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-Michael Jordan

Chapter 7

Edward led me to an upstairs bathroom explaining there would be no wait, unlike the one downstairs. I gave him a curious look, but he just shrugged and kept walking. Obviously he had been to this house on more than one occasion.

Probably at many parties.

Probably with Vikki.

I tried to vanish that thought as quickly as it entered my mind. He was here with me now, and he had kissed me. If I wanted him to do it again, which I most definitely did, I needed to wash the Jasper germs out of my mouth.

He followed me in the bathroom and shut the door behind us. I thought that was a little strange, I mean what if I needed to pee? We definitely were not there yet, and I imagine after the pee pee girl story, it would probably scar him for life if I tried to pee in front of him. I shrugged it off , deciding I didn't really care if Edward invaded my personal space. And I didn't really need to pee anyway, so all was good.

I stood over the vanity as he leaned against the wall behind me. I knew I had come in here for something, something important. But looking at our reflection in the mirror in front of me caused me to lose all functioning brain power, and I just couldn't remember what I needed in here.

He smirked before he talked, never breaking eye contact with me in the mirror. "Do you need some help?" Help? Yes he could help me with many, many things. "Finding the toothpaste." He clarified.

Oh yes.


Jasper germs. That thought made me cringe and I immediately started opening the drawers in search of toothpaste, mouthwash, hell even bleach would work at this point.

I had no luck in the first two drawers, and the third wasn't looking so well either. I slammed it in complete frustration. "What the hell!" I said more to myself. "Surely they fucking brush their teeth here."

Edward chuckled but came up behind me to aid in my search for disinfecting my mouth.

He stood behind me, very close and reached over my shoulder to open the medicine cabinet. I had to take a step back so that the glass door wouldn't knock me in the head, which put me right against Edward.

My back to his front.

I closed my eyes and let out a sigh just enjoying the close contact for as long as I had it.

When he didn't move or speak after a few seconds I finally opened my eyes and was mortified at what I was looking at.

There was a tube of toothpast. Crest to be exact. But that wasn't what grabbed my attention.

Oh no, there was something flopped over the full tube of toothpaste that required my immediate attention.

There in all of its unsanitary, disgusting glory was a condom.



Lying over the toothpaste that I so, so desperately needed.

I couldn't speak for a moment, and obviously neither could Edward because he just stood there, still as a statue, staring, not saying a damn word.

When I finally gained my bearings I let out a loud screech as I held my shaky finger up and pointed. Making sure that he did indeed see what I was seeing.

Boys are so fucking nasty.

He slammed the door closed, hitting my outstretched finger in the process, causing me to recoil in pain and elbow him in the ribs.

Needless to say, this night was not going stellar.

Edward immediately moved from behind me, giving himself room to bend over and hold onto his abused rib.

Once I gained my bearings I was mortified. Obviously. "Oh my God, Edward, I am so sorry. Are you...I cannot believe this..are you okay?"

It took him a moment but he finally looked up at me, stood back up, rubbed the wounded rib, then sat down on the edge of the bathtub, and began to laugh. Like really, really laugh.

Which of course made me laugh just as hard. This night was completely off the charts crazy. I mean this stuff could never happen to anyone besides me. It just couldn't.

He finally quieted after a few minutes and wiped at his eyes. "Come here." He said reaching his arm out for me. I of course put my hand in his and let him pull me to him, right between his spread legs.

I stood over him and he continued to sit on the edge of the bathtub, looking up at me through his long, dark, sultry, eye lashes.

"Are you okay? Did I hurt your finger?" He asked taking his eyes off of mine and inspecting my finger that he had hit with the medicine cabinet door.

"I'm fine." I had honestly forgotten all about my finger, until he just mentioned it. "It didn't really hurt all that bad, I think it was more shock from..." I hesitated not really knowing what to say. " Everything."

This caused him to chuckle again, but he was able to keep himself under control this time. "That was..er...unexpected to say the least."

"Um, yeah." I whole heatedly agreed.

"The way I see it we have two choices here. One we can leave here and pretend this never happened. Never ever mentioning it again. Taking this to our grave." His eyes were dead serious and I knew this was the option he wanted me to choose. "Or two we can." His eyes shifted sideways as he gulped. "somehow extract the toothpaste from the, uh, cabinet. Very carefully. " His eyes shot back to mine. "And uh, use a towel or something to hold the tube while we squeeze the toothpaste on your finger?" He phrased it as a question but his eyes were scared, pleading. Begging me not to pick option two. But there was no doubt in my mind as I searched his eyes that if I did indeed pick option two that he would go along with it.

"Yeah we." I said using my hand to motion between himself and I. "Are not going to open that cabinet door again. Ever." I drew the last word out to let him know how dead serious I was.

He blew out a breath, obviously relieved. "Oh Thank God."

He shook his head back and forth slightly before reaching for my hand again and placing a light kiss on the tip of my finger. "I really am sorry about your finger. I didn't mean to hurt you."

And begin my racing heart. "Really Edward its fine, it doesn't even hurt." Is what I said…but what I wanted to say was 'maybe if you sucked on it, just a little bit it would help'.

