I was inspired by Camunki's one-shot "Displacement" story - incredibly hot, and well-written. You should go read it if you're into Kurt/Karofsky. But I read that Camunki wrote it as a challenge so I wanted to do the same. There needs to be more Kurtofsky (Karomel?) smut out there, I tells ya.

Following Camunki's prompt challenge: After the locker room kiss scene, they are both at some jock/cheerio party. Kurt is tipsy. Karofsky can't stop thinking about how kissing Kurt felt, so he gets Kurt completely drunk and hooks up with him - you decide how far they go. Kurt doesn't necessarily LIKE Karofsky yet, but he enjoys the hooking up/sex.

Pairing: Kurt Hummel/Dave Karofsky

Rating: M! Stay away! AWAY I SAY! pwp. Adult stuff. Strays into the gray area of consent.

Disclaimer: Don't own Glee.

That said - please don't hate me.

Pandora's Box

He opened it, and he couldn't go back. He actually did what he wanted to do for so long and look where it got him. Alone still. Worse than before because now that he actually kissed those lips, he knew what it felt like... and it was like a drug.

And he was the addict.

He balled up his fists as he drank some more.

One of his 'friends' was laughing beside him, telling him some alcohol-fueled joke, not even aware that Karofsky wasn't even listening. It was all background noise as he continued to pump the cups of spiked orange juice down his throat. He was at a party that was just a lame excuse for Cheerios and the jocks to get wasted and rub up against each other. It was still the height of cool for McKinley and there was a time when Karofsky was glad to be here; it meant he fit in. He wasn't the outcast he was afraid of being... that he was afraid of being perceived as.

Only the party wasn't fun anymore, and he wasn't here.

But what did it matter if he wasn't here? Karfosky hated himself for wanting that... for wanting that fag. (He didn't want him, he didn't.) Even as he thought that, he knew it didn't make it any less true. The more he shoved, the more he touched, the more he smelled... the more he saw those eyes... the more he just wanted to be a part of that thing he hated. And that disgusted him more than anything.

It had all changed so quickly. All of his control evaporated when he was so close to that boy. Something about him just made him go haywire and it frightened him. All of that time growing up, absolving all of that caution, only for it to just evaporate: he was crashing.

Before that kiss... before Kurt, Karofsky grabbed a few tits there... fucked a pussy there... but he always closed his eyes and imagined something different as he did that.

Something flatter...



He closed his eyes.

He tried kissing some other girls after that, but he couldn't go past that. Once he felt electricity, he couldn't settle for ordinary static. Whenever he thought of Kurt Hummel's lips, it inspired voltage.

He groaned slightly, crumpling up the cup in his hand as he got up to get more beer. His stance swayed and his friends laughed. He ignored them and carried on. He had to stop thinking about that homo. He had to quit this-this... madness.

Oh yes. It was madness. What a perfect word for it. Day and night, it was all he could think about. Especially at night, when there was no one to watch him as he closed his eyes and whispered his name: "Kurt."

"You say something, Karofsky?" A girl next to him said. He blinked. Did he say it outloud?

"Uh yeah, got anymore..." his mind raced as he thought of an excuse. Shit shit shit. "...Furt..enger beer?" It was stupid, but it was worth a shot. Fortunately the girl was both dumb and tipsy herself.

"Yeah, um, maybe in the back. Want me to get you some?"

"No, I'll get it." Anything to get away from that embarrassing situation. He was sweating so much by the time he got to the backroom. Anymore slips like that, and he was toast. He'd be branded a homo.

(And what was so bad about that? a part of him wondered.)

He nearly ripped off the fridge door as he saw piles and piles of booze and beer. So much, he thought. There was so much wrong when he thought of Kurt. He closed his eyes and leaned against the wall next to the fridge. No, I can't call him that... I can't treat him like a regular person. That's the first step.

Dave knew he was well past the first step. Since that kiss, he was on step ninety seven. He just didn't want to admit it... yet.

