"Doooo-Daaa- lala-LALA!" I smack down my hand on my cell phone, shutting the embarrassing ringtone off before I shove myself out of bed. My hair swoops over blocking my view, oh great I got to fix my hair before I head out, how much time do I have still?

"Oy, Nee-chan, Good Morning!" the sound of a window opening accompany the guy's voice practically behind me now.

Right, Tsukoshi-chan still lives here, I can't believe I'll be living here, I'm actually back and I had yet to see him, traveling and getting use to school really took a toll even for two days.

I turn back almost forgetting the mess of my hair but roll back fumbling for a hair tie to pull my hair up in a bun at the top of my head, now ready to greet the face of someone I had yet to see in over 5 years.

I drop my mouth wide open in a vulgar shout at the sight before me this bright sunny morning. Even lose my poorly done bun in the process of my yelling.

"What the Fuck, Tsukoshi-chan, is th-that you!" I gasp then grip rigid to the metal guard rail on the small step out from the window ledge, gawking at the person before me. What did these years do for him?

He's a freaking Bishe boy! His reddish brown hair cut in a fashionable style for a surfer, his skin was like a girl's; soft looking and bright with a healthy sun's glow beaming across him and–

Wait, I'm thinking like a fan-girl. Still he's just so-so, well different to put in simply.

"Tsukoshi-kun," I hold back at the roar of questions, squeals, and even more vulgar shouts I want to process to do. So I wait for him to reply, though it's agonizing to wait, even a split second that it is actually.

"Zen-chan, oh wow, hey there, yeah it's me." Tsukoshi smiles at me with 1000 watts of white perfection and runs a hand through his hair letting the light glow an angelic glow to the chestnut colored-

I really need to calm down!

"Tsukoshi-kun, good morning, how you been?" finally my heart comes to a calm and I start back how we should of reunited, talking about what we have achieved.

"Ah, got into my second school choice, Hanegasaki High!" I tilt my head, letting a solem sigh out without noticing much. I knew Tsukoshi's chances of getting into Habataki were back then but then to not get in after what must of been a complete struggle of work over the past years, must be rough.

"So I won't be seeing you all that much, is that so?" after all these years and I come to meet my "like a little brother" again and I will not even get to find hime during the day, maybe we can walk half way at least.

"Hey Zen-chan, we still got weekends and holidays, you know if you ever lose luck in getting a guy to go with, I will be there as your knight in shining armor." He bows as the western do in a dramtic gesture, but even as his words have a kind tone, it still bothers me.

"Hey, I can get guy to like me, I'm not bad, or what ever could be wrong with me." I put my hands to my hips striking a pose to dazzle him with my skills.

He busts out laughing.

"Nee-chan, you're funny as always, hahaHAHAHA!" Tsukoshi failing about made it even harder to be mad, so I began to laugh with tears trilking out as hard as I laughed out.

"Oy, Zen, you're breakfast's getting soggy, hurry up!" Mom called out sounding very pissed off, and I jump to get to what would be left of a tasty breakfast.

"Tsukoshi-kun, I'll see you later, we have to go out for a date, alright!" I wave off but in it I never catch the sight of Tsukoshi's face turning a alarming red but do notice his laughs stop immediate at my statement.

"Thanks, mom, I gotta go now, love you!"

Racing out from breakfast I shoved a warm toast slice at my mouth and reached for my leather school bag; though I drop my cell-phone on the new hardwood flooring, as I struggled with my shoelaces so I wouldn't have another incident, like before.

Then off I went into the chilly morning rushing to still be on time with my new friends.

I step heavy pushing to find my way but not fall as well, the road led upwards, so I followed naturally. There comes a four way stop, I shut my eyes and pick to the right away from my house. The road is starting to fill with cars, but the sidewalk is free of people so I step back onto it still rushing forwards, I fell on the curb, it scraped my thigh.

Continuing on the road with a slight twinge at stepping with my left I find myself coming upon a gasoline station, slick steel framing holds over the pumping sites, across the orange and white circle of a sign it reads the station's name, "STALLION". A black and blue paper flutters at my face, picked up from the sudden up breeze, it's a help wanted sign, and I grab it taking it with me for later.

"Oy, Zen-chan~ Good Morning!" Karen jumped up waving wildly as yesterday from the corner street we promised to meet up at again, Miyo stood by looking at a stray hair wrapped between her fingers. I hustle over, still gripping the toast between my lips; all the butter dripped off, luckily not on me. Stopping in front of them I munch down the toast finally tasting the deliciousness of my late breakfast.

"Cute." I stop nibbling on the bread looking up at Miyo as she gazes down at the sight of me, she turns away but Karen laughs out hugging onto Miyo.

