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Summary: DBZ/SM x-over Major AU. The sailor senshi are semi normal teenagers that are growing up in the Mirai timeline under the constant threat of android attacks. Eventual Rei/17 Hotaru/Mirai Trunks

Warnings: swearing, angst, violence

Author's Note: Okay you need to now the following so this story makes even the slightest bit of sense:

(1) The sailor senshi have NO sailor senshi powers in this fic and are semi normal teenagers (at least for how they grew up in this thing) while they won't have their senshi powers anything else is ok such as Hotaru and her healing ability and Rei being psychic.

(2) This takes place in Mirai timeline and for some reason Bulma was not successful in building the time machine so Trunks never went back in time and the androids are very much alive.

(3) The only scouts I will be using at the moment are the inners and Hotaru.

(4) Finally this takes place when the girls would ALL (Hotaru is not much younger then the others in this thing) be around either 17or 18 and Trunks is 18.

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Altered Destinies


Part 1


Rei looked up to see Ami looking at her anxiously. "What's wrong?" Her eyes showed her concern.

Ami turned back to look at Hotaru who was tending to a very sick Minako. The dark haired girl's hands were glowing a vivid purple as she used her healing ability to try and give the blonde some respite from whatever it was that was ailing her.

Ami let out an exhausted sigh before returning her attention back to Rei. Ami and Hotaru should have both been sleeping. Hotaru's healing ability and Ami's knowledge of healing had kept them up for the last few days trying to help Minako. Every so often Hotaru would over extend herself in her healing and would pass out and leave Ami with two people to look after. Rei's heart went out to the blue haired girl.

"Rei, Minako hasn't shown any improvement and we're beginning to run low on food and water," Ami began. "Everyone can't go out with Minako in this condition and I was hoping that you and Makoto would be willing to go look for more." Ami waited nervously for Rei's answer.

Rei didn't like the idea of going out scrounging with just one other person in case something happened but her and Makoto were the only ones with any fighting ability at all to protect themselves. She smiled for Ami's benefit before answering.

"Don't worry we'll go and look while you and Hotaru help Minako." She didn't mention Usagi at all. They may have been friends but there was no way she would volunteer to take her with them and she wasn't going to remind Ami that with them looking she would be stuck with her. They knew that Usagi's heart was in the right place but who knew where her head was most of the time.

Since the androids had appeared and started their, apparently never-ending path of destruction, food and water had become scarce. It was impossible to have running water nowadays with the constant destruction of the main water supplies. Sometimes you could find a supermarket that would still have food in it and you would just go in and grab all that you could carry. Doing your best of course to get things that wouldn't spoil soon since you never knew how long it would have to last you.

Shelter tended to run closer to abandoned ruins then actual houses and buildings. In some ways it was safer to live in a building that had already been attacked since the androids seemed to have more fun going after the ones that had remained untouched wanting to make them fit with the destruction of the surrounding area. Right now they were in an already ruined building that may at one time been an apartment complex. They had decided to stay there for a while after they found out that on the inside one or two rooms had apparently survived on the bottom floor.

They had to move constantly out of fear of an android attack and the added problems of humans. Meeting up with other humans had become more of a rarity since the death toll continued to rise but they still did sometimes. They always had to be careful because by the standards of most the six girls were quite attractive and you never knew when you would meet some dangerous crazy. The other reason that kept them moving and was about to send Makoto and Rei out into the streets was the constant need for food and water.

Rei stood from her place on a collapsed wall and dusted some of the excess dirt off of her already stained and ripped jeans. She shoved the one reminder she had left of her life before the attacks under her red tank top and picked up what had once been a jacket but was now reduced to little more then a vest. It had been a dark brown leather jacket she had found but the sleeves were ripped beyond repair so she had to rip them off completely and use whatever warmth it still managed to offer.

She gave the saddened blue haired girl beside her a thumbs up to let her know she would be ok. Ami was wearing her usual jeans and white, slightly yellow from age, sweater and a light blue baseball cap backwards on her head to keep her bangs out of her eyes. She smiled slightly at Rei's attempt to cheer her up.

Makoto walked up to her ready to go in her black jeans, green sweatshirt, and blue sneakers in place. Usagi was walking over with her. She was wearing her denim shorts, a white t-shirt, denim jacket, and sneakers.

"Good luck you guys!" she exclaimed excitedly.

"Thanks," Makoto and Rei said at the same moment before grinning at each other.

On their way out she cast a quick glance to where Minako lay covered in a sheet, her hair splayed around her head, and her bangs sweat soaked and sticking to her forehead. Her eyes were closed and her breathes were short and rapid. 'Get better Minako' Rei prayed silently.

Her attention turned to the girl that was at the moment little more then a shadow. Hotaru's dark hair fell down to mid back and blended in with the deep black of her knee length black coat that for now was pooled around where she sat. The only splash of color that she wore was a long sleeved purple shirt over black shorts and black combat boots that hit her just below the knees. Her face was beaded with sweat from exerting her power to try and help her friend. Rei knew she was going to push herself to far again.

Rei and Makoto left calling byes over their shoulders. Rei watched where she stepped and kicked a piece of trash away from her with one of her hiking boot encased feet.

'Please God protect them while we are away and please allow us to find the food and water we so desperately need,' Rei prayed silently.


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