If only he were here. A small smile came up as his groin stirred and tightened at the thought, and he sighed. If he was here, what would happen? He wanted to laugh; it'd just turn out to be the same bullying unless the kid came smashed... then who knows what happens if they were alone together again like that kiss. Mmm. That kiss... He must've kissed a hundred girls and nothing ever happened in his chest like it did then. That pounding... that elation... it was like his insides were flying but he was still on the ground.

And then when he wanted more, he was shut down. Any disgust he felt for himself was thrown back in Kurt's face. Rejected by the only other (desperate) gay kid - wasn't that a proud moment for him. This brought back the scowl and he angrily went back to the fridge, taking out a six-pack greedily for himself. Not his type, Karofsky mimicked silently in a high annoying voice. Bald by the time he's thirty. Ha!

...Extraordinarily ordinary boy...

He nearly broke the bottle, opening it up and downed the whole bottle in one sitting. His hand had a small cut from the cap and he sucked on it, wondering if Kurt was here, would he put his mouth sexily on his boo-boo and make the hurt go away? Oh god, he was smashed. He put a hand to his head, shaking it, and continued walking outside the house to get air.

Where did Kurt get off acting so high and mighty? Ladyface should've been grateful for even getting any attention. Beggars can't be choosers. But somehow Karofsky felt like he would beg just to get another taste. That salty, minty, wonderful taste so different and so welcoming that it made his mind woozy just thinking about it (or was that the eleven mixed drinks from earlier?)

He stumbled outside into the warm night, breathing it in. Even though he was lonely, he couldn't deal with putting up a front in front of others, especially when he was getting as drunk as he is. God knows what he'll say... he wasn't even thinking when he let that "Kurt" slip out. He felt a little bit more free away from the rest... all he wanted to do was just drink until he passed out.

He closed his eyes, licking his lips, looking forward to his dreams. That was the only place he could touch Kurt the way he wanted to... the way Kurt wanted him to.

But he almost tripped over something.

...over someone.

He looked down and there was the object of his fantasies, sitting by the garage in his perfect attire. Dressed to Impress as always. But he didn't really look that alert.

No... he looked a bit buzzed. Actually, he looked close to smashed.

Well. This was interesting.

Kurt looked up, almost falling from the stoop doing so, but Karofsky caught him. His fingers burned touching that bare skin. So soft, he thought. He righted the boy and retracted his hand, afraid of being caught. (Caught by what? His desire or the eyes within? He wasn't sure which.)

Kurt mumbled, "Thanks." He looked down at his lap, blinking slowly. A few minutes went by.

"Hey, you okay?" he hesitantly asked, looking at the boy closely. He was definitely not sober. Karofsky didn't even remember him being at the party... was he that oblivious? Or did Kurt see him and make sure to stay invisible?

"Yeah," Kurt said, continuing to drink his cup of spiked orange juice. "Just a little tipsyyy," he drawled, smiling at the taller boy whose heart jumped at the gift given to him. That smile. Oh. That smile did things to him... things that couldn't be discussed in polite society. Oh, Karofsky would've given anything to do what he wanted to do to those lips. He probably could've gotten away with it too, now that Kurt's defenses were down.

That sparked an idea in his mind.

His eyes went to the main house and then to the more secluded portion out back. He was mindful of being watched... and more mindful of the opportunity given to him. "Say, wanna check something out?"

"What?" Kurt's eyes fluttered as his eyebrows went together, trying to comprehend what the other boy was saying. Did he even know it was even him he was talking to? Dave decided to chance it and tilted his head to the side, motioning in the direction.

"Come on. You'll love it." There was anticipation underlying the statement, and he held his breath as he watched the boy's reaction. It was easy.

"As long as I can lay down, then fine." There was no hesitation when he grabbed Kurt's hand and brought him up to him, their bodies colliding for a second. Karofsky wanted to moan at the feeling of Kurt's stomach going into his groin. It was soft, and not unpleasant... no, it was only feeding into his anticipation. He stepped away wisely.

