The iPod Anthology

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The white haired teenager was slumped in one of the dark grey sofas in the middle of Sasuke's living room, a small scowl had settled itself across his pale lips and his arms were folded moodily across his chest covered by a purple Escape The Fate band shirt. His dark grey skinny jeans were spread out and he glared lazily at his drunken friends.

"I thought you said there were going to be girls here." He muttered when he felt their gazes on his ripped jean covered knee.

"There are going to be girls here. Naruto's told his girlfriend to bring them. And if I know Tenten," Neji said sensibly – he, Sasuke and Suigetsu appeared to be the last remaining sober entities in the room, "she will not let Hinata come here on her own."

"Girls are so weird…" Naruto suddenly spoke up, scratching his blonde mess of hair lazily, "they always have to do everything in, like… packs… don't they?"

Kiba snorted, "The wolf pack!"

Suigetsu shook his head as the boys laughed, "Nah, nah, nah, the girls are the fox pack, 'specially with Ino leading it."

A round of agreement seemed to sound from the boys, they all murmured Ino's name as though it were sacred ground. She was the hottest thing they'd ever seen: tall, with long blonde hair and legs that went on for days and nights and months and years and decades. She also had these perfect baby blue eyes that pierced into every man's soul when she turned to look at them.

The only problem with Ino was that she would never date one of them. The only one she seemed to have ever had her eye on was Sasuke… and he turned her away, just like every other girl he'd ever had.


That was until he'd met Sakura. But Sakura didn't really throw herself at Sasuke. Suigetsu had noticed that Sakura didn't really throw herself at anyone. She was this hot rocker chick, she matched Sasuke to a tee. She was never out of her skinny jeans or her tank tops. Her hair was choppy and bright pink – her little Bambi eyes were bright green and surrounded by thick, black eye makeup. But she was totally Sasuke's type. TOTALLY.

Sasuke was just too stuck up to admit it. If there were a tree for prickishness, Sasuke would have fallen from the very top and hit every branch of awkward, arrogant and obnoxious on the way down. Unluckily for the rest of the boys, he hadn't fallen from the ugly tree as well.

Sakura's best friend was Karin. The two were inseparable. They were both absolute rockstars, but they wouldn't have known it if it hit them with the force of a train.

Karin was tall and skinny, but with glorious hips and a very entrancing ass. She constantly wore leggings and strappy high heels. They were her thing. She also appeared to live in her leather jacket with the studs on the corners of the collar. She was so hot. Although Suigetsu would admit this, there was nothing worse to him than Karin's personality.

Holy shit, the woman was a bitch! She seemed to truly loathe Suigetsu for no reason. And the thing was, Suigetsu actually kind of liked her bitchy attitude and her obtuse way of pushing him away from her. He played with it. It entertained him.

Maybe if she wasn't such an utter cow to him, he'd have considered making friends with her. In the end, they had a lot in common. They both hated people. That was enough.

And besides being a bitch, Karin was violent. She was literally almost as bad as Tenten – ah, Tenten, Hyuuga's little psycho. All of them were psycho, Suigetsu mused, but Tenten was just… something else entirely. She made Neji quail in fear during certain moments. She was also a true tomboy; which also proved that after years of speculation, Neji was, in fact, the gayest member of the group – which was okay.

Suigetsu totally supported gay rights. And even if Neji wasn't gay – which he was. Tenten was his cover up. For sure – Suigetsu also supported bisexuals. SO IT WAS ALL OKAY!

Who else was there? Belonging to the fox pack…?

Ah, of course, Naruto's little China doll, Hinata. At least she wasn't as crazy as the rest of them. She was really cute, except her ghostly lilac eyes which matched Neji's… and at least she kept Naruto's irritating squawking muted when she was with him.

…Everyone kind of… had someone.

Naruto had Hinata.

Neji had Tenten.

Although he didn't actually have her yet, Sasuke did have Sakura. There was way too much unresolved sexual tension between the two of them. Way too much. It had to come apart sometime soon. And by sometime soon, Suigetsu suspected this evening. In Sasuke's bedroom. That bastard.

Kiba could get Ino, in fact, he was planning to this evening whenever the girls decided to show up. He'd had a crush on her for ages and since Sasuke had rejected her, she'd found Kiba to be exactly her cup of tea.

OH GOD NO. That meant that the last person left for Suigetsu was… he gulped at the thought. Oh no no no no no no no…

Well, he supposed he didn't need anyone. It was just that… if his friends all got girlfriends… he'd be… well, the odd one out. And so would Karin. And he knew how easily girls got depressed when they were alone and all their friends had boyfriends so…

Wait, what? Boyfriend? Him? To Karin?

