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Quirky Bella has it bad for the schools star basketball player. Some would think she should seek therapy for her stalker tendencies, but of course this is high school so everyone has an opinion. The important question is, what will Edward think of Bella and the lengths she is willing to go to to get his attention?

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Chapter 1

Flagrant Foul – Basketball term used for unnecessary or excessive contact

Ahh lunch, my favorite time of the day. Not because of the food, God no. Anyone who has ever tasted the mush they try to pass as editable would tell you cafeteria food sucked ass. I would rather suck Mike Newton's dick than eat the food this school offered. And trust me when I say neither of those things would be happening in this lifetime. The reason lunch is my favorite time of day is because..well.. if I timed everything just right, I could be one happy girl. I am talking Michelle from American Pie kind of happy.

As long as I am one of the first people to arrive in the cafeteria, and I waste no time grabbing a tray and rushing through the lunch line taking what ever Bertha the lunch lady handed me, for appearances of course because I don't eat this crap. And if it was a good day, and the gods were on my side and the planets were aligned just right I could get the end seat at the third table on the left side of the cafeteria. Why was this so important? Because Edward Cullen sat at the same spot every day. His sweet spot as I called it was located on the right side, fifth table, end seat. And my location... left side, third table, end seat gave me the best position to stare unabashedly at the reason for my existence.

Today was a good day. The gods were on my side, the planets were aligned just right and I was in my favorite position left side, third table, end seat.

I was starring, I knew this, so there was no need for Alice to point that fact out to me yet again. But she did, because she obviously had the best friend hand book which states that she is required to point out obvious facts that anyone else would overlook.

"Seriously Bella, there is a pool of saliva on the table. You are literally drooling over the boy, this is so far beyond pathetic...it's just sad." I tore my eyes from the object of my desire to give Alice the 'and, what's your freaking point' look. She didn't let this deter her of course, because apparently in the hand book there was a clause that said 'if you weren't getting your point across bring up the parents'.

"Didn't your mom ever teach you that starring is rude?" She had the nerve to look serious while asking this question.

I had to suppress my urge to laugh. "Be serious, you know my mom well enough to know that she never took the time to teach the proper etiquette on how long it is acceptable to look at one given person for any certain amount of time. " I held my hand up to stop her as she began to cut me off. "Now just because my mother didn't teach me I do fully understand that starring is rude, and I don't mean to...he is just so fun to look at." I wined.

"Bella," She huffed. "Honey seriously, I don't understand why you won't just go talk to him. I admit while he is one fine piece of man meat he is just a human being, no different than you or I."

This time I did giggle. "Hate to break it to ya, but he is different than you and I, and I bet the part that makes him different is very, very big!" I held my hands apart to show just how big I thought that difference to be.

She rolled her eyes. "I don't doubt that, but you will never get the chance to find out for certain how big that difference is if you don't talk to him."

She had a very valid point, but it just wasn't that easy. "Alice we are past the talking stage." I gave her a pointed look so she would know what I was talking about.

Alice covered her face and let out a loud groan. Angela chose that moment to drop her lunch tray beside me and pull out her chair. "Hey bitches, what's up?"

Alice tore a piece of her sandwich off and shoved it in her mouth as she began to talk. "Bella was about to tell the kissing story ...again."

"Oh no, please not again." Angela moaned.

I gave Alice the stink eye then turned to Angela to glare at her also. "I had no intention of re-telling the story, but if I had wanted to then you two would be obligated to listen, it's part of being best friends, it's in the damn handbook!"

Angela tilted her head to the side as a look of confusion crossed her face. "What?"

"Nothing." I said waving my hand dismissively. "Never mind."

Alice, Angela, and I had been friends since kindergarten. We had all grown up together in this boring little town, and had pretty much been inseparable since the first day we met. While I considered both of them to be my best friends, there was a little something more to the friendship I had with Alice. I loved Angela dearly and would trust her with my life, but Alice just seemed to get me in ways Angela didn't always understand. Hence the handbook reference. I didn't even bother explaining it to Ang because she wouldn't understand and she would just keeping asking questions. Then she would probably want me to write out a rough-draft copy, only to tell me in the end that it was the silliest thing she has ever heard of.

