The room was crowded, smoky, stuffy and smelled like a mix between an ashtray and an old boot. Booth had no idea why Hannah had dragged him to this bar on the outskirts of D.C., and he shuddered at the thought of her coming to one of these places alone. All of the men were dressed in khakis and dress shirts, not t-shirts or anything too seedy. The music was loud and raucous and the dance floor was so crowded that it spilled into the bar area, with bodies writhing and gyrating along with the thumping music.

Booth felt old among the crowd of twenty somethings and thirty somethings, knowing that he was indeed in the upper echelon of that age bracket, he found himself cringing at the loud music, the sights and smells of the bar. Hannah's hand was planted firmly in his, pulling him along through the crowd. "We could have stayed at home." Booth said, almost under his breath, but Hannah heard his voice and turned.

"What?" She shouted over the music, her eyes narrowed in confusion as she tried to hear what he said.

"Nevermind." Booth shouted over the music, shaking his head. "Why are you dragging me here?"

"For some fun, Seeley!" She called as she pulled him along toward the corner of the room, she found a table that was free, but for an empty beer bottle, and she pushed herself onto the barstool.

"This doesn't seem like much fun to me… gyrating with a bunch of strangers in a mob setting!" He shouted.

"Live a little, Seeley… I thought you liked adventure!" She shouted, a smile on her face.

"I'm going to get us a drink." He said, watching her nod. "Don't go anywhere… if you move, I'll never be able to find you in this damn crowd." He said, as she nodded and smiled.

He elbowed his way through the crowd, his eyes focused on the bar ahead of him, and not on the large numbers of moving bodies that blocked his movement and pushed into him as he neared the bar. Once he reached the bar, he tried three times to shout over the noise around him so that the bartender could hear his request, finally settling on just pointing at the beer on tap and nodding as he tossed his money out on the counter. He was just turning around with the two glasses of beer, his eyes raking over the crowd for the table that Hannah was sitting at, the sheer numbers of people along with the constant movement kept him from seeing her, though out of the corner of his eye, perhaps four or five layers of people deep, he immediately recognized someone among the crowd.

His eyes flicked to the right, and among the throngs of people, he swore he saw a familiar form dancing along with the beat of the music. He laughed to himself, thinking that he was working too much, seeing his partner in here would be the last place he'd find her, yet the body type was what he recognized, the long legs, those high heeled shoes… brown hair, and then the woman turned. She was laughing, her head tipping back and somehow through all of the noise, all of the smoke all of the shouting and loud music, he heard her laugh out of every sound, ringing out through the room. She was dancing close to a man, her body pushing against his as he danced too, pushing himself up against her in a way that Booth could describe as almost inappropriate for a setting like this.

Her eyes looked a bit glassy, and she was holding a beer bottle in one hand, her body gyrating against this other man was making his stomach churn. He took a step forward not thinking and was nearly side swiped by another person making their way through the crowd, he dodged them and beer sloshed from the glass, splashing onto his shirt sleeve. "Shit." He muttered to himself, looking up, the view he had a moment before was gone, and he was blocked from the view of his partner, or who he thought was his partner as he shook his head in disbelief and then turned for the table where Hannah was waiting. He pushed his way back through the crowd and set the glasses on the table, sitting down across from her.

"That took a while!" She called.

"I thought I saw someone I knew." He said, sitting down in his seat, his focus immediately went to the crowd. He scanned each person that bumped, grinded, danced, flaunted, flitted or otherwise past their table, and didn't once catch a glimpse of what he had sworn was his partner. His focus was so intent that he didn't even notice Hannah was trying to get his attention until his hand was on hers.

"You hate it here, don't you?" She shouted over the music.

"I'm really not a club kind of person." Booth replied, sipping from his beer, he let his focus wane a bit on the crowd, and remain on Hannah a bit more, watching her dance a bit to the music while she sat on the barstool.

"What do you usually do for fun?" She asked.

"I chase down murderers." He shouted back, watching her smile at him, he smirked. "After that, it's usually just a good idea to lay low." He replied. "Maybe a little hockey now and then, but…" He shrugged.

"I understand." She nodded. "Thanks for taking me out though."

"It's no problem." He assured her, though his head was starting to hurt from the loud music, he just pretended to enjoy himself, conversing and focusing on Hannah, while periodically looking out to the crowd.

Then he heard it again, her laugh. It was an unmistakable laugh, like a bell ringing in the distance, and he couldn't help but spot its source among the throngs of people. He stood up abruptly, and Hannah looked to him. "I'll be right back." He said, watching a bit of confusion in her eyes. "I just thought of something I was supposed to tell Rebecca about Parker's soccer practice tomorrow." He said, chastising himself for using his son as an excuse. He promised himself he'd do some penance for that little lie and watched her nod, giving him a slight smile as he smiled back at her. "I'll be right back." He repeated, turning away from her, he was quickly swallowed up by the crowd.

He danced his way into the crowd, moving quickly so that he was out of sight of Hannah as he tried to find his partner in the chaos of the dance floor. He danced a bit until he heard her voice, loudly exclaiming to someone that she wasn't quite drunk enough 'for that'. Booth turned just as she did, and he was not surprised by her widened eyes, though he was surprised by the sly grin that spread across her face. "Hey stranger." She said, pushing herself into him, she began to dance against him, and despite his better judgment, he did the same. She was acting strange, not at all like the woman that he knew every facet of her life, she kept her eyes focused on his, and he danced along with her, keeping his eyes on hers. Her eyes told him not to say a word, and he was mesmerized by the look, unable to speak, he just stared at her.

She leaned forward, pressing her lips against his ears, wrapping her arms over his shoulder as she stumbled into his dancing. "Get Hannah, and get out of here." She whispered hotly in his ear. Her tone was hushed, serious, and entirely sober.

"What are you doing here?" He whispered into her ear between gritted teeth.

"I'm undercover. You need to get out of here, now." She said, pulling away from him, she let out a laugh as the man she had been dancing with before showed up. "Ah, there you are, baby." She said to the man, she turned to Booth one more time as he pulled her away from him. "Thanks for keeping me company." She winked at him, though she flashed another warning glance, before grabbing the beer from the man she was dancing with, and disappeared into the crowd once again, leaving him staring into the mass of bodies that was moving around him, as he felt his heart drop into his stomach, as full on panic set in.