Just a little something I wrote for a artist comment
of mine for deviantART. I call it a minifanfic, just a
something to go along with the art.

I figured I would post it here though, because I was pretty
pleased with the results. The game this is based around/
on, is RLH: Run Like Hell. Go play it people, it's awesome.

So, with all that said, and knowing it's not too
long, I hope it's still an enjoyable, short read.

I'll be alright... with you (fanfiction) © Lombnut
RLH: Run Like Hell and its characters © Digital Mayhem

The jaxn'trep only murmured softly from the touch of the human hand stroking his skin. It tracing
over his cheekbone, his masculine voice reduced to a quiet hum of content. Such a powerful creature,
such a mighty figure, put to submission by the mere touch. Human touch. A forbidden touch.

'One should not be in like with another, unless it's of jaxn'trep race.'
'Because it is wrong.'

"... Nick..." Dag'rek rumbles.

The fingers curiously tracing over pointed worn down horns and spikes, as Captain Nicholas
Conner smiles back at the response. Jaxn'trep anatomy and features sure are perplexing.
Intriguing. Attractive.

"Do I sense some discontent in you, Dag?"

He grins, and leans in closer, resting his mouth next to the jaxn'trep's ear.
His hot, scolding breath, warmth, sending an aroused shiver down the creatures spine.

"Because, you sure didn't say stop when I started." he whispers coyly.

Thin human fingers sliding over thick standard Hegemony security armor, sliding over gray plates
of pale rough steel. Sliding lower, over sensitive uncovered skin. Soft, slick. Almost like velvet to
the touch, despite to the eye being reminiscent of reptile skin. The light nibbling on the ear flap
brings out another groan from the jaxn'trep.

"Come on Dag, that's all you got?" Nick speaks gleefully.

As if suddenly broken free from the restraints of physical and mental pleasure, the creature pulls the
mans arms up the sides of the cold metal behind them, pushing him up and into the silvery textured
wall. The warrior inside the proud and mighty jaxn'trep showing its true side. A jaxn'trep is not to get
dominated, but to dominate.

Dag pants harshly, holding the man tight in his grip, under his command.

"D-Don't... make me do this, Nick..." he grunts.

His deep breath being inhaled through his nostrils, it wrinkling his snout slightly in an attempt to
keep his cool. It's warm air being exhaled onto Nicholas face, so close as if almost pressing up
against his skin. Closer. In a strained attempt to lunge forward, human lips brushes up briefly
against jaxn'trep ones, meeting and staying there for the moment. Large alien lips this intimate
being so very foreign to any human, but yet... feels so right. Just now.

Nick smiles.

"I'll be alright... with you."