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Moving on, the story is based on Daria's point of veiw, but I figured that Kas deserves some time in the storyline too, so the story will sometimes switch over to him...even though it's not in first person. Sadly, this story is still in the building process, so any ideas from my readers are encouraged and appreciated!

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*Chapter 1*

"Dastan and Tamina? Really?" The thought of them actually married is beyond me! My right hand girl, Sama nods her head.

"Yeah, I just got the letter today. They want you to visit."

Me? Go to Alamut? Yeah, right.

"Daria?" Sama asks when I don't answer.

"I'll think about it." I smile quickly.

"Oh, boy. Translation: you aren't going." The dark skinned girl shakes her head.

"What?" I shrug, flinging my arms out. So I didn't want to go, big deal. Alamut is really too big of a place for me. I don't like crowded places...unless there's something in it for me. I know that Tamina would have my head if I was caught treasure hunting in her city. I rub my neck involuntarily. She would enjoy it too.

Sama stretches and leaves the tent once more. She could take care of herself, that much is certain. She's not like the little helpless girl I found in the desert two years ago. She hails from the Ngbaka clan, a deadly clan of professional blade-throwers with incredible aim. I had rescued her and now she refuses to leave my side, not that I mind. She's a really good friend.

I fall back onto my pillows, freshly stolen from a government official in the last city we passed through, with an annoyed grunt. I hate it when Sama gets all mature on me and gives me the silent treatment. It makes me feel guilty and-

"Alright, fine, we'll go." I call.

Two seconds later, she sticks her head through the tent door and gives me and wide grin. "I knew you'd say that."

"Shut up and start packing. We leave as soon as possible." I growl in defeat.

"Kas, are you sure this is a good idea? It's Alamut, the sacred city. If we cause any scenes, the Queen will have our head!" The big muscular young man hisses as the three of them glance down into the busy street below.

"Relax, Arsalan. We're not going to make any type of distractions until tomorrow night. Firuz, go and walk the streets while we find somewhere to sleep tonight. Try not to be seen." Kas, a boy with sandy brown hair whispers, his bangs falling over into his dark green eyes.

The smaller boy on his left disappears from his side and Kas leaves too with Arsalan close behind him. They scale the tops of the buildings, glancing down occasionally here and there into a few alley ways to see if they can find a good place to sleep without being seen. The sun is already setting above the city, bringing on the darkness of the night. Kas takes a quick look up into the sky. Night had always been his best friend. That was when he felt like he could really show his true colors.

"Come my friend. Here." Arsalan's voice breaks into his thoughts and he follows the brawny man down a flight of stairs and into an abandoned house. The walls are falling here and there and a few horses neigh at their intrusion, but other than that it was fine. The hay on the floor would give them a bed and the roof would shelter them from the elements outside.

"This will do. Find Firuz and tell him where we are." Kas tells him and the muscle man disappears too back up the stair way they had come down. He's finally alone.

"Daria! Look!" Sama calls excitedly. She had always loved visiting Alamut to see Dastan and Tamina. They had come to visit them when they had announced that a marriage between their two kingdoms had been made, but I never figured that they would actually go through with it.

Before us, from our distant perch on a mountain ledge, I can see a long line of many people entering the city. I can hear celebration music playing from way out here. It's sickening really. Why do people throw such elaborate parties? Wouldn't a few plates of food, some close friends, and a small group of musicians be enough? It's tiresome.

"Okay, Sama, let's get this over with. I want to get to the next city before I'm too old, so let's not waste too much time here."

"You're such a workaholic. Let's take a vacation! We haven't had one in months. We have enough money to take a week off, right?" Sama nudges me from her horse.

"No, we don't and don't mention our money budget right now. It makes me anxious." It's true. I'm a Hiten, born and raised, from the Heratsy Clan, a community of people who are hired to do anything by those who can meet our price, who live deep in the Persian desert. We can be hired to do nearly anything, assassins, thieves, scouts, or body guards, but very few of us take off on our own and follow our own wills instead of those who pay us. I'm one of them. We pride ourselves on our quick thinking, our silence, and our quick reflexes. It's rare that we're ever caught, but if we are, we know how to use a weapon. Children of our clan are taught to use a wide range of weapons just in case we happen to...misplace our own.

I've never done it, but hey it could happen one day, knowing my luck. On my person right now, I have a twin dual blades, one across my back while the other hangs at my waist, a curved dagger around my ankle, and a sharp chain whip curled up and tied to my hip. This all looks a little suspicious to the eyes of city people, so I have a long brown cape flowing around my shoulders and down around my ankle to cover them up. Sadly, there's not many of us left, that's why we're wonderers, we don't like staying in one place very long because we fear for our lives. Yeah, call us paranoid, but it's better than being right and being killed.