It was wrong on so many levels as he led the barely functioning Kurt behind him to the barn out back, but he couldn't help himself. The alcohol was blurring the lines of morality and only fueling his courage to act out his fantasies on the creature that had teased him for so long. Kurt was silent for a minute before he asked in his dreamy voice, "Where are we going?"

"Someplace comfortable. You'll see." He could sense the slight fear in his little doe. If Kurt was more sober, he would've sprinted from him by now. The thought at chasing the boy made his cock hard. There was no chance of escape... not tonight. He kept walking, keeping his grip on his hand tight lest he wiggle away and run. At the same time, he wanted him to run... wanted to pin Kurt down on the ground with his own hard and heavy body and more importantly silence the cries for help with his own mouth. Oh god, the thought was making him so hot as he looked back at the zombie like Kurt who was slightly giggling to himself as he brushed past some branches. It would be so easy... and Kurt would love it, too.

He opened the large barn door, looking around for other like-minded couples. None were in sight and there was no sound being made save for Kurt's giggling. He let a smile grow on his lips as he pulled the boy in to the dark barn. They settled on a spot by the hay pile under a moonlit window. "Where am I..." Kurt started to say but was given a beer.

"You look thirsty. Why don't you drink." It wasn't a suggestion. Kurt took the opened beer, only looking at Karofsky with slight apprehension. Karofsky, on the other hand, was glad to have brought the rest of his six pack. Kurt took the drink and sipped it, and then started drinking more under Karofsky's watchful gaze. Yeah, he was starting to sober up. A few more drinks and this lightweight would be his.

It's not that Dave didn't want Kurt sober doing this; it's just that he was so horny, and the last time he tried something like this on Kurt while both were sober... well, that didn't turn out like how he wanted either. Even now, he was conflicted at going through with this. Would this make him gay? No, he reasoned. People experiment. This was just an experiment. He'd test it out, find out how much he hated it, never do it again, and give what Kurt wanted. Win, win, win, win!

He moved next to Kurt, putting a hand on his knee. He always did find Kurt particularly striking. Dark hair, pale skin... such a small frame. He looked so feminine but masculine at the same time. Dave's insides began to float as he leaned in to smell, watching as Kurt drank, not looking at him. Was he even aware of what was going on?

He felt slightly guilty. He knew other boys who tried tactics like this, Puck being one of them. Get them boozed up... get their defenses down... and then fuck them. Fuck them while you have the chance. He never tried it himself... but then again, it wasn't everyday he had the opportunity to screw this tender little wetdream of his. He wanted to refrain from drinking anymore, wanting all of the alcohol to be used plying this boy's legs open... but he was nervous and drank a bottle, gaining more liquid courage than be bargained for. By the second (and last beer) he was decently smashed himself combined with all the rest of the drinks he had that night. Not to mention more randy.

After Kurt's third beer in the last ten minutes, Karofsky got closer and closer to him, rubbing the top of his thighs as he leaned in to smell his hair. Oh god, he smelled great. So masculine and so feminine at the same time. Like candy and peppermint; sweetness and youth... a little different than all the times he'd breathe in the boy's scent at school anytime he was close. His cock was twitching with each action, ready to blow at any moment. Kurt squirmed under the attention and then turned to him, their lips suddenly so close to one another.

This prompted a question out of nowhere. "I want to know why you kissed me." His eyes were glazed as he tried to focus on his enemy. Karofsky was a little surprised he was still able to form a sentence, but the possibility of remembering any of this was slim. More importantly, he knew it was him. He wasn't sure how to feel about that, but decided that the risk was worth it to keep going. He was going to see this through come hell or high water.