Suigetsu shuddered.

"The fuck is with you?" Sasuke asked his white haired friend. Suigetsu glanced up to answer but was, quite literally, saved by the bell.


Sasuke rolled his eyes and pulled his body off of the sofa, strolling out of the room. A few moments later, the loud sound of a group of girls giggling sounded, along with the clinking of glass.

Oh, so the girls had brought alcohol with them. Tonight would be interesting then. It seemed that they had the same ideas as the boys did. The small party gathered in the living room, the girls cooing loudly whilst doing their silly huggy-greet thing.

"Sui, you grumpy prick, come say hello!" Naruto called. Well, it wouldn't hurt that much, would it? To say hello to the - he gulped again - TO THE GIRLS, not just Karin, all the girls. Yeah. Wouldn't hurt at all.

He pulled himself up from the squishy corner of the sofa in the same fashion that Sasuke had moments before and went to greet the buzzing girls. They all took their turns to hug him, make polite small talk – in the teenager way.

After all of the… teenage formalities were out of the way, the group settled down once again in the lounge.

Suigetsu found himself back in his comfortable corner… with Karin sitting beside him. Her arms were folded over her chest in a similar way to his and her black, wet-look legging-covered legs were crossed classically over each other.

"Look at Sasuke and Sakura," She murmured… Suigetsu assumed it was to him, since Naruto and Hinata sitting beside the two of them appeared to be having their own whispered conversation. His amethyst eyes zeroed in on his best friend and the dark haired male's female company. Sasuke already seemed to have his arm around the back of the sofa – the classic "hi let's get it on" smirk on his face and a small glass of vanilla vodka and coke in his other hand. He didn't like sweets, apparently, but Sasuke rarely passed up vanilla vodka and coke.

Sakura was curled in, her shoulder under the crook of his arm with a similar drink in her hand and her legs pulled up to her chin. They were so going to fuck tonight. Totally.

Kiba slipped down onto the soft, carpeted floor beside Ino after jamming a DVD into the player and setting the huge, only Uchiha-affordable flat screen to play the film.

"What are we watching?" Sakura asked to the group.

Kiba responded, "Jason Goes To Hell."

"W-what?" Hinata burst out, "It's not scary, is it?"

"It's really old, it's not scary," Naruto assured her.

"Oh good," She murmured, shifting closely to her.

The film began, Suigetsu cleared his throat and settled himself comfortably beside the redheaded Karin. She seemed to relax at his calmer vibes, her muscles stopped being so tense and her arm slid gently against his. "You have to protect me if I get scared okay." She hissed, but she seemed gentler than she usually was - it must have been the alcohol.

But Suigetsu wasn't about to cause an argument in one of Karin's rare non-temperamental moods. He grinned toothily and nodded, "I didn't know you were scared of anything…"

"I'm not."


"But everyone else has someone to cling onto so. That's my excuse."

"You've given your secret away now, Karin…" Suigetsu teased, flicking his white hair out of his purple eyes.

Karin rolled her own scarlet eyes at him, a teasing grin was returned.

Well. This was going better than expected.

"Um. I have to go to the bathroom." Sakura announced later that night, jumping up from her seat. "Right now."

"I have to, er… show Sakura to the bathroom." Sasuke added, standing up and following her.

There was a short silence before Ino yelled after them, "DON'T GET HER PREGNANT SASUKE, I'LL CUT YOUR BALLS OFF IF YOU DO, I SWEAR."

A collectively agonized groan issued from the males in the room, "Harsh…" Kiba chuckled.

"I knew they were gonna do it tonight. I knew it."

"WHO SAID WE'RE DOING ANYTHING?" Sakura's voice rang from halfway up the stairs followed by a deep chuckle from Sasuke and a low giggle from Sakura before their feet thundered up to the second floor… and again along the landing, it sounded... and the second set of stairs… the third floor was where Sasuke and Itachi's rooms were. There was a bathroom on the ground floor.

Suigetsu smirked, "Like I said, I knew it."

"Oh my god, those two." Karin said disbelievingly.

"They're so—" Ino began, but didn't ever really finish,

"They were always down to fuck." Naruto grinned.

"Naruto!" Hinata scolded, she didn't like it when he swore.

"Sorry, Hina-chan." The blonde cooed.

"Oh, lord, it'll be you two next." Karin groaned at them as they nuzzled each other.

"I think it'll be you and Suigetsu."

"WHAT?" The snowy haired teenager and his redheaded friend cried in unison. They stopped and looked at each other for a long moment, Karin's questioning red eyes lazering into his glittering purple orbs.

