The Navigation deck of the dreadnought drifting through space looked very little like the heart of a battleship, let alone one as iconic and dangerous as the Corsair. The room itself was almost completely bare, the floor being as a map of the stars themselves, save for one lone console and it's holographic displays at the center of it, five lone figures standing over it.

"The Ropesk sector, eh? No wonder we've hardly seen a ship worth mentioning!"

"Yes, well it is an autonomous dominion in a remote frontier, sir."

"Do you really think he's here, though, in a place like this, sir?"

"Oh, he's here all right."


"I can smell him."

"Heh. If you say so, Captain."

The soft, low light of the deck bled into a harsh red as the alarm sounded, setting the largest of the figures into motion as they strode towards the bridge, only one figure following behind.

"An enemy?"

"Well, well. I'm surprised that anybody in this sector would pluck up the courage to challenge me!"

The bridge, it turned out, was only somewhat more orthodox. The large, circular, room was divided two smaller circles, filled with equipment and staff, connected by a third, overlooking the pseudo-window. A high quality video wall and external camera, rather than the structural weakness of a window. From this third square stood the Captain's chair, and the seats of the support staff and first officer. As they entered the deck, the lead operator rose from his station to acknowledge their captain.

"It doesn't look like Ropesk security. It appears to be an anti-pirate patrol from the Central Elgavan Forces. What do you want to do, Captain?"

"Those fools... They forget their place. How many of them, and how close are they?"

"Seems to be a fleet of 5 ships, sir. Two destroyers, two cruisers and a battleship, They're centering their formation around the battleships and using the destroyers as a front guard."

"Then prepare to bombard the target squadron, we'll swat them down before we're in their range."

The order ripples through both of the circles, and the voices of the Artillery and navigation chiefs can be heard at the control stations.

'Calculations complete and enemy course projection set. Ready to fire on your order.'

"Disperse weaponry, MIRVs and Plasma weaponry on both flanks, main Anti-ship cannon on the battleship, fire!"

The Corsair was one of the most notorious ships around, almost 3000 meters across, the Elgavan ships were as small as 20. Only some of the turrets about the Corsair's bow turned to face the squadron. The volley was fired and done with in a single flash or fire, the orange glow of missiles and two short bursts of red. Both sides of the Elgavan formation burst into flame, burning destroyers and molten remains of cruisers.

"Let's give 'em something to bawl over, boys! Fire the main cannon!"

'Adjusted pattern moved to zero point zero five.'

The Corsair's bow was more like a literal mouth than anything else. The faint blue inside that mouth glowed for just an instant, and a bolt of blue sprung from it's mouth, and the battleship in it's path, with all it's streamlined pride, wings and emblems, was reduced to a wreck, burning silently in what little air escaped it into the vacuum.

'That's the end of them.'

"Bah, that barely even broke up my boredom."

The captain, now standing in front of his chair rather than using it, leaned forward on the edge on a console. A mane of bright red hair, braided at the sides rested atop his head, strong jaw and broad shoulders. His necktie and beige waist jacket contrasted the dark coat over them. The shoulders of the cape rose above where his shoulders likely ended, taking shape in the jaws of a snake pattern running across his back. As he speaks, the rest of the crew seem to deflate as they breath out and relax.

"Think I'll lie low for a while. Shouldn't be long before we get a hit."

"Aye, captain!"

'Shutting down the inflaton inverter'

'Switching to inertial navigation in thirty seconds.'

As the ship's engines faded and the lights started to switch off, another battle was in place just within view of the screen, over Ropesk itself. One pitched between Ropesk security and a custom built ship, the name "Daisy" burnt onto the side with a kiss shaped mark.