... I have committed the most sacrilegious act in all of fanfiction.


Yes, complete genderbending. And before you bring out the torch, pitchforks and send me to my execution, I just would like to say a few words before I fall to my impending doom.

As a guy, I've always liked girl-on-girl. *coughs* And ever since my sister introduced me to BL, I've been feeling... well... effeminate lately. But I can't deny that I like the pairings in PoT, so I made a compromise, for myself and to stop the complete loss of my sanity (as well as trying to question my sexuality as of the moment). *cough* So... I really have no excuse, only that I like to do this, and that I haven't seen complete genderbends in PoT... yet.

Okay, now you can continue.

Warnings and Disclaimers: Takeshi Konomi will kill me for making his characters female. Enough said. Future Shoujo-ai (multiple pairs). Some typos, MIGHT be OOC (because I have no idea on how the female mind works at all). That is all.

Marui Bunta tried to stifle a shriek as someone grabbed the redhead from behind, one hand running through the strawberry pink locks while the other slid inside the white blue and green school uniform.

"Hmm~… you've filled out this summer. Puri."

Face flaming from embarrassment, Marui pushed away from the molesting hands and turned on the person owning it, giving out a killer glare… which would have been more effective on a not blushing person. "God, Niou! Don't you have any concept of personal space?"

Niou merely smirked and strode forward in confidence, silver hair gleaming in the sunlight as the teen gave Marui an amused glance.

"You're still an A-cup, though."

"S-Shut up!" Marui stuttered, her face turning into a shade that would put her bright magenta hair to shame. She crossed her arms over her chest self-consciously, shooting the Trickster a dark look. "You have no right to judge a person by her cup size!"

"Relax, relax~" An arm was slung over her shoulders and she looked beside her, only to have Niou grinning madly at her. "There's no shame in being an A-cup!"

"Says you," Marui shot back, looking at Niou from head to toe, scowling. "You can only say that to me because you're a B-cup."

"… That may be right." Niou winked and quickly let go of the shorter girl, who spluttered and started yelling at her. Niou quickly caught up to a person a few meters in front, casually slinging an arm around a slim waist and burying her face beside a creamy neck, inhaling deeply.

"How shameless, screaming like that in front of many people. Wouldn't you say, Yagyuu?" She murmured, not stopping either of them from walking.

Yagyuu sighed, trying to pry off the hand that was at her waist. "Niou-san, you provoked Marui-san again, didn't you? And please let go of me, this is inappropriate behavior." Her face was lightly tinged with pink, but it was mostly hidden by her opaque oblong glasses.

"Ah, my ever conservative Hiromi-chan." Niou teased lightly, tightening her hold at the other girl. "How cute." Quickly she gave a kiss to the other's girl's neck before sprinting off again, not catching Yagyuu's jump of surprise and her deep blush, her hand going up at her neck to cover the spot that Niou had kissed.

"Yagyuu, good morning." Yagyuu turned around and saw a beautiful girl with long blue hair and a sweet smile, falling in step with her as they continued walking.

"Ah, Yukimura-san. Good morning." Yagyuu greeted the girl with a small, friendly smile. "Sanada-san is not with you today?"

"Ah, Geni?" Yukimura shook her head, looking a bit out of place without the tall girl that's always beside her. "She has kendo practice this morning, and she told me not to wait up for her. I would have, but she wouldn't let me."

"Kendo practice starts at dawn, right? So of course she wouldn't want you to wake up that early." Yagyuu said matter-of-factly, making Yukimura smile. "Niou's at it again, isn't she?" Yukimura asked, giggling as the girl continued terrorizing their friends, going after Jackie this time, who had caught up with Marui and was comforting her and at the same time trying not to get exasperated with Niou's antics.

"Goodness, Niou-san's quite the troublesome person." Yagyuu shook her head. "Even I wonder how I manage to keep up with her."

"Hmm…" Yukimura looked thoughtful, with a sly twinkle in her sapphire blue eyes. "Could it be that you're not paying that much attention to her lately?"

"E-Eh?" Yukimura laughed softly at Yagyuu's surprised and flushed face. "W-What do you mean by that, Yukimura-san?"

"Oh, nothing." Yukimura had a secretive look in her eyes, smiling innocently. "Forget I said anything." And with that, she bade goodbye to Yagyuu, who still looked confused and embarrassed, and slowed down, letting a girl with long brown hair catch up with her, as they neared the gates of the campus.

"It would seem that you're also enjoying yourself, Seiiko." The girl remarked as she smiled in greeting. "Genichi is still in kendo practice right now, correct?"

"As expected of the Data Mistress, you never miss anything, Reina." Yukimura chuckled, leaning against her best friend's shoulder slightly. "Good morning."

"I'll take that as a compliment, Seiiko." Yanagi Reina had already forgone the morning greetings; then again, that was Yanagi for you. "How are you feeling today?"

"I feel fine, thank you." Yukimura smiled. "Reina, what are the chances of me walking with you to classes today?"

"About 15.21%." Yanagi answered immediately. "Though," she smiled ruefully, "I forgot to take your personality to count. I thought that she would be the one to give in to your request, not the other way around."

Yukimura gave a short chuckle. "Geni's been always looking out for me. And I want to ease her worries a bit, so I gave in to what she wanted. She's more stubborn than I am when it comes to these things." Passing the gates of the Rikkaidai campus, she smiled affectionately, thinking of her closest and most dear friend.

Yanagi saw the smile and had to laugh. "Genichi's only stubborn when it comes to you, Seiiko."

Yukimura looked up at her, a little lost in thought. "Sorry, I didn't hear that."

"Don't worry about it, Seiiko." Yanagi smiled, shaking her head. "Shall we go?"

Yukimura looked up at the sky, then to the path where she was walking on, and to the school where she would be spending her last year of middle school. She had come to love RIkkaidai Fuzoku with everything she had, and as she saw Niou with her Yagyuu, Marui talking animatedly with Jackie, she had a feeling that her last year would be a very good and entertaining year.

"Reina, I think that today would be an interesting year for all of us. Wouldn't you agree?"

Yanagi gave a smile, also thinking the same thoughts, anticipating the things to come.

"Yes, I think so too."

... I have no words. *headdesk* I sincerely apologize for this piece of work, since I know that most fangirls will kill me for this. But can you really blameme? I belive that love transgends everything, even gender (WTF am I doing reading CLAMP?) so it doesn't really matter if you're of both sexes, of if you're male of female. You'll find a way to love each other, if you're really soulmates.

Yes, that is Rikkaidai, genderbended and with hints of romance between Niou and Yagyuu. I always believe that Yagyuu is seme, but in the case of girls, Niou is just too persuasive to not be the seme.

... I will continue this... probably, if I don't get negative remarks like "OMFG HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO THE PWEETY BISHIES?1.! *CRIES*" Other school wouldscome up eventually, since I plan to do this fic Strawberry Panic-style.

Err... that is all. You can continue stewing me now. Reviews and comment appreciated.