Then they both huffed and looked away from each other. "Hmf."

"As if, Suigetsu's the last person on this earth that I'd get with!" Karin giggled, a joking hand landing on his thigh to let him know that he mustn't take her words seriously.

Suigetsu shook his head, grinning lightly, "Whatever, whatever, say what you like. I need a cigarette." He said, getting to his feet and skulking into the kitchen, whipping his blue iPod out of his pocket and shaking it to demand another song.

'I've got the gift of one-liners
And you've got the curse of curves.
And with this gift, I compose words,
And the question that comes forward:

Are you perspiring from the irony?
Or are you sweating to these lyrics?
And this just in, you're a dead fit -
But my wit won't allow it.

The inside lingo had me at hello,
And we go where the money goes.
The inside lingo had me at hello,
And we go where the money goes.

I want someone provocative and talkative,
But it's so hard when you're shallow as a shower—'

"Yo, Suigetsu." The hard voice of Karin called through the darkness outside, the summer air was warm and the cigarette smoke seemed to linger in the air for the longest time, that tempting scent just dancing above his head, "Do you want to lend me a cig?"

"Lend you a cig?" Suigetsu repeated, an amused smirk twitching on his lips. His mind skipped back to the lyrics playing from his iPod directly into his ears as he watched her feminine silhouette draw nearer and nearer, her perfectly curved hips swaying with her high-heel swagger. "I've barely got enough for just me."

"Aw go on, Sui," She smiled at him, her scarlet eyes glittering as she batted her thick, black eyelashes. Suigetsu rolled his eyes before chucking the box to her and tutting.

"I hope you find some way to lend me that cigarette back."

"Oh, I don't know."


Karin casually stood directly in front of him as she lit her smoke, taking a draw as she tucked her hot pink lighter back into the pocket of her leather jacket. Then, quickly, she pulled Suigetsu's head down to her own height before breathing the grey coils of smoke against his lips and into his mouth.

That was unexpected. And sexy. And Karin did that to him.

The white haired teenager inhaled the smoke from her lips in their strange lip tap before releasing it in a short puff from his lips into the air above them. He nodded casually, "Wasn't expecting that." He grinned after a short moment of silence.

Karin giggled, "Well, you did say you wanted it back!"

"That wasn't what I meant—" Suigetsu grinned, but stopped in mid-sentence to stare at the redhead, who reached up once again to hold the back of his neck, her fingers toying with his silky snowy strands of hair. She eyed him darkly, waiting for him to consent to her touch and… do something. "Karin, I thought you hated me. Why are you being so nice all of a sudden?"

The redhead retracted her hand from his hair and stepped back to lean against the red brick wall of the Uchiha's suburban home, bringing the cigarette to her lips again and taking a slow drag before responding. "I don't know." She said bluntly, her tone quieter than it had been around him before. It had always been commanding and harsh towards him. Suigetsu stared straight at her, waiting for her to continue, "I guess," she said, "it could be the drink."

The white haired teenager sighed before laughing weakly, "Nah, you want me."

"I don't know, Suigetsu. Like, you annoy the fuck out of me all the time—"

"You're not so pleasant yourself."

Karin ignored this, "But when I'm not with you, not being annoyed by you – I just think about you annoying me. You know?"


"It's hard to explain." She ended, blushing a tiny tiny bit.

"You don't like me?"

"N-no?" Karin seemed taken aback by the question. Suigetsu's amethyst orbs stared nonchalantly at her for a long moment.

"That's a shame, Karin." He said dimly, "Because I think I like you." And with this, he crushed his cigarette against the underside of the wooden outdoor chair upon which he had been sat before throwing the butt into the crate of sand against the wall. Sasuke's father had a horrible smoking habit which Sasuke had unfortunately managed to pick up when he met Suigetsu.

He got up and began to take some slow steps forward, waiting (hoping) she might say something… that she might actually like him back because the two of them were both BLATANTLY Noah and Ally out of the Notebook.

And no. He did not just think that. Idiot brain.

"Suigetsu," Karin's harsh voice was back. The white haired teen whirled around to find her standing directly behind him. He stared at her.

She stared back.

"I do like you."

"Then why are you such a bitch to me all the time?" Suigetsu almost whispered, their proximity was so close.

"Because I…" Don't want to get hurt would have been the end of Karin's sentence if Suigetsu hadn't leant down and kissed her suddenly, fully on the mouth.

"Let's go out sometime, alright?" Suigetsu suggested when he pulled back, then continued his casual stroll back into the house, a terrible grin on his face. He was the man~~

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