Ten years had passed; Nobita now became a college student. Fortunately, Nobita had a college to go. Unfortunately, since the location of his university was far away from home, Doraemon, Nobita's supportive and extremely helpful partner, could be with Nobita and give him a helping hand anytime. While Nobita learnt that he was going to attend college without Doraemon's help and those amazing tools given by Doraemon, all the images occurring to him was depicting the desperate and hopeless college daily life he would soon face. Nobita could not help but burst out crying, and it was so loud that Doraemon heard and came immediately. "What's wrong with you, Nobita, again?" asked Doraemon.
"…" Nobita stopped crying that loudly, he started weeping.
"Come on, Nobita, tell me. Actually, I should ask, shouldn't I? After all, you will not be able to rely on me soon, maybe I better let you solve out the problems by your own."
"No! I can't live without Doraemon!" cried Nobita. "Before I leave home, would you please give me a tool as the last gift?"
Fiona, with her beauty and elegance, she quickly wins Nobita's trust and his best friend. She's a gorgeous female who is like a princess from a noble family. Her eyes, nose, and everything are just in the right place; no one's figure is more perfect than hers. Well-mannered, elegance, and any other positive adjectives that an ordinary person could think of could be appropriate for Fiona. However, she's a robot. Besides, whenever she's angry, she'll become a terrible monster. No one knows about the secret, including Nobita.
. With the help of perfect Fiona, Nobita leads a wonderful college life. He gets advance level in his academic assignments and wins respect and popularities from both his classmates and professors. However, all of these are exchanged by Nobita's tolerance and fear about Fiona's anger. He complains the terrible design about Fiona to Doraeman but in vain. "This is the best design of the world!" The days went by.
One day, Nobita discovered that there was something wrong with Fiona.
Nobita says, "Hey, Fiona, are you bothered by something? You keep ignoring me recently." Well... nothing! ," Fiona replied with a sad face." Tell me, please. To me, you are a very important friend. If I did something that had offended you, I am willing to apologize," said Nobita.
In fact, Fiona met her lover Sherk last week and still couldn't forget about his gorgeous face and muscular body. Sherk had the same feeling as Fiona, so they decided to get married and moved to the pound as soon as they could. However, being Nobita's beloved friend and loyal robot, Fiona just couldn't tell Nobita about her leaving with Sherk. Fiona says, "Dear Nobita, you have be a good and responsible college student, I know you will do well own by yourself." Nobita answered, "Well, I know I am doing pretty well recently and I am proud of myself." Not knowing that Fiona was leaving him, Nobita was still happy and content with the life he owned now.
Fiona was struggled to death to tell Nobita about her leaving. She wondered which way will be the best way to announce this news. So she left without saying goodbye.
Nobita discovered that Fiona disappeared, so he looked for her for quite a few days. However, no one knows Fiona went. Nobita was so sad that he no longer put efforts in his school and his friends all left him because he was acting like a person without soul.