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Chapter One

Harry moved quietly through the muggles' house, only the slight glow of his wand illuminating his path. He was quick. The sleeping muggles never even noticed he was there. He performed a quick spell, located the weapons in the house (there were hardly any) and grabbed them. His eyes swept quickly over the photographs in the living room, before he left. There were mostly pictures of two small boys, on the most recent photos maybe 6 and 12 years old. Harry performed another spell and confirmed that the children weren't there, only the couple asleep on the top floor.

The night air was cold, but not uncomfortably so and Harry was only slightly chilly as he patiently walked down the bush lined path to the road. He looked out over the calm, empty street before he pushed up his left sleeve and revealed his Dark Mark. It stood out against his pale skin like an ink smudge on a white piece of paper. Or like a blood stain. He carefully pushed his wand against it and waited for them to arrive.

They were fast, Harry only had to wait a few seconds for the first ones to appear with a small 'pop'. They had apparently been waiting eagerly for the night's work. He didn't see their faces under their hoods, but he recognised all of them anyway. He kept his head down until they'd all walked past him in to the yard and then he put up the barriers with a flick of his wand, so that no nosy muggles would hear the screams and come running or call the police. That would be an unwelcome annoyance and Harry was not in the mood for that tonight, even if some of his fellow Death Eaters would revel in the idea of killing more muggles.

Harry took his time walking up to the house and when he reached the door, someone had already woken the muggle couple up and put a body binding spell on the man. He'd apparently fought quite a bit as they'd brought him downstairs. He was still fighting, or trying to, managing only to flail around slightly on the floor.

The woman, who had a mousy look to her with dark blonde hair and pale eyes, was quietly crying and watching her husband with a terrified look on her face.

They seemed harmless enough, but the Dark Lord had somehow found them threatening, Harry reasoned, so threatening that he'd sent Harry to get rid of them. Harry gave a sign to the others to proceed and then leaned back against the wall, watching.

The woman screamed when the first curse hit her husband, confusion and terror mixing in her face, too shocked to even cry anymore. After her cries and pleas got too annoying someone cast Avada Kedavra and she fell to the floor with a muted 'thump'.

They worked the man longer, making him whimper and beg at their knees when they got tired of casting Crucio. He begged to be released, for them to stop, and at the end he begged for them to kill him. Eventually they did.

They were fast and thorough at straightening up the house, Harry made sure of it. They left the bodies where they were, and closed the door after them, leaving the glowing Dark Mark in the sky as the only evidence of their presence.


"We were successful, my Lord", Lucius said quietly, bowing so low that his nose was almost touching the hem of Voldemort's robe. Harry let him talk to Voldemort even though Harry had been the one leading them. He was always so eager to prove himself after his stay in Azkaban that Harry sometimes let him take credit for his work. It wasn't like the Dark Lord didn't know it was actually Harry who'd done all the work. The Dark Lord knew everything.

The Dark Lord watched with mild interest as they bowed before him one by one before he called for Harry.

Harry walked past the others and their envious glares and then bowed before his Lord as well. The cloaked men and women looked at Harry as if they were jealous school children and Harry was the teacher's pet.

"Yes, my Lord?" Harry asked quietly and Voldemort smiled.

"Did it go well?" he continued in parseltongue and the Death Eaters grew eerily quiet, listening in on this private conversation trying to understand and failing, hating Harry for this special favouritism.

"Yes", Harry answered, hissing quietly. "They were only muggles, they were easy to handle."

Voldemort looked pleased, as pleased as he could get, and then bent down from his throne-like chair and kissed Harry's forehead, on the left of the scar. Harry didn't have to ignore the pain of having him so close, he barely felt it anymore. He thought of himself as immune now.

"Thank you, my Lord", Harry said and Voldemort motioned for him to sit down by his side.

Harry conjured a chair and there was another 'pop' as a late arriver apparated into the middle of the room. It was Snape, Harry noticed as he sat down, getting his face to form a neutral expression. Snape always reminded him of the scribble of pencils, potion fumes, crowded classrooms and, especially, Hogwarts. Harry didn't want to remember that. It hurt to remember that.

Snape arrived in his mask, and the Dark Lord first ordered him to take it off. He liked to look at the people he was speaking to, it was easier to observe their behaviour then, easier to know if they were lying or not, and the Dark Lord was always looking for liars.

"Severus", he said, and Harry looked at him. He was pale, as usual, with that greasy hair hanging down in drapes, framing his face. The sneer that Harry used to see so often in class was gone, instead there was a carefully passive look. He glanced quickly at Harry, before he stood up, his eyes then back to the Dark Lord. He did that sometimes, glanced in a way that was barely noticeable, and it annoyed Harry to death that he couldn't recognise what he saw in his eyes when he did that.

"Forgive me for being late, my Lord, but Albus detained me and..." Voldemort made a gesture with his hand and he fell silent, bowing once more.

"He may be lying", the Dark Lord turned to Harry and hissed, his eyes never leaving Snape. Snape's dark eyes looked at Harry with just a little hint of nervousness in them. "He is hiding something from me, I can feel it. I can see it."

"You are a very skilled Legilimens, my Lord", Harry reminded, but still eyed Snape carefully.

"There are thoughts of his that I cannot access. Thoughts that are... Clouded, dark. Thoughts that he guards very carefully", Voldemort said and Harry could see a flash of panic in Snape's eyes, panic from knowing that they were talking about him but not knowing what they were saying.

In the end Voldemort just dismissed him with a flick of his hand and Snape mumbled one last, "Forgive me", before he joined the mass of the Dark Lord's followers.

Harry was dismissed last of them all and when he finally went to sleep he was exhausted.

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