"You know why. You asked for it," his enemy replied, his hand going into the inside of Kurt's thigh, stroking closer and closer to his groin. Kurt let a small moan out and Karofsky couldn't feel more triumphant. He leaned into Kurt's ear and nibbled like how girls would do to him. The effect was instantaneous as Kurt led out a girlish peal that he knew was a moan. Oh yeah, he liked that. He started to suck on the earlobe, working his way down the boy's soft, pale neck. Just get it out of your system, he told himself vainly. Just do what you want, get it over with, and never do it again, he thought as he licked Kurt's skin and started biting at the place where the neck meets the shoulder (which also drove his little Kurt crazy too...)

"I hate you," Kurt slurred as he bit his lip to stop feeling so good. He was losing himself as the other boy touched him more and more. Even though he hated it, he loved it more. Karofsky was starting to become undone himself, especially when he saw Kurt cutely bit his own pouty lips. That did it. He leaned in for the kill, putting his lips on Kurt's. Kurt resisted for a few seconds before accepting it. Maybe it was the beer that made him feel sluggish, but he just laid there as Karofsky went to work on his body.

It didn't matter that Kurt said that to him. It dampened his mood a little... but not enough to stop what he was doing. What did he care? Kurt could hate him; lord knows that Dave hated Kurt, and yet look where he was: his hand was down the other boy's jeans massaging his cock through his underwear. That made him open his mouth. Bingo, Karofsky thought, as his tongue went in for the first time. It really was electric. If he thought the last kiss was anything to think about, this one was going to be impossible not to think about 24/7. His hands were everywhere on Kurt's body: his chest, his ass, his face. He couldn't get enough.

If this was hate... then he could live with it.

He moved his lips to the smaller boy's neck, sucking and kissing like he was trying to eat him. And he was; god, he was delicious. Kurt held onto him, his hands going into Karofsky's hair, not knowing every little thing he did was driving the bigger boy to the edge. "Oh god, baby," he said into Kurt's skin. "God, yes, I love this."

He had never been so hot and bothered before. Was this what making out was supposed to feel like? He thought it was so boring before, just going through the motions... but with Kurt, it felt so powerful, so vibrant.

So fucking hot.

He opened his eyes and looked down at his face as he put a hand over Kurt's groin and rubbed it more furiously. Kurt gasped, his eyes shut, biting his lip as he twisted around for escape. Karofsky's eyes darkened as he watched. No, this little one was going to stay underneath him until he was done. It gave him a dangerous delight to torture Kurt so much and it took him to a height of pleasure he didn't even know; he wasn't even touching himself!

He grabbed Kurt's jeans and tugged them off roughly. He went up to the shirt and took that off as well. Kurt looked dazed from both his arousal and the actions. He let out a whimper at the exposure, looking up with his blue eyes at his tormentor. Karofsky took off his own shirt, leaving his pants on as he lowered his body over the barely clothed boy below him.

"Ssh," he hushed the boy as he began to kiss his bare chest. "It's okay." The whimpers turned into moans, and soon Kurt's legs were wrapped around him, much to Karofsky's delight. They began to kiss again, so deeply and so passionately. He could feel Kurt's hard cock through his own jeans and his own cock was pulsing wilder than before. He rubbed and Kurt rubbed back as they dry humped. Kurt's hands grabbed Karofsky's hair as he bucked harder and harder under the weight of the other boy who only held him tighter as he moved. Suddenly, he removed himself and Kurt looked up, panting, his cock out of his underwear now.

Another whimper came out of him, causing Karofsky to kiss him sweetly on the lips to shush him. Kurt hapzardly tried to sit up, swaying as he did so. "Don't stop," Kurt said as he kissed Karofsky's neck. "Please don't stop." The request and action almost undid him altogether. But he had to think. He wanted this to last for as long as possible. He put a hand on Kurt's chest, feeling his soft and hard skin beneath his fingertips.

"Lay down," he ordered and Kurt submissively laid back down.