"Bella, you do realize that you are starring, right? He is going to think you are some crazy stalker if you keep this up all year. " Angela said nudging my arm.

Yeah I was starring again. So what. "It's just..the way he eats, I mean watch how his lips wrap around that water bottle. It makes me ..uggg I am seriously jealous of that bottle right now." Watching his lips wrap tightly around that bottle as his adams apple bob up and down while he swallowed had me crossing my legs and shifting my position.

I closed my eyes and remembered how his lips had felt against mine. It was magical, serious fireworks and stars. Nothing had ever compared to the feeling I had when his lips were pressed to mine. Granted it was short, and it was a long time ago but it was still a life altering moment.

It was freshman year and we were at Jessica Stanley's birthday party. She had decided to have a boy girl mixer in her basement. I remember how nervous I had been when she said we were going to play spin the bottle. I mean her parents were just upstairs and could come in at any point. I had originally said I was going to sit it out until Jessica had teased me and told me no one would kiss me anyway. I then played just to prove her stupid pug nosed self wrong. When it was my turn, I spun that ketchup bottle with all my heart. I squeezed my eyes closed tightly until I heard a throat clear from across the circle. My eyes flew open as I looked down at the bottle then up following the direction it was pointing. Sure enough there was a God because my prayers had been answered.

Sitting there looking at me intently with a half smile on his lips was Edward Freaking Cullen. The tip of his perfectly pink tongue jetted out to wet his lips and I was in love. Okay maybe it was just lust but, at that moment, I was about to kiss Edward so details weren't so important.

I took in a deep breath, wiped my sweaty hands off on my jeans and met him half way, dead center of the circle. I leaned over the ketchup bottle, closed my eyes and tilted my head. I had never actually kissed anyone before, but I had seen people kiss plenty of times and tilting my head just made sense. I mean I didn't want to like squish our noses or anything. I wanted this to be enjoyable, and nose squishing would definitely ruin the moment. Edward didn't disappoint. The moment his warm satin lips met mine I was in a different world. Que the fireworks, explosions, stars, birds chirping all that shit. It was amazing. And then it was over. By the time, I was opening my eyes my lips were already feeling cold and lonely and Edward was moving back to his position in the circle.

We have never spoken of the kiss, but I know it was just as good for him. He probably was just having problems putting all of his feelings into words. Granted he has had years to get it all figured out, but he is a guy and we all know that guys don't do well with feelings so I am just giving him time and space until he is ready. To be honest, we hadn't spoken very much over the last few years. It wasn't that we avoided each other, we just didn't run in the same circles. So besides the occasional excuse me, or do you have a pencil I can borrow our conversations are non existent.

Angela's next statement brought me out of my musings. "Bella, it might be time for you to move on, I heard." She lowered her voice and looked around to make sure no one was listening. "That he was doing it with Vicki." She stated matter of factly.

"What!" I exclaimed horrified. "No way he is doing Victoria the walking VD!"

She shrugged her shoulders like she hadn't just crushed my world. "That's what I heard in my second period class. Vicki was talking to Tanya and Bree, and telling them that they had been doing it since last summer, and that he was very, very into pleasing her."

No way, there was no way that there could be any truth to that statement. "She was obviously lying." I said trying to convince them just as much as myself.

"Bella, sweetie you have to prepare yourself that this could be true." Alice placed her hand over mine and squeezed as she talked to me in a very clam voice. "I mean you have never given him any sign that you are interested in him. You can't expect him to wait around for you if he has no idea that you are into him."

I was panicking. This couldn't be happening, Edward was mine; he just hadn't realized it yet. My skin suddenly felt clammy, I could feel my chest constricting and I was finding it hard to breath. Alice sensing my distress snapped her fingers repeatedly in front of my face. "Bella, Bella... focus honey. We can fix this."

I gave her my full attention. This is one of the many reasons why I loved Alice, she is a fixer. She works well under pressure and knows how to fix problems. "Okay, what's the solution here?" I asked hoping she had a good plan.

"Well, lets look at the facts here." She said holing up one finger. "This is our senior year. This is it for your chance with Edward, it's do or die this year." This was an obvious but valid point, so I nodded my head while she held up a second finger.