"Awwe, Bambi you look sooo Cute~ Nah, Miyo doesn't she?" Miyo struggles wiggling about trying to free herself from Karen's grasp and her loud voice but mumbles something only I seem to catch.

"Karen you're noisy." I let myself laugh seeing the two so close with just two day gone by for school, they turn to me giving me a odd glance but that doesn't bother me.

"Hey let's go to school now but with our arms linked, how does that sound to you, hmm?" I grin turning away from the two just as Miyo finally pushed off Karen and both came up to my stride.

They agreed to my request looping through their arms with mine and pulled us closer together, I think I like these girls, with any luck we won't have drama or boy issues to deal with anytime soon.

"Kenta-kun!" I cup my hands around my mouth amplifying my voice across the locker space as I spotted Kenta pulling off his shoes as he talked with a group of sport attired boys, was there any unusual sport clubs here?

After gaining the attention of everyone in range of Kenta or me I saw he stood up with a jolt before turning his gaze onto my fast approach onto him and his fellow guy friends.

"Ah, Sayuki-san, good morning." He smiles sheepishly waving his hand at me even with us being three feet apart. So cute, he'll be a great guy to hang out and get tutoring from, yes!

I lightly jab at his forehead making him jump at my actions but I slowly pronounce my name to each syllable it was.

"Kenta-kun, call me Z-e-n c-h-a-n, not my last name, we are buds now." The guys around snicker, crud hopefully I'm not being rude

"Oi Taira, who's she, your girfriend?" A brunette boy with a basketball in his left hand nudged Kenta as he blushed a deep red.

I might as well help, he is my study aid/ class representative.

"Sorry guys but I'm Sayuki Zen. I just moved here to the school and all. Kenta and I are class representatives together in homeroom, nice to meet you all." I bow deeply totally distracting them from the girlfriend question with my silly smile. They seem to follow my plan and Kenta turns back to a normal shade of pale skin but with a tint of pink to his cheeks.

"Oi, new student you don't say, well if you're looking for clubs or just a good time hit me up, I'm Kegio Tasu." The Brunette with the basketball smirks flashing a toothy grin at me, I mentally "sweatdrop" at his introduction and the rest of the guy introduce themselves but I poker face the rest as I space out thinking about joining a club some time soon.


I jump at the sound a bit but the guys are already in motion to leave but don't take notice of my fright, no need to be scared.

"Kenta-kun, I'll see ya in class!" I whisper, no idea why really, but he nods going his way out of the shoe locker room with his buddies. Leaving me to stuff my shoes off into a unknown shoe space, as I spacing out again not really looking what I was doing with them.

I grab ahold on my things, phone in hand to check for any incoming text from the girls but mostly to look like I'm not alone by choice. Expecting to make a brisk walk to class rather than leisure about the school I start off from the shoe lockers but stop at the blue blur sliding up right besides me.

"Ruka-kun! Good Mornin', how are you?" I smile looking up at Ruka, his hair disheveled but with a lustrous color to it. Even with looking unkept his still has a charming effect like a prince.

"Ah Sayuki, Mornin' to you too~ I'm good, oh gotta run!" He sprints off into the halls and makes a abrupt left turn laughing loudly, a breeze picks up in his absent and I clutch at my flimsy skirt not to be crazy.

What was that all about? it is only morning and he's this bust already?

Probably not true...

"Oi Sakurai, where did you go now?" Suddenly Osaka-sensai appears besides me, I jump away just as he pass me though I shouldn't of have my legs pointed out in his direction.

We collide, he trips landing face first, and I go in turn before falling on my back.

"Ouch!" I rub my head as I wobble back up to my knees. Osaka groans but I can't see if he is up or actually hurt.

"Sorry Sensai, I was in your way but please don't do that again." I get up now with the pain faded and see Osaka doing the same. He turns looking at me in eyes.

Wow his my height, funny I didn't notice it yesterday.

"Ah, you're Saya, wait no it's." He stops, frowning at me but waves his finger in a circle beside his face before snapping and with a small nod.

"Sayuki, homeroom, right! Have you seen blond Sakurai around here?" He checks side to side before looking back at me with a determined expression.

Should I tell him I saw Ruka-kun? I mean he could still catch him if he runs like he was before, but do I want Ruka to get in trouble all because he had the unfortunate chance of meeting me in shoe room? I wouldn't want that to happen to me if our places were switched, would Ruka do that to me.

What Should Zen-chan do? Should it be a plot worth escape, admitting the truth or will she just go about her day as normal?

What on earth will her club be and is the gas station her future job?

Tune In Next Time~