"I've waited so long for this," he said to himself rather to anyone in particular. He took off his pants, completely naked save for his boxers. He laid back down on the boy, this time while kissing him, he tugged Kurt's underwear down and off his body, putting himself into position. Kurt's eyes widened.

"Wait, stop-"

He put his lips on Kurt's to stop the protestations as the head met the entrance. Kurt twisted around, still boozed up but slightly aware of what was happening. Along with his first kiss, he was going to take Kurt's virginity as well. Dave was going on instinct. He wanted this so he was going to take it - simple as that. He had a vague idea what he was doing, choosing just to go with what felt right than thinking it through. He was going to make this boy his.

"No, please-" Karofsky pushed as Kurt yelled in pain and then they stayed still. Tears flowed from his blue eyes as Karofsky stared into them. So beautiful, he thought, as he stroked the side of Kurt's body. Why did he have to be so beautiful? It made him want to break him more. He wanted to destroy him until there was nothing left, nothing but those blue eyes of his. He always was so cute when he cried. His cheeks got redder and the way he looked up at him with a broken expression - it almost made him come. He loved hurting him so much.. breaking him and re-breaking him until there was nothing left.

He petted the boy's hair, leaning in to kiss him as he slowly pumped in. Kurt closed his mouth to him and whimpered as Dave fucked him, only holding onto him halfway through as the sex became slicker with Karofsky's natural lubrication. Only then did Kurt open his mouth and Dave's tongue entered him, mimicking their sex. Kurt grabbed his large hand and entangled his fingers in them, and Karofsky gripped it as he went in and out of the sweet boy underneath him.

"So sexy," he groaned between kisses, "so fucking sexy." Kurt moaned back, kissing Karofsky's neck in blind lust. This fuels the fire and makes him go faster, shoving all of his length in Kurt.

"Yeah," he said, whispering in Kurt's ear, "you like that, Kurt. You like that, don't you?"

Kurt nodded, still sniffling from the earlier pain. Dave couldn't help himself; not watching Kurt's angelic face seemed like a waste of time. He picked up Kurt's legs and put them around his waist. The position adjustment allowed for deeper penetration and it took all of Dave's will not to come from the change. "Oooh, yes! I want that, oh god, yes." He grabbed Kurt's appendage with his free hand, stroking it slowly in time with the other stroking.

It was sexy what he was seeing: a beautiful being writhing around in pleasure with tears still fresh in his eyes. He felt powerful being in control of him... touching him how he wanted and not how he felt he should. It was so erotic and beyond someone as young as him how intoxicating this felt. With each push, Kurt's body arched in pleasure and pain, and Dave couldn't get enough of it. It was... it was... he was moaning louder as he went faster and faster. It was sooo good, he thought as his eyes up in the most intense orgasm he ever felt.

He collapsed on the delicate Kurt, kissing him through his fresh exhaustion. He noticed there was a sticky wetness on his belly. It must've come from Kurt. He rolled over and groaned from the effort. He was so tired. The booze and sex was getting to him. He felt the boy stir against him who was already asleep, and he didn't mind that that boy cuddled up unconsciously closer to him. And he didn't mind that boy's hand on his chest. And he really didn't mind the sound of his breathing... light and rhythmic, like a lullaby of its own.

He was fighting his eyes closing. He was afraid of being discovered naked with him. What would happen if someone did see? His life would be shattered. His friends would abandon him. His family would turn their backs on him. He would be alone, all for the sake of an impulsive decision.

Why did he go along with this stupid idea?

He kissed the top of Kurt's soft hair, inhaling the scent, wrapping his arms around him. Whatever this was, it was too late to undo it. He was in. He opened the box. This could not be undone.

Whether or not Kurt remembered this didn't matter. He had this taste. He was sure he could withstand never having it again. This was the last time, he told himself.

But once that box was opened, it couldn't be easily closed either... as he soon found out.

My first effort at writing slash fiction. :/ I don't know - I thought it was hot!