Sama on the other hand is good at concealing her weapons. All her daggers, though all are different in either shape or form, are hidden expertly out of sight on her person at all times. She wears a snug bright orange strapless shirt over her bare chest, a brown wrap belt circles her tiny waist over her loose, wind-blown, red pants, and her belly and arms are bare except for the red and gold arm bands that cover her forearms. A gold stud shines in her nose and in both of her ears and her braids fall around her face loosely, the tan and red beads clicking together whenever she moves her head.

I on the other hand am not so trusting. I like to show off my weapons, when I'm traveling the desert, it keeps followers who wish to attack us at bay. Also, since everything we own is in the saddle bags on our horses, also stolen, I can't very well fit them into bags or let them hang beside me on the horse's saddle. If someone attacked me, I wouldn't be able to have a weapon in hand ready to protect myself.

As far as clothes go, I chose a simple top, an off white and gold one, that ties around my back, the ties crisscrossing over my spine in intricate patterns, and then one more around the back of my neck. The light brown pants, hardly a different shade from my top, wrap snuggly around my waist and then hang loosely around my legs. I prefer to remain sandaled or barefoot, but sometimes in the mountains, you just have to wear boots. I have my long dark brown, almost black, curly hair pulled back into a bun on the back of my head, but a few curly pieces hang loose here and there. I hate having my hair in my way, but I can honestly say that I don't regret inheriting my mother's locks. I love them, but it's more of a love/hate relationship, you know.

"Hello? Earth to Daria?" Sama calls to me. Apparently I was zoning out again.

"I'm fine!" I tell her. She shakes her head again, beads clicking together, and rolls her eyes.

"Sure you are. I'm just waiting for the day when you fall off your horse. I'm not going to wake you up anymore." She chuckles.

"You better, or you'll not be getting the cut from our next bash." I grin at her.

We stop our horses, staring out at the long line of guests that just doesn't seem to end. Sama glances at me and I glance back.

"Walls here we come." We laugh at the same time.

Kas drops onto yet another roof, but he can never seem to get close enough to the castle without being seen by the guards. Whoever this soon-to-be Queen was, she sure knew how to keep party crashers away. If he couldn't find some way in soon then he wouldn't get the chance to. More and more people from all over are pouring into the city for some massive wedding. He heard it was supposed to be an arranged wedding, he hated those. How could two people agree with something like that? They couldn't truly love each other could they? It's just wrong in his eyes.

Below him, spying from his hiding place, he glances down into the street. Two big guards stand in the street, glancing up and down the road, looking for trouble. At one point, one looks up and he ducks down quickly, thinking he's caught for sure, but no one shouts out at him in a threatening manner, so he sneaks a quick peek back over the edge of the roof again. One of the guards is gone.

'Eh?' He thinks. 'Isn't that interesting. Leaving his post during his shift.'

As if right on cue, the guard come running back. "They just spotted two intruders climbing over the wall by the eastern gate!" He gasps.

The other guard takes off in the other direction, obviously going to spread the word to the other guards.

"More party crashers huh?" Kas whispers to himself. "Looks like I'll have to hurry if I want the prize first."

"Come on already! Drop!" I snap quietly. Sama finally lets go of the ledge and lands heavily next to me. We both duck behind a few flower pots quickly as two guards come running by.

"We really need to work on your landings." I whisper.

"Why are we hiding anyway? Didn't we get an invitation?" Sama asks, ignoring my previous statement.

"Yes, but you know I love to make a grand entrance. Come on!" We take off towards the nearby roof and leap across, now that darkness had fallen, it would be easier to move around. I slip silently from roof to roof, wincing when Sama came to a load thump behind me every time we jump. Maybe I should have told her to take the streets and look for a way in that way, but it would have made things complicated. I already know the way in. The last time I had come here, I had befriended Dastan like a brother and he showed me everything about the city. And I do mean everything. All the secret ways into the castle were at my disposal now. Thank you Dastan.

Coming to a halt, I stare up at the castle walls, designed for beauty and protection. They wouldn't be as easy to climb up as the outer walls, but I didn't have to. Right across from me, a few awnings, covering the stands below, line the wall.

'Soft landing here I come.' I think. I take only a single step back before I leap into the air and come to a soft bouncing stop on the blue awning top. Sliding down, I land smoothly on the ground, glancing back up at Sama.

The young woman nods and follows after me into the sleeping streets, getting quieter as the night settles in, and then we head off behind the stand, where a few of the shop owner's lovely rugs hang up against the wall to show off to the customers who come to buy. I go to the middle blue one and pull it back from the wall.