I obviously refrained.

I do have some dignity.

We stayed silent for a while, me standing between his legs and him just staring up at me. The tension was mounting and I wanted desperately to kiss him again, but I couldn't in good conscience do that, knowing another guys tongue had been in my mouth moments before. Even if that guy was his friend, and it wasn't by choice.

So I settled for a deep sigh and on an impulse decision, I ran my hand through his hair. It was just as glorious as I had known it would be. He made a strange sound deep in his throat before moving his hands down to the back of my thighs and pulling me closer, leaning his head against my stomach.

I froze for half a minute, then did it again, hoping he would make that sound again.

He didn't, unfortunately, but he did look back up at me with a beautiful smile. "That feels really good." He said before releasing the back of my thighs and sitting up a little straighter.

I took that as my cue and backed away, lowering the lid on the toilet seat and sitting down. "Spirit fingers" I told him with a cheesy smile waving my fingers between us.

Edward began to laugh and soon his quiet chuckles turned into a full on belly laugh with him clutching his side. I didn't think my 'spirit fingers' were all that funny, but seeing him in such a fit caused me to in turn begin to laugh myself.

"Bella" he said placing both of his hands beside him on the edge of the tub. "This has been the most…..interesting, best date I have ever been on." The humor was evident in his voice, which made me smile even bigger.

The problem with me, is when I am overly excited or happy, I don't have much of a filter. So when the next words flew from my mouth I knew this was something I would have to work on. Especially around him.

"Yeah and to think." I kind of giggle-snorted "You didn't even get laid."

Immediately his face became serious and I knew I had overstepped the boundary….practically catapulted over it.

"Is that…." He swallowed thickly before diverting his eyes from mine. "What you wanted? What you expected to happen tonight?" He asked then looked back to my eyes searching for my answer.

I'm sure I was as blood red as the rug on the bathroom floor, but I tried to play it off anyway. "It was a joke Edward, I was only kidding around."

"Oh okay" was his response. And suddenly it was awkward.

Then a thought occurred to me. "Wait..is that what you expected to happen tonight?"

His head whipped around to me so fast I'm sure he fractured a vertebra or something. "What no! I mean if it had..or did..or whatever…then that would be okay, but no I didn't have any expectations of tonight at all."

Im sure he saw the hurt on my face before I could stop it. Not hurt because he didn't expect to get laid, that fact made me feel better, though minimally. Hurt because he didn't have any expectations for us. I was just another girl he brought to a party, I would probably never cross his mind again, hell he'd probably never even speak to me again after tonight. And that thought hurt.

"That..that didn't come out right." He said putting his head in his hands for a moment.

I gave him the time he needed while I tried to internally put my big girl panties on. I mean what did I expect? One cluster fuck of a date with me and he would fall madly in love? No, that wasn't the real world. That was rainbows and sunshine, and that shit just didn't happen in real life.

At least I had our kiss. If that was all I got from Edward, that would be enough to last me a lifetime. Plus I would get to go crazy psycho stalker on him during the basketball season, keeping close tabs on what he was doing, and who he was with.

"Bella," he finally said looking up at me and reaching for my hands. "Tonight, though crazy fucking weird as it has been, has been amazing. While I could have done without the whole Jasper attacking you thing, I have had so much fun with you. I like you…a lot.." he trailed off ,and the intensity of his eyes made me a little dizzy, in the good kind of way. "I didn't have any expectations of tonight as far as what we were going to do…or not do. My only hope was to get to know you better…..and maybe steal a kiss or two." He smiled big, like he was proud of what he had told me and I knew, deep down in my heart that he meant it. Because Edward Cullen was as genuine as they come.

I returned his smile, then arched an eyebrow. "Or two?" I questioned, hoping he would get the hidden implication.

"Yeah, and now it seems I have to compete with my dick-head of a best friend in kissing you."

"There is no competition." I assured him with a smile, "You are a much better kisser. Though I may need you to remind me again of your talents." I teased.

"I am more than happy to oblige Miss Swan." He teased back.

I was beyond thrilled that we were back to happy and playfull…but now I desperately needed to get out of this bathroom, away from that medicine cabinet, and find something to clean my mouth with.

"So, um, maybe we could try the other bathroom? Hopefully the line has gone down some." I said while standing from my perch on the toilet.

"Yeah, let's go check," He agreed standing himself then opening the door for me to follow him through.

He grabbed my hand as he led me down the hall to the stairs. Just before reaching the bottom step he stalled and tugged on my hand. "You know that…" He pointed his thumb over his shoulder towards the upstairs "back there. That's probably just somebody's idea of a prank. The guys on the team, we are always trying to get each other and well, I'm pretty sure….I at least would hope that it wasn't actually…um..er..used, so to speak. They probably just put something in it to make it look that way."

My skin crawled in disgust just thinking about it. "Boys are so nasty." I said trying to rid my mind of the horrible thing. "Well not you, I'm sure you would never do something like that."

The way his cheeks reddened as he looked away told me that I had a lot to learn about my boy. But I knew I would enjoy every last minute of it, even if it was hearing stories of the pranks the jocks, himself included, had pulled on each other.

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