Dear Diary,

This Sunday morning, Kamiya was at our house for breakfast again. I don't know why mom lets him come over all the time. And I don't like how she treats him like he's been adopted into our family. So what if the guy's a college kid living on his own? So what if mom didn't think he'd know how to feed himself properly? He's old now, he should be fine. Onii-chan would be fine on his own if he ever had to leave the house.

I hope Onii-chan never does that, Diary. I'd hate it if he ever left.


After having eaten breakfast at the dining room, Rika's mother shooed them away with pudding cups, and the children—where one Kamiya Taiga was included, much to Rika's chagrin—were told to have their dessert in the living room.

So there they were, her brother in the middle of their couch with Rika and Kamiya seated on each of his side, eating yummy pudding and watching some glowing middle school boy play tennis.

Now, Rika didn't particularly mind not having to help their mother with the cleaning, especially if it meant keeping an eye on the very suspicious intruder, and even more so when it meant getting extra bites from her brother's pudding, which her very wonderful big brother was more than willing to share. Rika's only problem with her brother giving away his dessert was that Kamiya, who was such a jealous brat (jealous of a kid half his age! How pathetic!), asked for more of the treat, too. And Riku, when he wasn't busy telling people how to be more independent and less pitiable, liked to spoil the people he cared about. Really, though. There should be a limit to her brother's selflessness—he didn't have to feed Kamiya using his own spoon, too. Kamiya can eat on his own, can't he? And the googly eyes Kamiya was making was so gross, Rika didn't know why it seemed to work on her brother.

Honestly, Rika couldn't see what was so great about that Kamiya. She couldn't find anything in the older boy that would merit her brother's care and attention. In fact, she could name so many things that were wrong about him.

First of all, his hair was white. White!

Her brother had white hair, too, and their mother told her before that it was because he was an 'albino' which was something he got from their father's side of the family. Thinking about it now made Rika remember meeting a cousin who had white hair and red eyes. So Kamiya perhaps was a cousin, too, which could explain the unwarranted niceness he was receiving.

"Hey, Mom!" Rika shouted, making their mother peek from the doorway leading to the dining room.

"Yes, dear?"

"Kamiya's hair's white. Is he our cousin?"

Her mother said he wasn't related to them the same time her brother and Kamiya exclaimed incredulous 'What?'s.

Well, Rika thought it was a good thing since she didn't really want to be related to Kamiya. Beside her, Riku sighed and continued what he was doing. Rika felt slightly triumphant upon seeing her brother's reaction. Not the part where he resumed feeding Kamiya, but the part where he looked like he didn't want to be related to the suspicious person, too.

…So why did Kamiya have white hair?

Oh. Maybe he dyed his hair. "You dye your hair, don't you?" Rika casually asked as she scooped from her pudding cup. She wasn't really looking at them, or more like, she couldn't bear to anymore because Kamiya had his arm placed behind her brother's—technically, on the couch's back rest, but it was suspiciously close enough—and it was really irritating to look at, Kamiya acting so relaxed and friendly as her brother fed him. Rika was so jealous.

"Hm? Oh, my hair? Yeah, I do," he answered, laughing. "Is it too flashy?"

Of course it was, Rika thought, frowning at the TV.

"Yeah, actually," Riku said off-handedly. Rika was surprised to hear him agree that she turned her head to look at them. Kamiya laughed again.

"I guess. My stylist recommended it for the season, though he did say to dye it back to black before the roots show." Kamiya shrugged at Riku. "I can change it this week—"

"Don't," her brother said a bit too quickly. "Don't… I like—I mean, you'd look too… weird. Yeah, weird." He smiled a bit awkwardly, almost shyly, ruffling Kamiya's head as he did—no, wait, her brother didn't do shy—it was probably a yielding smile, or a sorry smile, because Kamiya would look weird if he changed his hair. Definitely.

"Really? I guess I'll keep it then. 'Cause it'll be too weird," Kamiya said, laughing at her brother's kindness and consideration. How dare he! He was the one who dyed his hair here. So flashy! And not unlike those gangsters who dyed their hair blond.

Rika did not approve.

Speaking of gangsters, the scar over Kamiya's nose looked very, very wrong. And suspicious. So very suspicious. The scar was the second item in Rika's Things-Wrong-With-Kamiya list.

Rika poked Kamiya's foot with her own. The action finally got his attention away from her brother and to her. Like killing two birds with one stone. Rika smirked at her own ingenuity. "Ne, how'd you get that scar?"

"This?" Kamiya pointed at the mark over his nose, grinning like he had an interesting story to tell about it.

"I'd like to know, too," her big brother said, obviously curious, too.

Rika had guesses as to how the scar came to be. It included scenarios like getting into gangster fights and bullying other people who in turn took revenge. In both cases, she was sure her brother would give Kamiya The Face; an angry, upset lecturing kind of look that made all bullies feel really bad. She had only seen The Face twice when she was younger and there were kids who tried to pick on her. It made her feel bad after she saw it, and she wasn't even on the receiving end—that was how powerful The Face was! If her brother ever gave it to Kamiya, she was sure they'd never be friends again because Riku hated bullies and people like them most of all.

Except, laughing and scratching the back of his head, Kamiya said, "A couple of my friends and I got into an accident while playing with wooden swords. Nothing big." And then he laughed again.

It was sort of pathetic to hear, Rika thought, almost disappointed with Kamiya's answer. And she couldn't imagine how wooden swords would make a cut so deep that the scar didn't fade even now that he was older, but her brother sure look worried. He kept fussing over the scar, and he wouldn't stop touching it till Rika got so bored watching them, she just went back up to her room.

While going up the stairs, she chanced seeing her big brother kissing Kamiya's scar better.

"Tch." Rika, jealous all over again, grumpily continued to march up, all the while muttering "Stupid lucky, Kamiya."


Really, Diary, I still can't see why Aniki would let a flashy, pathetic guy like him be his friend. I guess I still need to observe that guy some more?


Kaitani Rika