiss, but the Prince of the Neitherworld wouldn't have traded it for anything.

As she pulled away, she brushed his cheek. "Goodbye, my dear, Prince Vince."

"Goodbye Lydia." Vince whispered, as Lydia turned and walked back into the bright reception hall, to join her husband.

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