I paced back and forth down the hallway, glancing at the door every five seconds.

My brother's wife was having her baby. But the baby, me, and everyone else are werewolves. My brother's wife, Leah, was not. Both my brother, Leah, and I are only fifteen. Yeah, I know, little young to be having kids don't you think?

She cried out in pain and I winced.

Me and my brother, Josh's human mom had died while she was having us, while our father was killed when he'd tried taking over a neighboring pack.

I don't remember either of them, but I have a picture of them up in my room. Since they were gone, the whole pack helped in raising us, but now I lived with my brother and Leah at his new house. My father had blonde hair and green eyes while my mother had black hair with a tint of red n it and blue eyes. My hair was a light brown with natural blonde streaks and a hint of red and I had green eyes.

My brother had blonde hair and blue eyes.

Suddenly, the door where my little nephew (most all cubs are boys) was being born opened and out came the doctor.

"Are they okay?" I asked, taking a step towards him.

Our pack doctor smiled.

"Leah and the babies are fine, Amber," he says. Relief washes over me. I didn't think she'd make it. A fifteen year old having a baby was tough, especially if the baby's a werewolf. Instead of kicking, werewolves shifted in their mother's stomachs.

"Whoa, wait did you say 'babies'?" I ask, surprise written on my face.

He nods.

"What do they look like?" I ask, peering around him at the door.

"Well right now we have one black male wolf pup and one little blonde baby girl," he replies.

I grin.