A door is hidden behind it. I smile as I remember the first time Dastan had shown this to me, but quickly go back to my business and push open the door motioning for Sama to follow me.

"Wow, how'd you know about this one?" She smiles.

"Dastan, who else?" I laugh quietly.

Following the dark, torch-lit, hall way, we travel up stairs, around corners, through doorways, into others, and finally to the end of the hallway, where another door blocks our path.

"Ready?" I smile.


I slam the door wide open! "Honey! I'm home!"

"By the gods!" Tamina gasps and spins around in surprise. She tightens the dark brown wrap around her, staring at us with wide eyes, but when she gets a good look at us she loosens up and releases her grip with a breathless laugh. "Goodness, Daria, you scared me half to death!"

"I know. I try." I shrug.

She lets the wrap hang open loosely, since we're all girls, and comes to hug us both. She wears a strapless top and loose fitting white pants, her night clothes obviously, but I hardly notice as she wraps us in tight embraces. "How have you been, and how did you get here so soon? We weren't expecting you for a few more days." She smiles.

Her dark black hair spills out around her waist as she turns to hug Sama too.

"Well, she wanted to see you guys earlier so we left as soon as we got the message about the big day. We had to travel a lot at night too just to make it here on time. I'm surprised we got here this early too." I sigh, making myself at home and plopping down on the nice comfy pillows around her room.

"What? Goodness, you must be exhausted! I'll have the helpers set you both up a room immediately." She waves to a small girl standing by the door, who's obviously still shaken by the sudden disruption, and she nods once as she heads out to do her task. "Now, tell me how your trip was. Wait, no! First off...how'd you get in here?" She shoots an accusing gaze at me and I can't help, but spill the truth.

"Dastan. He...uh...showed me this way in here. I knew it lead into your room so I figured I'd surprise you." I bite my lower lip, waiting for her to snap at me. One thing about Tamina, she's very easily annoyed with her close friends. It's why her and her soon-to-be husband still argue sometimes.

Her face goes from shock to anger to expressionless in a flash. My eyes widen. Here it comes. Beside me, Sama leans back a little, having a little experience with Tamina's anger. She had to learn the hard way.

"I...see." She stands up stiffly. "If you'll excuse me for just a moment, please, ladies."

Tamina exits the room, the servants closing it behind her and giggling behind their hands.

"What?" Sama asks.

I just shrug. I thought she'd be biting our heads off for being so careless, but...

I turn to the right a ways when one of the servants leans down near me with a plate of fruit. I stick with an orange, probably brought here with thousands of others by one of her guests. Sama takes a peach and an apple to satisfy her ever growing stomach. Personally I don't see how she can eat so much and still contain her figure.

Nearly a second later, Tamina stomps back into the room, dragging a confused Dastan behind her.

"I cannot believe you know a way into my room! On top of that, you told them about it! I don't mind them knowing, but what is someone had seen them enter the doorway! Dastan, you are so irresponsible!" She snaps, not letting the poor guy even get a word in.

Sama and I sink lower into our seats on the floor, trying unsuccessfully to escape Tamina's wrath.

"And I told you that I have never come into your room using the secret passage...tonight." Dastan responds weakly.

'Poor choice of words, Dastan!' I think instantly, letting a half grin sneak onto my face.

Tamina smacks him hard against his head with a nearby pillow. He just laughs as he tries to duck away. "I cannot believe this!"

"Tamina, please!" I quickly get up to go to my adopted brother's defense. "If it helps...I actually followed him in here the first time, so he actually had to tell me about it after he found out about me knowing about it. That and..." I glance back at Dastan before quickly finishing my sentence in a blur, "I told him not to use it to sneak into your room, but he didn't listen."

I quickly duck out of the way as she slams the pillow into his head again.

"Traitor!" He laughs.

"You're welcome!" I wave, sitting back down to watch her take it out on him. He's finally able to wrestle her to the floor, giving her a quick kiss as he pulls the pillow out of her hands.

"Dastan! We have guests!"

Sama and I burst into laughter. "We can leave you two alone if you like." My friend chuckles, getting to her feet.

"No! I want to hear about your travels!" Tamina pushes Dastan off of her and leans towards them on her elbows like a little anxious child waiting to hear her bed time story.

I glance at Sama and she laughs.

"Well, if you don't mind, I'm going to head off to bed. Sama can give you the story. She's always been able to go longer without sleep."

"Goodnight!" They all chime together.

