Dear Diary,

There's this weird guy hanging around my Onii-chan, and I'm worried.

Ever since Aniki joined Seibu's American Football team last year, and after that really big game they had abroad—which was really cool, since Onii-chan was part of it and he totally kicked ass, but don't tell him I wrote the a-word, okay?—there's been a lot of suspicious guys hanging around him. Well, Kid-nii and Tetsuma-nii were okay, and even that Sena-nii was almost as great as Aniki sometimes. Those three were the only okay ones.

Then again... You know, Diary, even back when I was old enough to be aware of other people and how they look at us, Onii-chan's always attracted a lot of people since he's so cool and stuff, so maybe I should have sort of expected this… But still! This guy who's been hanging with him recently? He's probably the most suspicious one yet.

Onii-chan told me before that his name's Kamiya. Sounds like a suspicious name, right, Diary?

He started hanging with Onii-chan a few times after that Kantou tourney whatever thing, and then a few more times until that big football game, the Christmas Bowl. I didn't see the guy much when things got busy again during the time Onii-chan was asked to join this new Japan team. He was practicing real hard those days that he would usually get back home late, and just fall asleep. Then they finally went to America. I missed him a lot when he went to America (remember when I wrote about that, Diary? I was really lonely then). When he returned home, I was so happy! He was very happy to be home, too! He told us lots of stories! There were lots of pictures, too! And I found out that Kamiya went with him to America. I was very jealous when he told me, because Kamiya got to watch Onii-chan play live. We didn't. But the good thing was that he told me that Kamiya actually lived far away, in the snowy areas up north, so he wasn't going to see him much anymore. Yay! No more suspicious guy!

Or so I thought.

This morning mommy brought me back home early since my ballet lessons and tuition got cancelled (she left right after to go back to work). It seemed like Onii-chan was home early, too, because I saw his jacket and bag thrown somewhere down the hallway. It was weird, Diary, because Onii-chan always remembers to put his things away. And shouldn't he have football practice or something? Maybe they didn't have one since it was just the first day of the school?

It was about to go and knock so I can give him back his stuff, but then I saw another bag outside his door. It was Kamiya's bag, Diary! I saw his wallet inside, and it had his school I.D., too, so I'm sure it was his. And it looked like the guy goes to the college near Onii-chan's school now. Enma's the nearest college in the area, I think.

Oh no! It just hit me, Diary. Does this mean I'll see more of Kamiya now? I really hope not!

By the way, I think I should tell you, Diary, that the guy had a decent amount of money in his wallet, at least. It means he won't be trying to get money from Onii-chan, which is good. There was lots of other stuff inside his bag, too. Most of them were the same as what Onii-chan brings to school, like clothes, hair brush, cologne, school stuff, water bottles, lotion, hair mouse? Moose? The gooey stuff he puts in his hair. Pretty normal, even with the trash (wrappers, mostly, and used tissues—ew). But he's still weird. And suspicious. I mean, why would he keep pictures of Onii-chan inside his wallet?

I would have asked that Kamiya person if he was a stalker, just to warn Onii-chan, too, but they sounded real busy inside. Lots of rustling and moving, like they were looking for something. And of course, I don't want to get Onii-chan angry for disturbing him.

Because you know what's the weirdest about Kamiya, Diary? Onii-chan actually seemed to like him. Not more than how much he likes me, of course, 'cause I'm his favorite baby sister, but the last time I tried to bother him and Kamiya, or when I told the suspicious guy to leave (politely), Onii-chan frowned at me. He almost never frowns at me!

There must be something about that Kamiya person, Diary. He must be doing something to Onii-chan to make him act like that. I don't really want to look like I want to know more about Kamiya, but for the sake of my beloved Onii-chan, I think I'll start paying more attention to him this time.

And rest assured, Diary, I'll report everything to you!


Kaitani Rika

Aniki = big/older brother, but in a very respectful way. I didn't want to use Japanese terms, but I just thought that if Riku had a sister, there'd be this huge sibling complex between them and like, she'd really think of him as the greatest big brother ever, and nothing says 'You're Awesome, Big Bro, I Respect You Very Much!' like calling him 'Aniki'. If I'm using it incorrectly, do tell me!

Edit: A very helpful reviewer, IX (I wish you reviewed with an account so I could properly thank you, but much thanks nonetheless!), suggested I use Onii-chan instead of Aniki. It made sense so I changed the term. XD

So yeah. And Riku really does have a little sister in canon. For the purpose of this story, she's about seven to nine? Whichever helps for this fic to make sense, lol.

Concrit would be much appreciated. Thanks :)