I looked at the clock. Ugh we still had another 45 minutes. I looked around to check Mr. T wasn't looking then ripped a page out of my maths book and started writing.

OMG this is sooo boring.

I then slipped the note to jazz and se passed it to lil. It went round the whole table before bells gave it back to me.

I know right, Hey is anyone done I cant be bothered doin it and wanna copy. Well do wat im doin and copy from the answers ! Well im dearly done and I haven't cheated once. Um daffi it two pages you do realise tht? Knowing her she probably doesn't and we only have 15 minutes till science. Rissi we hav history nxt. Just because u luvv science dsnt mean we hav it nxt. We hav to do the speech 2day! I hope we get a good mark and BTW I finished both pages like 10 mins ago.

I smiled then picked up my orange pen and started writing.

Ok So much to respond to. Ok Jazz: Copy off me I have been done and marked for 10 mins. Lil: its not copying from the answers section its enhancing your reading and writing skills. Daffi: forget the maths and LEARN THE SPEECH. Izzi: stop picking on daffi when you haven't even done half of the first page. Rissi: sicence is fun but not needed every day. Lia: U cant say nuftin cuz ur in love with Tec! Bells: were gonna ace the speech as long as everyone has memorised their slide.

I quietly slipped the note on. I started drawing a random pattern on my book. I looked at the clock 5 more minutes. I picked up my Favourite book Breaking dawn opened it to a random page and started reading.

Suddenly, we were surrounded by murmured goodbyes and I love you's. "If we live through this, " Garrett whispered to Kate, "I'll follow you anywhere, woman. " "Now he tells me, " she muttered. Rosalie and Emmett kissed quickly but passionately. Tia caressed Benjamin's face. He smiled back cheerfully, catching her hand and holding it against his cheek. I didn't see all the expressions of love and pain. I was distracted by a sudden fluttering pressure against the outside of my shield. I couldn't tell where it came from, but it felt like it was directed at the edges of our group, Siobhan and Liam particularly. The pressure did no damage, and then it was gone. There was no change in the silent, still forms of the counseling ancients. But perhaps there was some signal I'd missed. "Get ready, " I whispered to the others. "It's starting. "

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I screamed jumped up and wacked the face the hand belonged to. Bells went flying backwards into the computer chairs with a loud crash and then a thud as she fell to ground.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry," I chanted. "I didn't mean to I'm so sorry".

This is why no one sits next to you I thought sourly to myself. I do Bells replied. And look how that turned out I replied.

"Rose it was an accident you didn't mean to" she responded aloud because I blocked her in my head while rubbing were I hit her.

"You won't get a detention," Jazz promised trying to carm me.

Just the Mr. Thomas walked in to our little spot behind the wall. "Rose green what is going on in here,"He asked

Yer just accuse me when you don't even know what's going on that great.

"Nothing,"Lia responded in sweet intersect voice.

"Then it will be nothing when you come to my office at recess tomorrow to work out who needs a dentition," Mr. Thomas replied. I was about to reply with a nasty comment which would of earned me a detention when the bell rang. Saved by the bell how ironic.

We went the long way to history past the old dancing block. I stopped. In front of the dancing building was a box. Just a plain box. Nothing strange about it but the fact on the front of the box was a name written in orange pen.

My name.