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Main Characters:

Yuri - A boy who travels out into the sea of stars to solve the mysteries of the Epitaph that his father left to him. Yuri has a strong sense of adventure and curiosity about the unknown, as well as a fierce competitive streak.

Nia Lochlain - A female launcher. For a fee, she helps people leave their home planet to journey into space. Nia is the one who first brought Yuri out to the sea of stars.

Kira - Yuri's little sister and only living relative. Kira is very attached to Yuri. She wants to be by his side, no matter what it takes, and she'll do absolutely anything for him.

Torlo Adkin - A boy born on the planet of Bagut in the Dominion of Ropesk. Torlo is the leader of a transport gang.

Tatiana Argakov - A childhood acquaintance of Torlo Adkin. Tatiana has a frank, outspoken nature, and seems to be unaware of her natural beauty.

Ian Fenevich - A boy born on the frontier planet of Gorodok in the Interplanetary Union of Elgava. Ian's intelligence impressed Dedon Galkin so much that Dedon recommended than Ian join Yuri in his travels.

Gen Nadiy - A legendary, if elderly, tactician who once worked for the General Staff Headquarters of the Central Elgavan Forces. Gennadiy Alabyshev disliked being fettered, however, and now spends his days traveling under the assumed name of "Gen Nadiy."

Alik Kovalenko - A boy who travels the sea of stars with Gen Nadiy. Gen took him in after Alik's home planet was decimated, leaving him a refugee. Although only seven years old, Alik already shows great promise as a tactician.

Gavriil Minas - A genius scientist with a lab in Kalymnos. Professor Minas is known throughout the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds as a leading authority on Epitaph research.

Aminda Mistika - The director of the Ludoviko Tani Observatory in Nova Nacio. Aminda is a favorite former student of Professor Gavriil Minas, whom she helps with his Epitaph research.

Semias Alastar - A self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades, he wanders far and wide throughout the Small Magellanic Cloud. Semias is well informed on what's happening in every sector of the galaxy at any given time.

Interplanetary Union of Elgava:

Demid Panfilov -Once a famous Zero G Dog, he discovered and developed the planet of Ropesk, which later became an autonomous dominion of Elgava. But fearing the exodus of his people from Ropesk, he issued a ban on space travel, making them dedicate themselves to the improvement of Ropesk.