"Second we know Edwards main interest is basketball." Did I mention that he is the All Star and captain of our varsity basketball team? Yeah he is. And good Lord when that boy jumps and shoots my body tingles.

"Thirdly" Alice said now holing up three fingers, cause lets face it a visual always helps. "We know that you attend all of the home games, and even some of the away ones."

This was true. I never missed a home game, ever. Last year I even video taped one of the games so I could watch it during the off season. I had tried to go all Juno and focus a good portion on his crotch so that when I played it back in slow motion I could watch his junk bounce all around. Sad I know, but a girl has needs. As disappointing as it was it didn't have the desired effect. He moved around to fast so I couldn't keep the camera focused in the same spot and when I tried to play it back in slow motion all I got was a blurry mess. The few clear shots I did get didn't show any bouncing junk. I should have known basketball shorts were to loose fitting to give any good details.

"Yes, this is all true." I said not having any idea where she was going with this.

"Okay so here is my idea, just hear me out before you talk." She stated giving me a pointed look. I nodded my head letting her know I would let her talk.

"Edward loves basketball, all of his attention and focus goes to that during the season. The obvious solution would be for you to associate yourself with basketball, it would put you more directly in his inner circle and give him more reason to acknowledge you. I have no doubt once he spends some time with you and gets to really know you that he will fall hard for you sweetie. The obstacle here is giving him that opportunity, and since you are completely opposed to just going up to him and starting a conversation that leaves you two options."

She sat silently looking at me so I finally spoke. "And what are those two options?" I admit I was a bit afraid of the next words that may come out of her mouth.

"Option one, is dating...or at least pretending to date someone else on the basketball team. It would put you at functions that the team does so you would have a reason to be around him and secondly it could give him a reason to be jealous and see what he is missing out on."

I was already shaking my head. "No way, I wouldn't play with someone's feelings like that and there is no one else I am interested in."

"Yeah I didn't really think you would go for that one." Alice said while wrinkling her nose. "The second option is to become a cheerleader for the team. There are a lot of positives involved with this one, you get to travel with them, you get to practice in the gym during their practice, and you get to get out of school early for away games."

This made me laugh loudly. "No freaking way, Are you serious? A cheerleader Alice, come on. Can you really see me parading around in a tiny skirt showing my ass off, and doing flips and tumbles in front of a crowd. Not to mention cheerleaders are automatically assumed to be ditsy bimbos and easy access, none of those qualities describes me the least little bit. I would have to bleach my hair and get boob implants to meet the criteria."

"It is a stereotype Bella, just because some people may think that does not mean that you have to act like an easy bimbo. Just be yourself, and if it will make you feel better Angela and I can try out for the team too."

This got Angela's attention "What?" She said trying to talk around a mouth full of food. " No way you are dragging me into this. You go ahead if you want to Alli, but I am not about to lower my standards by becoming a cheerleader."

Alice gave her a hard glare. "This is for Bella, it will give her a chance to be around Edward more so he can get the chance to get to know her. And besides it will be so much fun! Come on guys, it's our last year let's do something out of the ordinary that we will always remember. When we are ninety and in the nursing home together we will be talking about these memories."

Angela didn't seem to be sold, so Alice added in the deal breaker. "Who knows Angela, we may just land us some hot basketball player boyfriends ourselves."

Angela thought this over for a few minutes. "Fine, whatever. I will do it if Bella does."

Both girls turned their attention to me waiting for my reply. "I don't know guys, there has to be another way."

"Then what is it Bella?" Alice asked throwing her hands up in the air. "Do you really want to look back on your high school years and have the regret that you never pursued your possible soul mate?"

Alice could be so dramatic, but I guess desperate times called for desperate measures. "Give me some time, let me think it over." I told her pleading with my eyes. I was so not cheerleader material. This was something I would really need to consider.

"Fine, you take a day or two to think it over, but try outs are in two weeks so if we decide to do this we need to practice so we can make the team. The hard part won't be making the decision, it will be making sure we all get on the team." I sometimes hated how she always seemed to be right.

"Okay, let me think it over today, and I will let you know first thing in the morning." I told her just as the bell started ringing ending our lunch period.

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