Author notes: This is a poem from the point of view of Shad, one of the hyenas. He's trying to persuade Hans to join their family in cannibal goodness. I tried my best to imitate the hyenas' broken English, and it ended up being four syllables per line... so I guess it worked out. This is going under "general" for now, at least until The Bend has its own category on this site.

Behind the mask,

Another skin.

Behind the words,

Meaning therein.

Listen to me,

Listen to Shad.

I'm still smiling,

Laughing like mad.

Is not bad thing

To lose brother

Family just

Needs a mother.

Wear a mask

Not for to hide

Wear a mask

To show your pride.

Think about this

Before you ask

Silly question:

"Why the mask?"