One of the small girls by the door lead me to the room they have set up down the hallway and I head in. Two beds, separated by shear gold curtains on either side of a huge window, sit back against the back wall. A small pool of water, only about a foot deep, is built into the floor in the center of the room. Fish of all colors dance around under its blue surface, while pink flower petals float around on top. Candles decorate much of the room, giving it a warm soft glow. The window opens out to a balcony overlooking their own personal view of the city of Alamut.

I bring my bag to the floor beside my bed and go to tie back the curtain on my side of the window first, letting it drape like an upside down rainbow, before doing the same with the other curtain near Sama's bed.

A gentle breeze, nice and cool, brushes against the back of my neck from outside. I turn to see the curtain/door still open and head out to the balcony. It's not as large as Tamina's or Dastan's, but it was big enough to impress me, a desert thief. I lean on the railing, propping myself up on my elbows, and wrap my hands around myself, staring down at the city.

It sleeps soundly now, but by morning, the final guest will be pouring in, returning the city to its loud and bustling state. That ought to be annoying. I sigh and hang my head.

Why the heck did we come again? Oh yeah, the wedding...

Kas struggles from his grip on the wall, the stone designs not giving him much of anything to hold on to. His feet slip from their ledge and he drags one up to the next hold he can find. Boy, if Arsalan could see him now...

Grunting, he pulls himself up to the window he had been aiming for and lets out a breath of relief. Good, now he can get to work.

A closing door nearby snaps and he quickly tucks himself tight against the wall of the castle, still standing up in the railing of the balcony, letting the shadows cover him.

'Great, now what?' He growls in his thoughts. With this many interruptions, he'll never get anywhere! Footsteps get louder as the threat approaches his hiding place. Whoever it is, he really hopes they decide to stay indoors tonight. He swallows hard.

The steps stop for a second, something drops to the floor, then the move across the room, pausing again.

Who the heck is this guy? Can't he stand still for two seconds?

Suddenly the heavy, red curtain used as a door to the balcony is brushed to the side!

'Crap!' He thinks, closing his eyes tight. It's over now!

The feet pass right by him, stopping not a moment later and the person sighs.

His eyes pop open in surprise. That doesn't sound like a 'he'! Kas spins his eyes back to the balcony and takes in the threat.

It's a young girl, probably not even twenty years old. Her dark hair is pulled back into a bun on her head, a few curls swaying loose around her hidden face, one that he cannot see. Her off white top hugs her front, tying behind her back in numerous strands, the strings hanging down from their knots to brush her waist. The light brown pants she wears hug to her waist line tightly with no belt to secure them; an odd act for a woman, especially. Her bare feet casually cross at the ankles as she turns her head down, as if defeated.

Not bad looking, if only he could see her face. Kas finds himself shifting his eyes down her figure. She's in pretty good shape for a woman, eyeing her arms and the small muscles that form there. Muscles on a woman is really odd, seeing as their job is to take care of house work and stuff, but he's run across his fair share of women fighters. None of them had been that good, mind you, but then again what woman could fight? They aren't meant to, so obviously they can't.

With a smooth movement, Kas tries to quietly touch his foot on the floor of the balcony without alerting her, so that he can make his way through the room and into the rest of the castle. Sadly, though, his bad luck strikes again.

The door to the room shifts open again and he finds himself taking a quick step off the balcony and letting his body drop to the point where he can hold onto the ledge with his hands, allowing his body to hide out of sight. His arms and muscles burn from the sudden impact, but he swallows his grunt of annoyance.

I can hear Sama enter the room, opening the door, but that's not what has me spinning around on my heel so quickly. I know I felt something; some had been here, near me. I shift my gaze around cautiously, looking for a threat.

"What's up?" Sama calls, coming to a stop in the middle of the room when she sees my expression.

'What was that?' I think. The night is empty and quiet. Nothing stirs.


"Yeah, sorry, just...thinking. That's all. How was story time?" I leave the balcony, entering our room and pulling the curtain closed behind me. Whoever or whatever it was, it's gone now. Maybe it was just my sleepless state.

"It was good. Tamina and Dastan got into another argument when he asked her if he could stay with her tonight, so I quickly left before the war could officially start." She chuckles as she drops onto her bed.

Not long after, two more helpers enter the room and lay out their sleeping clothes, leaving almost too soon for us to thank them.

"I' don't think I'd ever get used to this rich life." Sama shakes her head as she watches them leave. "Well! Goodnight, Daria."

" 'Night." I sit up for a little while longer before I too slip under me blankets and let sleep take me.

Kas finally drops onto another ledge and sneaks into the dark, unused room, falling into a rest of relief. That had been too close for his taste.

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