"You're Kou-kun and you're Ruka-kun, Of course I remember!"

Those were the first memories to begin our childhood friendship once more in fact giving me the chance to know how the two of them have been since we were 8.

I smile at that as we run towards school in a childish manner Ruka yelling about him being a power ranger and Kou as always glaring unintentionally on ahead.

I'm Sayuki Zen, 5'6 since I was 10 with short & wavy brunette hair, sixteen years old, currently no job or clubs to my name and starting my first year at private Habataki High School with my two childhood's best friends.

"Safe!" Ruka exclaims once we halt to a sloppy stop in front of a long brick wall covered in vines blooming of tiny pinkish purple flowers I squint at a short vine hanging close by Kou's left shoulder which got his attention once I gasped aloud to point towards the vine blowing in the small breeze.

"Huh, what!" Kou leered down at me over looming me with his shadow; Kou was an intimidating kid since he's older than Ruka and I, plus he was so rough around the edges to anyone I'll never get over this fear of him it's just to unfriendly to my nature.

"Uhh…Nothing, Nothing I just…ummm –" I stuttered out my sheepish reply hoping he wouldn't pry into my mind, his eyes can do that so easily, but what else should I say then?

"Hey so where's your friends?" I blurt out, stopping their expressions in a confused state.

"Uhh, friends you say?" Ruka shapes his mouth to an O tilting his head to the side a little like he is thinking but just for the look of it; as always a scatterbrain pretty boy

"Yes-Yeah, I would like to meet them sometimes." I giggle sweetly taking one of my curls into my hand twirling it about.

"Moron did you really think-!" Kou growls again leer down at me tenfold than just moments ago.

"Hey The Sakurai brothers are here." ,"No way, already, we are screwed!" ,"Who's the girl?" several students near us thinking their voices were whispering squealed out these horrible terrors of my friends who could clearly hear them ,what is going on?

"Kou-kun, Ruka-kun do you hear-"They lock their arms in mine jetting off onto the school grounds taking me up and around the corridors till finally dropping me off at my homeroom with a teacher by the name of, Oosaku Chikara.

I place my leather bag down on the desk nearest the middle row to the back where plain looking guy sat next to me, I bumped elbows with him scaring the jeepers out of him, but I flustered an apology to prevent any ill will to my fellow, and more importantly potential copying notes from, classmates, he smiled back saying okay to my words ending the conversation.

Leaving me to be seated quietly; and bored, oh so very bored.

The class chatter dimed down as another student walked on up to the teachers desk in front wearing a gray business suit, who was he? He stood in front taking a lung full of air and-

"Good Morning Class I'm your teacher Oosaku Chikara, call me Oosaku-san and welcome to Habataki!" He bellowed out making my heart leap a few feet at his surprising shout and his non-childish voice, so he was my teacher this semester!

With this began my high school years in search of a career, good grades, reconnecting with Ruka & Kou, even maybe, just maybe find me a boyfriend before the 3 years are up! ~

I headed on out the school once the first and tiring day ended; running into somebody quite taller than I.

Chaos was afoot today.

"Ouch, you okay?" I rub my nose a tad as I looked up at the person, a very tall and pretty person that is.

"OMG~ I'm sorry for that you okay as well?" This girl almost looming over me gasped out flinging out her arms in an overly dramatic manner making my face twitch; she is somebody who knows what is what, it appears by her body language and chic short haircut and perfectly in place face, yeah and now I was trapped.

"I'll be going then-" I slide backwards keeping my eyes on her as she pranced about glorifying some movie which I can't recall getting that into the conversation, but she snapped out of it and took hold of my free arm exclaiming a "nickname"

"You'll totally be Bambai~" She giggled out again making my face twitch furiously to her overly girly chic style; I'm not one to say that, but I rather be a loud, creative and good-looking chick than one with suave sophistication and snotty prep kind of thing, so of course not even knowing still why I'm nicknamed a deer of an American movie I fumbled out of the girl's grasp to hurry on home.

I finally arrived down at my locker for my outdoor shoes Once more I stumbled upon a person, an adorable girl, but it happen to stall me into learning of the pervious girl; was already friends with this dainty girl, who came rushing on to me and the girl.

Tall & chic was Hanatsubaki Karen who wanted still to call me by a nickname, and the other girl, small & cute was Ugajin Miyo sadly agreed upon Bambai as my name, it seemed I had made two friends on the first day with no notice of interest or class rooms.

I later left the school once we exchanged our numbers and Karen-sama told me of some rumor to the church I had walked up to the other day.

If you get a guy to confess to you in the church you'll be together forever once you seal it with a kiss, truly, A bunch of bull.

How can anybody deem such make believe, I know Kou-kun would say the same; hex even Ruka-kun would agree.

Yet I'm a hypocrite, I believe in Fairy Key flowers, their wish me & Ruka made before I left came true.

So I'll keep it in mind if I get a guy I like before the school years is over, but only then will I deem it true after that happens.

Night time falls on my day as finish up unpacking my boxes of furniture and little bit of my clothes I could actually bring with me; a red dress, socks, a yellow headband, and my entire saving for clothing needs so I will be needing to head to a mall or boutique sometimes soon if I want to go out with anyone.

Not that I want to right now I only know 4 guys who I even noticed but Ruka, and Kou are my friends, Oosaku is my teacher for crying out loud, and that leaves that guy in my homeroom; who talked to me after homeroom finish, truly we only talked because I poked him twice when I didn't hear what sensei said about sport festival event and our class trip for next semester.

I heave out a sigh as I put my dress back in my closet shutting the door, if I'm going to have a high school fling I have to get it started soon! I never wanted to move away from here because of the fact, even though its gut wrenching, I knew we would return but never of suspected that one less of our happy family wouldn't be here.

As night draws near my house casting its spell on my eyes to sleep, I dreamt of mom when we would decorate chocolate for my class mates every year with her secret ingredient that I never found out what it was any ways, when I woke up my eyes were dry but my heart was drowning with my guilty memories from not so long ago.

I miss my sweet childish life. I want it back. Mom I'm so sorry you're not here with us.

"Bambai ~, Good Morning!" Karen calls to me using her English on it puzzling me before I gazed back at the voice; she overly waves her arm almost smacking another student walking along side her and Miyo, as she chirped out at me.

"Bambai, Good Morning." Miyo politely waves to me; I'm grateful for her not over the top greeting like Karen has conducted today.

"Good Morning Karen & Miyo, you guys live around here?" I backpedal to them asking with excitement, if they are near me we could hang out oodles for the next couple years that is, if we are going to be friends.